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2075 Piedmont Road Northeast

Atlanta, Georgia 30324

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Hambri Enta M.  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on October 2, 2016
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I was there with two gentlemen friends yesterday and they really screwed over one of my friends. One of the dancers talked to him for about 30 min trying to get him to go into the one of the VIP rooms. She told him that only cost him $100 for one hour and that he could have unlimited alcohol there. What she never told him was that once there that her time was $250 on top of that $100. Yes, he was drunk and vulnerable! Perfect victim.... After a few minutees I gauge to be 15, some kind of henchman came in and basically required him that he had to pay $250. But my friend explained that the dancer told him that it was only $100, then the henchman went about explaining that that was only for the room and alcohol for one hour but that now that he was in that room he had to pay $250 for the dancer time on top of that. When he refused to do that as he was about to walk out he had only been there now 20 minutes since henchman kept him in there extra minutes the henchmen told him that they were going to call the police and report him for theft. Basically a really fucked-up situation switch and bait. Not expecting anything legit but come on. Go there with full disclosure

Stan  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on April 28, 2010
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I have been out of town for a a couple of years. I was a regular at the old 24K on Chishirebridge Rd. I was trying to find some of the ancers I used to know from the 24K club. Does anyone know if any of the old 24K club dancers Eve, Siren, Hannah or Nikki work here now?

Harrah  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on November 26, 2009
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I was just wondering if the Owner/ Management was still Racist and rejecting charming African American dancers with stereotypical racial judgements with in seconds of arrival...Are you guys still inviting blacks dancers who sound white and proper via phone to come in to apply because your hiring but minutes later when I get there...the dark haired greasy manager sits at the bar with back turned and trying to ignore me...??? This place is know for being RACIST WHEN HIRING...And I dance to rock for the richer white guys not hip hop...The owner's parents much have trained him to think and act ignorant...

.  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on March 19, 2009
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hey i was wondering if this club has a housemom, Im a housemom in the detroit/ dearborn area I also run a small business as a traveling store selling dance wear, dance shoes, jewelry and other accessories. I do travel around the state and outside of the state at times and set up in clubs and give the girls an opportunity to purchase dance wear and things at very reasonable prices. I'm wondering who can I contact to see if I would be welcome to come to this club and let the girls see what I have to offer, I do have a few dancers that do travel with me and work the clubs im invited to for the nights im in town. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jo Ann Fantasy Nights Dance Wear

steve  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on June 24, 2008
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best club ive been to in awhile the bartenders ed smoothy and andy r the best and the dancers r the hottest ive seen in a club wish we had clubs like this in kansas

Mike  on Tattletale Lounge

posted on August 18, 2007
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It was more then I thought it would be. The girls were great and the bartender. My water wasn't bad for 3.50. Lap dances are total nude( not like in New Jersey ), but the private room was even better. It was a bit high, but well worth it. Will return every time I get to go Atlanta for buisness.