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4375 Commerce Drive Southwest ## E

Atlanta, Georgia 30336

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SCN  on  Club Wax

posted on 31 March, 2017
Joined 1 year ago
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Dancers Wanted Sunrise Go Go NJ

Make $500 to $1000 PER NIGHT!

Come on down for (DANCER) Auditions: NO experience needed easy to train. Call our office at 973-279-1200

Lap Dances you keep all money you collect, champagne room gratuity you keep all money, when you have customer buy you a cocktail you get $5 chip to hand in at end of night ,you keep money, $5 chips, stage money your keep also.

We are located at 556 Straight Street in Paterson NJ, right behind St Joseph's Hospital. ALL NEW DEVELOPED AREA .Very clean , safe , indoor parking on the Clifton side of Paterson.


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Or visit our website

SCN  on  Club Wax

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Help Wanted

Icon Gentlemen's Club in Hudson Florida

looking to hire a Shooter Girl

We are currently hiring for a night time shooter girl to serve shots.

Please apply below or call us at


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Strip Club News  on Club Wax

posted on 3 February, 2017
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An $800 "he said-she said" over a night out for two pals at a Midtown strip club has ballooned into a $75 million Manhattan lawsuit.

Rene Zurita and Matt Friedman claim in their mega-dollar suit that three bouncers and a stripper swiped $776 from them, attacked them and then told police that they robbed the unidentified dancer at Rick's Cabaret on W. 33rd St. last February.

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SCN  on  Club Wax

posted on 25 January, 2017
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You can apply online Click Here or visit

Scores Cadillac Lounge

361 Charles Street

Providence, RI 2904

Phone: 401.521.7469

We are now auditioning for new entertainers!! Contact one of our Entertainment Managers for more info. 401-521-7469 or via email Come join our team!!!

SCN ADMIN (management)  on Club Wax

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

Click Here!

Franklyn  on  Club Wax

posted on 3 June, 2012
Joined 6 years ago
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Decided to come here with 2friends....1just moved back to GA...this 1 likes chicks soooo we decided to go in...kinda felt weird at 2:40 in the afternoon. I say well I can have some wine while listening to the dj well as what ever talent is on stage at this hour.I saw the parking lot kinda thick to be so early...once inside there was a bunch of females that looked like they were barely 18. I swear I saw two male/female tranies trying to pop it! I was waiting for a pair of ba!!s to fallout! Lmao fun with the girls...on a wednsday afternoon while sipping on wht zinfndl.I bet its more fun when it gets dark when the FREAKS really come out to play!

DANCER  on Club Wax

posted on 23 October, 2007
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Worked at plenty of clubs most had very cool managers, usually when the managers a jerk the club sucks, forget that!

slick  on Club Wax

posted on 17 October, 2007
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I went. It was nice clean and big. Nice looking girls and friendly staff.

crazy  on Club Wax

posted on 25 September, 2007
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this is a stupid ass club..i danced here for one night and i had to cuss the manager out. he's a bitch! and i dont know what the hell goes on in VIP..but it must be something..because if you jus really are not making as much money as you should..all da niggas constantly asking if you are fucking..then they refuse to spend anymore money on you..but the manager talk to you as if you one of his black cause he a white mothafucka tryna run a black club..but magic city and strokers is the spot

good question  on Club Wax

posted on 19 September, 2007
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and heres another one is ya'll phone disconnected?

slick  on Club Wax

posted on 16 September, 2007
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can someone give an update on the vip cost before and after vip. Is it still worth the money and time. Also are the girls black, white, skinny, thick? Whats the cover to get in? Thanks for the update.

Scott  on Club Wax

posted on 20 August, 2007
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Thanks to new ownership and management, this place is getting turned around. With a million dollar re-model almost complete and beautiful faces that one would expect in a Atlanta strip club, this will become the primo club for Atlanta's west side. Bring your friends and check it out for yourself. Hey, don't forget the new champagne rooms and 4 (yes 4) stages!!!!! See you there!!!

just wondering...  on Club Wax

posted on 12 August, 2007
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by the comments I don't know if people are just exaggerating or being for real but can someone who comes here often or dance here tell me what this club is about is it a strip club or a whorehouse.

WalterLee  on Club Wax

posted on 8 August, 2007
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visited in July and August...great remodeling...looks like upscale club...check out Angel...very pleasing beautiful sip of Hot Mocha

JungleFever  on Club Wax

posted on 25 July, 2007
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Heard you could hit it in VIP for as little as 100 for 20 minutes. So I went to check it out. Stopped in this club on a Wednesday afternoon before the after-work crowd showed up. Three customers in the place. One bartender-friendly. Two dancers-Young, attractive, easy to talk to. I heard right!!! Hit it twice, no hassle, no upsell. Go in the daytime. These girls wanna make that money!

Sexydancingqueen  on Club Wax

posted on 19 June, 2007
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WAX is a waste of time...I had a horrible time there. The owner is INSANE. I went there with a friend of mine to dance and the owner ended up cursing us out... A LOT of the girls are over weight and have stretch marks. Its really not the place to be...

Mr. Excited  on Club Wax

posted on 18 June, 2007
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Is this a topless or nude club? As long as I come and just spend some money on some nice willing ass and mind my own business will I be fine?

Wax Sucks!  on Club Wax

posted on 16 June, 2007
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I went to Wax a week ago and it's not the place to be. The girls are really pushy and some just plain out rude. The food is okay though. Anything and everything goes in VIP. You can get jacked off, blowed, or screwed for $100 or less. A lot of girls in there are just tricking off. If you want a place with ugly prostitutes, WAX is the right place for you.

Size  on Club Wax

posted on 1 May, 2007
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Do they let pretty plus size girls damce here?

Nasty Man  on Club Wax

posted on 12 April, 2007
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WOW!! I went there last night and had a great time.$20 VIP before 8pm to the House and anything and everything goes in VIP for $100. Table dances are okay at $10 a pop. Make sure you negotiate your services before going to VIP.

new and improved  on Club Wax

posted on 8 November, 2006
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club wax has stepped up the game by completly redisigning the club and changing the staff the girls are hot and cant compare to the hoodrats at Babes(a club down the street) wax has a cleaner look and better drinks not to mention people get robbed and murderd at Babes ( a club down the street ) Club Wax has the best security in the area and they have a state of the art parking security system for your safty a much better time than the other smaller clubs. i must see

hoes  on Club Wax

posted on 12 June, 2006
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50 fucks all the girls live in the motel behind the club

Unlisted  on Club Wax

posted on 4 June, 2006
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This is a Black club. The dances are $10 on the floor. The dancers look pretty good, but they can't dance nude, which is rare in the Atlanta area. The guys at the door have a gangster mentality and will rip you off for the cover charge if you're not careful. If you want to get $10 private dances (or $5 dances) from some fine, naked Black women, Babe's is within walking distance and Blue Flame is a five minute drive. This club has been OK at times in the past, but it has not been worth it for more than a year.

4Naktr  on Club Wax

posted on 18 May, 2006
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