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3548 Empire Blvd SW

Atlanta, Georgia 30354

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Bozo  on Candy Shop

posted on March 18, 2010
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Just came from this club. i went on a Wednesday night. Last time I went was a few years ago when it was called Dream Girls. They have remodeled the inside. It looks pretty nice. It wasnt crowded at all. 1 pool table, a couple of VIP lounges on seperate ends of the club. $5 lap dances, full nudity and contact allowed (well, me, like most other customers, like to feel on the girls' booty during the dance, and they allow it). A full bar. Like $5 for a beer or a Rum-n-Coke. Straight Atlanta/Underground Hip-Hop music. Pretty chill spot, I like it

Jason  on Candy Shop

posted on July 9, 2008
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girls all have stank attitudes... and stank pussy. worse club ever.

"Candy Shop"  on Candy Shop

posted on June 5, 2008
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This club's new name is "candy shop". they remodeled the old dream girls spot and it looks totally different inside. but lap dances are now up to $10 each!!! its like the lap dance cost went up with gas prices. the girls are more stuck up and the dj is wack. the vip and the general seating areas aren't private either. i felt like everyone watched me as i got my lap dances. i will not be coming back!

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!  on Candy Shop

posted on June 4, 2008
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Do not go to this club! this club now called candy shop, and now charges $10 per song for lap dances (it was $5 when it was dream girls). they have remodeled inside and have a full bar now, but the place is wack. apparently the owner of dream girls sold the club earlier this year, and the new owner remodeled it inside. it looks pretty nice, in fact, much nicer! $10 cover charge. not the same club. i'd rather go to pleasers.

Word  on Candy Shop

posted on May 25, 2008
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Word on the street is, this place is supposed to reopen soon...with a new name..."Candy Shop" or something. Apparently they remodeled and will have their liquor license this time. Hmmm...

Black booty club  on Candy Shop

posted on February 2, 2008
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Pleasers is on cleveland ave. they always got lots of girls and serve a good drink!!! friday nights is off of the chain.

CLOSED  on Candy Shop

posted on January 3, 2008
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This place has closed, I think for good. The police raided it last month and locked people up for drugs and prostitution. This was bound to happen eventually, most of the girls here weren't even dancers, just whores. All kinds of illegal stuff would go on here, girls would give head in the private booths and let you fuk, alcohol was sold on the low, drugs were sold and people would be smoking weed all out in the open like it was nothin. lol. The place was ghetto as hell, all the booty-smackin titty-grabbin you could handle! Sad to see it go. Does anyone know of any other ghetto strip clubs in the area? Club Blaze? Foxxy Lady maybe?

Deez Nuutzz  on Candy Shop

posted on November 28, 2007
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Here's a little something for that lame ass stripclub called "dream girls!" "the club!" the club!" "the club is on fire!" "we don't need no water let dat muthafucka burn!" "burn muthafucka burn!" "fuck dream girls bitch!"

Idenity Witheld  on Candy Shop

posted on November 21, 2007
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Fuck Dream Girls Man! I mean they charge you $10 dollors to get in the club? That's a rip off. I mean the club ain't all that! They don't serve alcohol! Them bitches ain't attractive, they are ugly as shit. The DJ talk to much shit! Even the security ain't about shit! They should charge you $5 dollors to get! Matter of fact, they should let you in for free. That piece of shit you called Dream Girls need to be shut the fuck down! Dem Stank ass slut bitches aint worth shit! There are plenty of clubs in the A-town that are way better than this dump! That club need to be burned down to the ground. Just like that movie when that guy shoot out a cannon and blow that bitch up! Mutha fuck Dream Girls!

MARKPAIN  on Candy Shop

posted on July 24, 2007
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I like ghetto myself and everyone that I spoke to was friendlybut this place was down right scary. Yes I will go back but it will probaly be in the daytime.

re: TO SIZE  on Candy Shop

posted on July 3, 2007
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Damn right. I'm starting to think many of these girls are prostitutes on the side. I've seen some ugly ass broads working here, and some FAT ones. There's this one fat broad that works there...not BBW, but FAT! She must have like ZZZ-size titties too, they be looking all sloppy and plopping out of her top. Also, this one nasty bitch that i was getting a lap dance from, when she was sitting straddle on my leg grinding... left a big pussy juice stain on my shorts. :-(

TO SIZE:  on Candy Shop

posted on July 3, 2007
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they will hire anyone here- believe me.

Mike  on Candy Shop

posted on May 19, 2007
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This place charges $10 for parking now, what a damn rip off! I almost was about to leave. I hear they are under new management, trying to regulate some of the naughty things that go on here, more so during the day. They also have changed around the inside so that the main stage is up against a back wall of mirrors, and all the chairs are in front of it. Not that crowded during the week, seems to have a lesser quality of girls dancing here now. Most of the hos dancing here will solicit "private shows" and prostitution. Still no alcohol sales.

to: Size  on Candy Shop

posted on May 10, 2007
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Only if the extra weight is primarily in your ASS. If you have more gut than butt, then you're out of luck.

Size  on Candy Shop

posted on May 1, 2007
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Do they let pretty plus size girls dance here?

Stanky  on Candy Shop

posted on March 5, 2007
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These broads be down! I peeked in the little VIP areas, and seen a girl giving a guy head, and one dude fingering this broad. One girl pulled my dick out during the lap dance. I was like "oh shit!" I put it back in before anyone seen. One girl let me go back to her hotel and fuck her (for free!). She said she was just horny as shit, I won't reveal her name. :-) Most of the girls will do outside private shows and let u fuck them for a price, if u trick. There is one pool table in here in the front where u first come in, but it be a line a drunk old dudes waiting to play on it. This place is pretty ghetto, but a cool spot. Security won't bother you at all, I didn't even get patted down coming in once!

Just Anotha Brotha  on Candy Shop

posted on February 26, 2007
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This club is GHETTO! But I like ghetto! :-D Lap dances are $5 per song, $10 per song in the VIP (which they charge you to go into). All black club, big booty dancers. Lots of extra attention given to customers in the little VIP areas. The lap dances are good, friction involved, and contact. Some girls will grab your dick and shit. Keep in mind that this club DOES NOT SERVE ALCOHOL! It kinda sucks, I think they lost thier liquor license some time ago. But girls will serve you cups of liquor on the low, and they may let you bring in your own if its in a cup or other disguised bottle. They may also let you burn a few plants in here if u know what I mean. A nice ghetto club with all the perks.