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Maggie D.  on The Cheetah

posted on 12 September, 2016
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Went with a few friends and was disappointed. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie, watching robots move around on a stage. Majority of the dancers looked like they were either on something or dead inside - there was no life in their faces. It was actually really sad to watch. No poles, the dancers maintained their odd swaying back and forth even during high energy EDM songs, our waitress yelled at us for getting a drink from the bar on our way back from the bathroom, the blonde bartender rolled her eyes when she saw me and my friend walk up, they charged my card twice for one beer. The whole place left me feeling really odd and they essentially stole from me. Will not be returning.

Colbys  on  The Cheetah

posted on 4 September, 2016
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I just went to Cheetah for the first time last week & the food was ok...I got the backed chicken, creamed spinach, & potatoes... My bf food wa way better than mines he got steak! The atmosphere was cool, the girls were to themselves & the drinks were good! Oh & u still have to pay for entry, even if you're just dining in!

Jay P.  on The Cheetah

posted on 26 August, 2016
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Terrible customer service. You can't order food over the phone anymore, and you have to pay $5 to get in to go order it, and pay for valet. Who idea was this? I been ordering over phone for years and this is just silly. Girl at front desk was so rude about it. Last time I'm coming !!!

stripforme123  on  The Cheetah

posted on 31 July, 2016
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Visited as a luncheon request on a recent visit to Atlanta. Personally, I thought we were going to Applebee's or Olive Garden. Didn't know we were headed to "The Garden of Eden". Honestly . . .the food was delicious and the girls were gorgeous. I could have spent the rest of my vacation there. Lol. Left there thinkin . . . How do you upstage that act in your first 30 minutes after landing in the ATL? Yes, I shall return!!!

dopeboy19  on  The Cheetah

posted on 7 July, 2016
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John D.  on The Cheetah

posted on 14 May, 2016
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No where else will you find such an elegant balance of cuisine and entertainment. The cheetah is an iconic part of the Atlanta night scene and a must for any visitors. Day or night it's always an A+ in my book!

ryan123  on  The Cheetah

posted on 6 March, 2016
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best strip club in Atlanta, all the girls are gorgeous, especially Cori or Corey, beautiful mixed indian girl, I don't feel dirty going in there, bartenders are amazing especially the girl Sam, 10/10 recommend to anyone!

GarryWas  on  The Cheetah

posted on 1 March, 2016
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I absolutely LOVE this strip club. My favorite one in Atlanta. I come here all the time. The dancers are very classy and quite friendly. Even the security guards are cool man. They will make you feel very safe in the club in case you get worried about drug dealers or other unwanted guests lol. Jade, Destiny, Catalina, and MJ are the girls I enjoy talking to the most. And NO, those are not their real names lol. They don't have stripper poles but the interior is still top notch. Dances are $10 per song and you can request multiple girls to dance. These girls are honest and will never play you for your money. Yes they are there to make money but not all of them gold diggers. I have never had a private dance at Cheetah before but they are mighty expensive. I may have to wait awhile before I request a private dance. It's $50 for the room and $150 for 30 minutes of dancing. I was there last Friday, and I delivered some ice cream from my job to them as a sign of respect. I'm about to go there again this Friday. In exchange for my gesture, I was able to get in for free and I was granted free parking. Let's see what happens when I do it again.

williamr  on  The Cheetah

posted on 4 January, 2016
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As far as gentlemen's clubs go, it doesn't get much better than the Cheetah. You can count on there being several beautiful girls on all three of the stages, and they are always willing to come around to the tables and talk to you. Yes, there are some who just want to hustle you, but it's not hard to ignore them. Most of the girls and all of the staff are very friendly.One thing I like about the Cheetah is that it is still a lot of fun on weeknights, and in fact it is preferable to go on a weeknight. There might not be as many girls as on the weekends, but there are still more than there are at any other club. On top of that, it is nowhere near as crowded, so you will be able to have all the fun!My only real complaint is that I always choose to leave around 11:00, because they make it darker in there and play awful techno music and do a light show, kind of like what you get when you go cosmic bowling. It actually makes it hard to see the girls on the stage. Sorry, but I came to see the girls, not a light show.

brandonresh  on  The Cheetah

posted on 24 December, 2015
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Visited for the first time. I was very generous ( more than the dollar tippers at the time, I was tippin 20's all around). Yet with all this generosity I was pick-pocketed a bunch of money. They portray luxurious atmosphere but seriously that's some ghetto a** behavior. Watch out for "Star" and her big bottomed little friend "Kanesha". I would've ended up giving it to them anyways, just a rude way of going about it. Lots of girls there but just really hide your money.

felixnada  on  The Cheetah

posted on 10 July, 2015
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First things first. This is no ordinary strip club with a pole. This is a full nude gentlemens club where class is number 1. A buddy and I went to Atlanta for the 4th of July weekend and we had no idea where to go. We went to the doll house the first night. The place was small, friendly and had the normal strip club vibe.The next day, we checked out The Cheetah. We were skeptical but when we walked in we were struck with about 15 beautiful girls all dancing on stage. There was apperently 50 girls working that night, girls of every type and fantasy. There was no girl under a 7, so quality comes with a price.You are not required to tip high but it sure does make you look good. This is a high roller kind of club.You pay for beauty. Its best to tip a 5 instead of a one. You'll thank me later. All and all we had a blast here. The girls were fun to hang out with and the dances were great. Definitely stopping by when we visit altanta again.

Mistercap12  on  The Cheetah

posted on 27 March, 2015
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Is this the only restaurant on Spring St. With an authentic chef? The food is spectacular. A bit pricey... But delicious... Please do not judge! It's inside of a strip club. I know, the irony.

nickstrip  on  The Cheetah

posted on 20 March, 2015
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Amazing food amazing service not so good dancers. Point blank period12 cover charge3-5 to park10 dollar table not lap dances . Pricey food but delectable Must try food: Lamp chops, DUCK all caps hands down the best!!! prime meat lasagna. Bar drinks are amazing That pretty much sums everything up

billtheguy12  on  The Cheetah

posted on 19 January, 2015
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OK. There are sooo many naked girls its distracting. They aren't really dancing, just up on the catwalk wiggling their tits and ass. Basically there are about 100 girls with rotations on display and you can pick one to come give you a table dance ($10), no lap dances. Its like a look but don't touch orgy all over the place.Now don't get me wrong...I love beautiful girls in their birthday suits, but I prefer a more intimate, sensuous and erotic atmosphere, this was actually kinda gross. It was more of a money machine for the owner than a sexy display for the guest.No poles, no sexy moves, no flirting, no tables right next to the cat walk, just lots of girls "on display" for you to pick. Kinda like picking a porn video based on the cover and hope its a good one type of scenario.Now the food is awesome. Most definitely the best strip club food you'll ever experience. And I suppose if you could focus on the girls you wouldn't notice how good or bad the food was. I mean really, if you could enjoy the girls why would you order food? I won't be going back, the girls at the bikini bar back home have more talent than these girls do, no skills required for this joint, just get naked and wiggle.

Tom E.  on The Cheetah

posted on 1 July, 2014
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Holy Mary Mother of God. It finally happened. After all the heartache and the deleted review, I can honestly say I made it to The Cheetah. After many drinks and being in the neighborhood, a group of 5 of us decided to go. Now mind you, I swore off strip clubs, with the exception of Cheetah. My strip club career is complete, I can finally retire. We crammed in my rental and took it to valet (which was 3$). All I remember it was still daylight. Upon walking down the hall of shame (the line to enter). It was $12 cover (i do know they wave cover if you have same day sport ticket stub or something from an email they send out). Also, it looked like they had a gift shop to the right, if you wanted to dress like a stripper (more on that later). After paying cover, I was still in shock after all these years, I finally made it. Straight ahead were glass doors (VIP) to the left was mainstage. Looked like there were plenty of bars and 3 stages (no poles though!). We got a table for 6 and enjoyed the view. Drinks were flowing, and so were the women. I saw one that got my attention, so I took the trip to "dirtbags alley" (the row of chairs next to the stage) to show some love. The same lady (forgot her name, but not the body!), came up to me. I told her my story, then she gave me a FULL tour of the place (hell yea). Mind you, there are 2 VIP areas, and a "penthouse". I ended up coughing up not one, but two VIP sessions. Why am I admitting this?!?After the session, she showed me the gift shop, I got her an outfit from there (a USA bikini she wore rest of the night) and that was that. I somehow managed to go back to VIP with her. I couldn't believe we spent 5 hours there. Bathrooms were nice, and had attendant. VIP had plush chairs, and the only pole ine building (oh yea, 25$ cover to get in VIP, not including time with dancer). So, I had the time of my life, why 4 stars? Closed on Sundays, for one, and the cost too-it adds up quick. I also noticed the girls aren't as forgiving at Cheetah like they are at Follies or Oasis. But I am a gentleman, so that wouldn't apply to me...

Chris H.  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 April, 2014
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Very nice upscale entertainment club. The food is great. This is not a traditional strip club. No pole dancing, no body shaking, and all the girls have the "girls next door" look. They are famous for the VIP and the cheetah boop! Pick wisely, but be prepared to pay. This club is expensive so if money isn't an issue and you want some classy upscale stuff, visit this place. Also they have a credit card option where you can pay the women in gold club bucks you can buy with your credit card. A lot of business travelers take advantage of this option. It shows up on your cc statement as IFI, inc. I hope this helps, enjoy!!!!

mathewater12  on  The Cheetah

posted on 25 April, 2014
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I had a good time at the Cheetah club until closing time of the club. My business partner was presented a bill exceeding $1100 at the closing, and he had some questions about the bill. The club management basically did not allow him to question the invoice and we were basically strong armed out of the club. I tried to complain, but a manager said "it was over" and we needed to leave immediately. They asked for me to listen to them & their position. So I was quiet and listened to Cheetah's position. I thought they should offer me the same courtesy that I allowed to them; meaning management should listen to my position; it is common courtesy for the manager to listen to me. Unfortunately they shut me down, would not give me the time of day, nor time to review the bill. They then brought up muscular bouncers who asked us to leave; strong arm tactics. We were not belligerent in any way, shape, or form. I can understand that closing time presents a number of drunk assholes. We were not in that vein. I wish that management would have ascertained that we were simply questioning an invoice with questionable entries. I WILL NOT RETURN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 November, 2013
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They have alot of gorgeous ladies but way too many of them. They constantly bugged you about dances and if you don't agree to a dance, they walk away without talking to you. One of the nicest, Daisy, a early 40's, busty, brunette has left and now working as an escort.

winston12  on  The Cheetah

posted on 5 October, 2013
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For everyone complaining about the "boring" dancers - let me break this down for you as it was explained to me BY a dancer! These girls are held back by the management!They are NOT allowed to do floor work (get on their hands and knees), bend at the waist at more than like a 30 degree angle, they CANNOT take off their tops unless they are tipped $5 total, they CANNOT take off their bottoms unless they have a total of $10! It's literally a rule FROM THE OWNER! They don't have poles in the main room because the owner thinks they're trashy! It's not their fault! Give the poor girls a break!

looking for corrine  on The Cheetah

posted on 2 September, 2013
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are you saying she works mon- thurs?

still looking for corrine  on The Cheetah

posted on 16 July, 2013
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if anyone knows if corrine still works or where she works would like to see her again

curtis17  on  The Cheetah

posted on 8 July, 2013
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Shy_girl  on The Cheetah

posted on 21 June, 2013
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Yes. Week days mon-thurs e room

Shy_girl  on The Cheetah

posted on 21 June, 2013
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Yes. Week days mon-thurs e room

Art C.  on The Cheetah

posted on 23 May, 2013
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Try the baby burgers, they have a 5 star chef designed menu. ( No, seriously)

Megan K.  on The Cheetah

posted on 23 March, 2013
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Let me preface this review by saying that I've been an entertainer at a strip club and I personally enjoy frequenting strip clubs as a patron. So when I came down to visit a friend in Atlanta, he suggested that we go to Cheetah. We rolled in around 1:00am, when the party in any strip club is usually in full swing. Upon entering the club, I was impressed by the interior. It seemed posh and clean. After waving our IDs, we were able to snap up two seats at the bar. I ordered myself a glass of wine and swiveled around to have myself a look-see. The first thing I noticed, glaringly obvious, there was no poles to be seen!!!! What, how in the hell can you have a strip club with no poles? it's damn near unthinkable! I love to watch girls climb up and down like kitty cats, dropping into splits and pirouette, sequins flying. But nope, none to be had here. Just about twenty girls spanning three stages, all tiredly booty clapping and awkwardly swaying their hips. Also, no girls ever got down on their knees on stage. I'm not certain if this is some sort of Georgia law but damn, no floorwork is a sad, sad situation. There didn't seem to be that many girls working, strangely. For a Friday night I would have expected more. There certainly was a mix of women. Some old, some young, some black, some white, and one Filipina with terrible butt implants. Good lord! There was only one girl I found attractive, but I'll get to that in a moment.So they all gyrate on stage in huge rotations and only take off their clothes if you tip them. Most women were still clothed at the end of their rotation. The girl I had my eye on was particularly busy, as she was the loveliest one. But I eventually tracked her down and asked her about dances. She told me a lapdance at the bar was $10. At this club, girls can get naked on the floor, which I found to be wild. So all the guys sitting around me got a nice show for free. I put a fifty in her garter but she never offered anything more than a dance on the floor. I assume there are VIP rooms, but I don't know anything about them. No girls even stopped to inquire how my friend and I were doing, or ask us for any dances. I've never been to a club and not solicited for a dance. Maybe it was the sheer lack of girls on this particular night, I don't know. Overall, the club itself was nice but the quality of the women and dances left much to be desired.

Matthew B.  on The Cheetah

posted on 18 February, 2013
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Upscale gentleman's club in the heart of Atlanta. Very welcoming to guests and not as obnoxious as I'm used to. Of course all the ladies were very friendly, but they do a good job of engaging customers in a non-pressured environment (most weren't hurting for money in my talks with them). Lots of Eastern European 'talent' with broken English, but with great personalities. Yes, you'll get solicited for VIP sessions, but nothing too heavy (probably the least I've ever encountered). Girls will sit and chat you up, make sure you're having a good time....the table dances are very reasonable. I believe we visited on a Thursday evening and there was PLENTY of talent being cycled every 40 minutes or so (about 25 girls per "shift"). Good times

Jerry T.  on The Cheetah

posted on 13 January, 2013
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The Cheetah is always one of those decisions that comes after a few too many drinks for me. For instance, after about 9 fireballs and a few hopsecutioners at a Hawks game. Or sometimes just when it's too hot or cold outside I find myself wondering, " You know what would be so much better than standing around in this heat? The Cheetah." Whatever, I'm easy.You can get in free after most sports events with your ticket stub. This is the best time to come in my opinion, because you are already used to overpaying for your drinks.I went into a champagne room here once and would not recommend that experience. It's a great place to drink champagne and do shots without all of the strip-club noise, but so are bars. Do that before you come so you don't end up at amateur hour in a champagne room like this guy.The main room is awesome. There's a big main stage with banging music, and two runway things that girls dance on flanking either side. Bar's to your right when you come in and VIP is off to the side. Some of the girls are nice, but a few of them seem kind of weird about the whole thing. I guess I would be too if that was my job.The shot girl was my favorite employee from my last trip. She came by early on with a low cut top and a tray of girly looking shots in tubes to ask if we wanted a round. I said "no thanks." She came back with the same tray about an hour later, only this time she was topless. Same question, "Shots?" I was inclined to agree with her this time. That's salesmanship.Get the bulk of your drinking out of the way before you come and you might make it out without spending an arm and a leg. Also, MARTA comes really close to here if you let your limo driver take the day off.

Alex T.  on The Cheetah

posted on 25 November, 2012
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Love visiting the Cheetah every time I'm in town. Went with girlfriend and her friends Friday night and saw the regular crew of dancers. All lovely ladies dancing completely nude. Coming from a state where there are no nude strip clubs, this place is everything you can ask for. Clean, classy looking establishment with valet parking out front. Great location. Food is good for a strip club and this food is definitely better than bar food. I would recommend Cheetah as #1 over any of the other lower quality places in Atlanta.

Jay - from Savannah  on The Cheetah

posted on 5 October, 2012
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Often visit this club whenever in town. Daisy is one of the sweetest dancers... she takes time to talk to you. This was one of the top clubs in Atlanta but has gone downhill. They have way too many girls working and not enough customers, especially on week nights. The girls bug you about dances and some team up to hit you for dances from two girls. The 5-star restaurant has gone downhill.. a 3-star now. Still a clean club.

looking for corrine  on The Cheetah

posted on 21 June, 2012
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wondering if the blonde dancer stage name corrine is still working at cheetah atlanta?

Former Customer  on The Cheetah

posted on 13 March, 2012
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Dear Cheetah, I am writing this letter to request a reinstatement to the club. I am sorry for what I did last May when I made some of the customers and some of the dancers feel uncomfortable. All I really wanted with her was to get her to the VIP Room with me. However I went about it the wrong way and I am sorry for what I did. I was wrong to go up there and yell at the dancer and make her and her customers feel uncomfortable. I can promise you that if you reinstate me to the club I will not cause any more trouble. In fact I will be on my best behavior. If you could give me a second chance I will not let you down. I can promise you that.

XhXeXy  on  The Cheetah

posted on 16 December, 2011
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If you want Penthouse/Vivid type girls. All BEYOND beautiful. Who know it and act like it. Waste your money here. You better have a good $2K-$5K to drop if you want any girl. (Back in my Dot Com days I'd drop $2K in a club and not think twice. Even that was not enough for this place). If you want to go out with buddies, have a GOOD TIME, with REAL GIRLS, who are nice, will spend time with you, are not PLASTIC FAKE BOOBS with FAKE attitudes who all act like they'd rather be elsewhere.....pick a better club. Like what was said in another review. "The strippers barely move". They don't dance, they don't do anything but want you to worship them .If you are looking for a *FUN* night out, skip this place.

Lauren B.  on The Cheetah

posted on 3 December, 2011
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Best strip club in the South. I should know, I used to work here. :) Girls aren't allowed to ask for dances, there's no drink minimum, and the staff is professional and polite. **Also, the food is amazing.

Dean S.  on The Cheetah

posted on 1 December, 2011
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Best club in Atlanta - with a phenomenal weekend brunch!

David K.  on The Cheetah

posted on 31 July, 2011
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I can't tell you how badly I want to post a picture. Of course, photography is not allowed inside the club. I guess they'd let you take pictures in the restaurant. I haven't tried that yet.Yes, there's a restaurant. Alluvia is actually really good. Awesome, even. Be prepared to drop a few bills if you come here for a full evening of dinner and dancing (not that patrons are allowed to dance). If you're really feeling like a baller, check out the Lofts. Think VIP room, but bigger, better, and more expensive. Of course, they have a VIP room too.You might be asking what a gay guy is doing at a female strip club. Drinking. Talking. Entertaining straight friends. Mostly just going to say I go. The music is pretty good for a strip club AND they've even been known to play "Tardy For The Party" just for me.Oh, add stalking celebrities to my list of reasons to come here. Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta did in fact work here (hence my song choice) and I met Big Poppa at the bar a few years ago. I've seen him a few more times since then... along with some real celebs.Free admission after any sporting event. Just bring your ticket stub.

cheetah lover  on The Cheetah

posted on 21 December, 2010
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one of the best clubs I've been to. very upscale and well managed. great bar. women are totally beautiful and there are a lot of them. prices are not high. come with your money and a good attitude and you will have a great time.

Travelling Visitor  on The Cheetah

posted on 3 August, 2010
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About how much do VIP dances run here? And are there differnet levels of the private dances? Thanks for any help.

John S.  on The Cheetah

posted on 8 May, 2010
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Came here for brunch since I'd heard that the food here is actually good. I didn't exactly believe that a strip club, upscale or otherwise, would provide decent, much less good, food, but I was proven wrong. I'm not really one for strip clubs to begin with, so I'm rating the Cheetah mostly as a restaurant with very *active* live entertainment.We came around noon, and were pleasantly surprised that there was no cover charge, especially since there were still girls dancing around inside. The waiter was incredibly courteous and helpful as we asked her about the food choices for their brunch. Keep in mind that all the brunch menu items are $15, but there's no cover so it's really not bad, especially since it's good food as I'm about to describe.I got the custom omelet with smoked salmon, sausage, bacon, swiss, and mushrooms, and it was great. Having both sausage and bacon, I expected it to be greasy all over, but somehow it wasn't so, and the flavors just meshed together with the smoked salmon (cooked great by the way) to create a tasty omelet with melted cheese in between it.As for the ambiance, it was obviously classy and upscale and there were also a lot of TVs for if you weren't particularly interested in watching one of the 3 areas where girls danced. Pretty good experience, albeit a bit pricey, but certainly interesting

stripper's beware  on The Cheetah

posted on 12 December, 2009
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there is a customer with long blonde hair comming in he is getting a divorce from a stripper he financially abused and is on the lookout for a new meal ticket he seem's nice and charming dont be fooled he want's to get back the lifestyle he had with her so be very aware hi name starts with a R and ends with a Y he will probally lie and say he is a music producer

Ryan  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 September, 2009
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I am a regular at The Cheetah and I have some girls I go there to see. My favorite girls are Brittany, Alexis, and Anna. Brittany is a girl with long blonde hair and big boobs and she isfrom Miami, FL. Alexis is a girl with long blonde hair and big boobs and she posed for a couple of magazines. Anna is a girl with long brown hair and big boobs and was a born in Portugal and raised in New Hampshire. The Cheetah is a cool place to hang out and one of the best to go to in Atlanta.

Russ G.  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 August, 2009
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Unless you drive a Ferrari, wear a Rolex, and flash a roll of hundreds, this place blows. Average guys like me spend our entire paycheck to get in and buy a drink, then hope one of the lovely ladies will stop by and give us a dance. Hope only goes so far. I'd like to think that if a lapdance costs the same for everyone, my money is just as good. I'm wrong. These girls go where the money is, period. I've been twice, waved a couple twenties, smiled, and got rejected by every single girl in the place because it was apparent I didn't have another stack hidden in my pocket. Is it bad when the strippers are too good to take money unless it's the profits of a drug or weapon sale?

dancer  on The Cheetah

posted on 28 July, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone could give any info: How much is a work permit in atl to dance here? and also do you have to sign a contract for how long you will dance for the club. and how much do the dancers usually make a average night. thanks

Rod M.  on The Cheetah

posted on 19 July, 2009
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When I think of Cheetah, I dont think of the best strip club in the world, but I think of one of the most consistent and entertaining experiences I ve had. This is definitely Atlanta's best strip club*** (unless you prefer black chicks, in which case, Strokers is king.) Im planning on moving back to Atlanta very soon and cannot wait to visit my favorite establishment in the A. The 10 buck cover is well worth it..Drinks are reasonable and the girls are hot & Friendly. Its nice and dark inside, and a perfect place to watch some football and ass. If i had to compare it to another place, Cheetah is like Chipotle... Cheap, Consistent, clean, and damn good. You ll be sure to wanna go again and again!

I Think The Pole?  on The Cheetah

posted on 29 March, 2009
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Go'n let ladder lead!!!!

.  on The Cheetah

posted on 19 March, 2009
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hey i was wondering if this club has a housemom, Im a housemom in the detroit/ dearborn area I also run a small business as a traveling store selling dance wear, dance shoes, jewelry and other accessories. I do travel around the state and outside of the state at times and set up in clubs and give the girls an opportunity to purchase dance wear and things at very reasonable prices. I'm wondering who can I contact to see if I would be welcome to come to this club and let the girls see what I have to offer, I do have a few dancers that do travel with me and work the clubs im invited to for the nights im in town. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jo Ann Fantasy Nights Dance Wear

DANCER FROM NJ....  on The Cheetah

posted on 8 March, 2009
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Looking to work here for a couple of days on an upcoming vacation and I have never danced in this state. Can anyone tell me if I need any permits/caberet licenses to dance in the area? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you!!

Officer  on The Cheetah

posted on 26 February, 2009
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Please go to the club review section to read my review of this club---VERY GOOD club overall!!!

Paul  on The Cheetah

posted on 16 February, 2009
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I have been to this club a couple of times when in Atlanta on business and have been slightly disapointed with the dances and the VIP room experience. The majority of the girls were good looking but I did a VIP and spent $400 on my dancer but she mainly just sat and chatted the entire time. I recently discovered a club called Tiffanys very close by to this club and was suprisingly impressed. I went on a Tuesday night and the club was kind of a dump but the girls were hot and The VIP was hotter. My overall experience here was definetly about a 9.5 and the Cheetah about a 5. I hope this reveiw was helpful. Cheers

Justine  on The Cheetah

posted on 15 December, 2008
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Talk bout a hack boob job and severe hammer toe!!!

Brad  on The Cheetah

posted on 18 October, 2008
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The Cheetah VIP is very boring. Do not waste your money!

Mobile  on The Cheetah

posted on 26 September, 2008
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boat mechanic. The best deals! I can come to you around your scheduele to work on your boat. Call 678.768.7522 to ask for Paul.

Tad M.  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 September, 2008
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Don"t waste your money!!! the girls dance 10 ft away from you during table dances and in vip there is no touching only sitting and chatting by the girl. $300 down the drain. i would reccomend tiffany's strip club which is about 2 miles away (northside dr. off of 75). the club it self is a dump but the girls are beautiful and the table dances are 10 times better than a cheetah vip and tiffany's vip's are the real deal!! i usually see honey, carson, madison or ginger.

detroit  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 August, 2008
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does anyone know if a bouncer named guy still works there?

BusinessMan  on The Cheetah

posted on 22 June, 2008
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Will be in town next week. Any info on dancers, mileage, VIP, etc. ?

tom  on The Cheetah

posted on 19 June, 2008
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do they have half an hour vips, whts the vips cost???

Jason B.  on The Cheetah

posted on 28 May, 2008
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In response to Layla G's review about this place I would have to agree that some of the best looking strippers do work there. VIP is definitely pretty lax especially in the couch area to the upper right once you walk in. Although it is pretty pricey you tend to get what you pay for. Much cleaner than other area joints (Mardi Gras, Tattletales, Oasis...) which is a huge plus. As to the food, I prefer the free buffet style presented at The Trapeze, and you definitely get what you pay for there if you catch my drift.

looking for corin  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 May, 2008
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does anyone know if corin still works at the cheetah in atlanta?

tom  on The Cheetah

posted on 25 May, 2008
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can you let me know the VIP price and the mileage

Blonde from Boston  on The Cheetah

posted on 15 March, 2008
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You have to go see her I was there last Tues. night with a few co workers of mine and she was not only beautiful with great real tits, but very explanatory aswell. We went into the VIP room for a hr and the it was well worth the 600$ I spent. She showed me and my friends a great time and was nothing but pleasant with a sexy body. I her name was Alexa and she's got the hottest NE accent..Thank you Cheetah for havin her, I will definatly be back next time I'm in town.

Max  on The Cheetah

posted on 9 March, 2008
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There was a hot girl thre last night named Max. Big natural TITs with large areolas. Anyone have any infor on her?

Officer  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 February, 2008
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Click on the club review section to read my review of this club. VERY GOOD club overall.

madonna is Hot!!!  on The Cheetah

posted on 21 November, 2007
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madonna grimes is so HOT!!! Enjoy the photo

brad  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 October, 2007
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Is this a good club couple friendly? If not, any recommendations?

SEXY RED  on The Cheetah

posted on 24 October, 2007
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The cheetah has no contact. if you want a private show let me know. thats if you want to spend some real money and love a beutiful black woman.

curious  on The Cheetah

posted on 23 October, 2007
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Going to be in Atl in The Cheetah the best club in Atl? What is the cost for a lap dance? Is it truly no-contact? Are all clubs in Atl No Contact? Do they have a VIP -- what is the cost and what does that get you? Thanks!


posted on 15 October, 2007
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The clubs in atl suck. to work at the black clubs you have to have a big ass. and the mixed clubs only hire a certain amount of black women. this city is full of bullshit!!!

re: sophisticated  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 October, 2007
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yeah, went through the same thing at pink pony, always got hired on the spot until I moved here, actually have to work out of state where I still get hired on the spot! I'm very surprise on how things work in atl...go figure.


posted on 10 October, 2007
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I agree with the comment about hte club not hiring classy black women. i went to the cheetah and pink pony. they told me to come back after another black girl left.

been there  on The Cheetah

posted on 22 September, 2007
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I worked at this club for two weeks and girls were doing lines of coke off the couches in the VIP. They all seemed to have their own stash either in a shoe, cigarette pack, or twisted into a bill. I quit because I was afraid the place was going to get busted or something. So to the person at the bottom who said these girls don't work for crack money you are wrong. Also, many of them won't let you the club. They will hang out with you on the outside if the price is right. And no I am not some bitter person who got fired or didn't make money. I did good there I just don't feel comfortable being around drugs.

seen the web site  on The Cheetah

posted on 19 September, 2007
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Seen Brandy, that's more like it.

pdaddy  on The Cheetah

posted on 16 September, 2007
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Seek out a nice young lady who goes by the name of Maggie shes a beautiful young brunette who knows whats shes doing!

seen the web site  on The Cheetah

posted on 12 September, 2007
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was wondering if all the dancers look like cokehead little girls because been to many clubs... all types...different states... some with only beautiful women...some with mainly petite, but this one makes me feel like i'm looking at kiddie porn.

2 Dancer  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 September, 2007
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You would think in Atlanta Classy black women are welcome, but non black people think that every black person is going to act the same. I have seen people of all races at a fool. Sorry.

well  on The Cheetah

posted on 8 September, 2007
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you know society pretending because it's 2007 things are sooo much different but, it's not; sad but true this isn't the city for classy black women even though people think theres only one type, really it's not the guys fault but the clubs for not being diverse try myrtle bch. sc if you can. much luck.

Dancer  on The Cheetah

posted on 6 September, 2007
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I am so very tired of the upscale clubs not hiring us black women. There are alot of us that look nice and are drug free that want a chance to work in a nice safe place. This is just so upseting.

how long?  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 August, 2007
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has layla been at this club

tom  on The Cheetah

posted on 18 August, 2007
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how much is the cost for charge and wht does the gal charge for half an hour....or is it minimum of is the milage in vip atleast...can u touch the dancer in vip....been to lot of atl clubs..evrywhere therz more air dance rather than lapdance

Reply  on The Cheetah

posted on 9 August, 2007
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You must come in to audition. And make sure you have your permit or id ready

Dancer  on The Cheetah

posted on 8 August, 2007
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Just wanted to knew do u let out of town girls work here im a very attracted black female with a bomb sheel body an ill be in town next wens thru sun how much can u make on a typical night an is it a contact club

skibum  on The Cheetah

posted on 6 August, 2007
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Does anyone know if "Asia" or "Jill" still work here? If so, what nights?

Its impossible!  on The Cheetah

posted on 6 August, 2007
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I have been trying to get a hold of someone or find some information to set up a really special bachelor party. How do I get in touch with someone to do this?? As said by someone below, I can't seem to get in touch with a human on the phones and the website does not provide information on this subject at all.

UnknownAtlanta  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 July, 2007
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I just wish that people would quit asking about working here or about a dancer that worked here 100 years ago etc. Just want to read what goes on here currently and about the ladies here for a change.

Hmm..  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 July, 2007
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Is there any way at all to get in touch with anyone at this club by phone??? I've called so many times and yet no answer no matter which option i choose. I'm trying to figure out some information that is not listed on either website! Thanks!! T

Question?  on The Cheetah

posted on 9 July, 2007
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I just moved here and was wondering when/if you have a certain day for auditions, if so when it is, time, etc? And what the specifications are in terms of requirements of amount of days/nights a week you have to work (if any) and if you're required to work days or can you just work nights? Thanks for the info!

hevvy to z.w.  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 June, 2007
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does one of the prettest girls to ever leave ohio still work there (age 29) ? if so what which nights?  on The Cheetah

posted on 1 June, 2007
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ladies...copy your myspace profile over and use your stage name so your customers don't know your true identity. you can upload adult photos , and the best thing is it is 100% free. clubs may post a listing for free as it now.

dancer from florida  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 April, 2007
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hey i am from florida! i was wondering, when the good season was...can anyone give me information about dancing in atl.... thanks everyone!

what's a good place?  on The Cheetah

posted on 20 March, 2007
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New to the ATL, What's a good strip club in the ATL, this city is so big but reading all the reviews sounds like every club sux (didn't have this problem in Memphis or St. Louis). Looking for white-in shape -good looking-not bitchy girls. So far sounds like cheetah is the only place though the bitchiness factor may not work out. Any ideas? A plus would be a place where it would be cool if I want to bring my girlfriend and the possibility to hook up with a dancer for 3-way (so if any of the girls at certain clubs like the "white girl" or rolling another plus)

looking for info  on The Cheetah

posted on 17 March, 2007
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Does anyone know if a black girl named Tia (or maybe Tia Marie) works here? She often wears a cowbay hat. If so, do you know when she works?

White Stallion  on The Cheetah

posted on 11 March, 2007
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Coming to Atlanta Monday with girl friend from Denmark - we would like to check out a couple of couples-friendly upscale Atlanta nude clubs, but we do not know the area and only have a day or so. This club and Mardi Gras seem to get good comments - are these safe places to have fun, would those who know recommend another club?

RAVEN?  on The Cheetah

posted on 9 March, 2007
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Does a dancer named raven still work here?? She let me tap that ass.

Bella I.  on The Cheetah

posted on 8 March, 2007
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Definately a place you should experience.

reply to Candiee  on The Cheetah

posted on 19 February, 2007
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Candice, I remember you. Here's a note to you... how about some salads and some exercise? You're right... we could not afford most of the girls, especially if we were paying for them and you by the pound! Overrated and go to New York for the real deal and no silicon and cigarette breath.

candice  on The Cheetah

posted on 16 February, 2007
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a tip from a Cheetah ex-dancer: the girls are not allowed to ask for dances unless they are tipped on stage. TIPS=ATTENTION. We don't like you, we like your money. In this kind of upscale club, a tip is seen as an invitaton to sit down with the patron. Don't expect to sit at the bar eating crab cakes and expect to have the beautiful women flock to you.

Margo R.  on The Cheetah

posted on 10 February, 2007
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Living in Atlanta and never having been to The Cheetah is like living in Paris without ever going to The Louvre. Or perhaps it's more in line with visiting Dublin and missing the Guinness Factory. You get the point.Cheetah is Atlanta's legendary strip club. I support my claim to this status with a reminder that Jay Z raps about the club. This upscale, classy (can I say that about a strip club? Yes.) establishment is loaded with young attractive strippers. Buckhead business men love it, visiting men love it - basically any guy with an abundance of dollar bills will be in paradise. I went with my ex-boyfriend and his friends for a birthday (figuring I could keep an eye on them all) and actually had a fun time. No, I am not anxious to return, but I will recommend it as a one time unique experience everyone living in Atlanta should have. Just sit back, relax, and laugh. And if you are a gentlemen, certainly clean out the atm beforehand.

joe  on The Cheetah

posted on 9 February, 2007
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I like the young petite type. 32A-22-32 is my idea of perfect. any suggestions and when do they work? Or is this more of a silicone enhanced establishment?

Ray P  on The Cheetah

posted on 27 January, 2007
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Daniel, If you want a latino club go to mexico. Speaka the english.

daniel  on The Cheetah

posted on 20 January, 2007
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hey this is daniel a stripper frm jersey. i am new to atlanta..................lookin to work in a latino dance club......................any names would be highly appreciated

The marines  on The Cheetah

posted on 14 December, 2006
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I believe you have to pay 3 bucks plus tip for valet parking.

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