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brattlebop18  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on November 6, 2016
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I went out with a really sweet shy guy that still seemed secretly bummed about his recent divorce. I knew right away that we weren't going anywhere romantically, but I was determined to shake him out of his uptight shell before we parted ways. Clermont Lounge was the perfect place for this.He was nervous about the parking lot so we ditched our cars at a friend's condo lot and took a cab. (GREAT idea). Even though we'd just eaten, I recommended that he pad his tummy with some food from the guys grilling outside. (Also a great idea). We knocked back the most painful shots anyone has ever had since undergrad, sipped some Purple Thunders (which I'm sure is a mixture of purple koolaid powder and Everclear), and danced ourselves silly after we spent all our cash on the dancers and jukebox. The second hand smoke was awful and so was the bathroom, but the hilarious conversations w/ strangers and watching Blondie's infamous beer can trick made up for that. I can't give any more detail beyond this because I honestly don't remember. I think we ended up across the street at MJQ and then came back over. The next morning I woke up with a boot on my car and a text message from shy guy saying that he'd pay for it as a thank you for the best date ever.This is a place you visit to cut loose and make memories. If you are looking to wear your finery, enjoy top shelf cocktails, and mix and mingle with normal folks...try elsewhere. This is a novelty destination that has been preserved all these years for a reason.

GarryWas  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on November 1, 2016
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Debauchery abounds at this world renowned dive bar/strip club. Me and my boyfriend, both out-of-towers, stumbled upon the Clermont Lounge after reading some testing and polarizing reviews. We accepted the challenge and we're glad we did. Some words of advice: leave your pretentious attitude at the door and you are guaranteed a good time. If you appreciate a good, simple, dirty dive bar, you're going to enjoy this place. When we walked in, it was like a sweaty dance party in the basement of a trap house. Needless to say, I was instantly pleased. The DJ played an amazing mix of 90s hip hop and pop classics. The strippers were (obviously) accommodating and very..real. Bring cash, because the bar is cash only. All in all, would recommend for someone looking to let loose.

Marlin S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 2, 2016
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Jammed packed, Extremely hot, nasty, jammed pack, did I mention hot?! But boy it was fun! The ladies are very unique looking, not yo typical dancers. However it was fun and very odd and hot. Don't wear heavy clothing, it is tight and hot! very hot. You will need to jump in a shower with all clothes on after leaving here...nasty and sweaty. But you will have a memory that will last forever. Come with a open mind.

kenston12  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on August 5, 2016
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Finally made it here this weekend!The entrance is on the back of the hotel building, and we paid no cover charge, but just no photography allowed! We couldn't get lap dance as it was pass 2 AM but I get to see a couple of ladies, tipped them, and even got a (moist) hug! There was a hot dog cart outside too for those craving greasy yummy food to soak up all alcohol :)I think anyone visiting Atlanta needs to at least come here once!

Stephanie C.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 23, 2016
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One of the best spots to check out in Atlanta. Every time I have an out of town visitor, it's a must stop on the list. It's hard to put in words what you will see here. Weekends get pretty busy. Fun place to head after a few drinks. The bartenders are great! Strong drinks, very friendly. Dancers are the sweetest!! They come over and thank you after a tip."I saw your mom dancing at the clermont lounge..."

Raff  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on July 18, 2016
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Really unique with some interesting entertainment... Beers and drinks are cheap. Can get crowded and security makes you move but overal a definite experience

Jordanp  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on June 18, 2016
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I don't get the big deal about the Clermont Lounge...I always end up here as a third or fourth stop after having too much to drink. It was SO crowded last night, I'm guessing because of summerfest. I had a flashlight waved in my face twice as a suggesting that I get out of the way of an oncoming server, and stuck to the wall the entire time I was there. Their house drinks are pretty much all liquor and a deal for $3, but you're almost guaranteed to wake up with a massive plastic-squeezy-bottle-induced hangover if you have too many of those. It's divey, seedy, and smokey, and fun, but for me it's a once-you've-been-there-don't-go-back type of place. There are plenty of other dives in ATL that don't charge a cover for smoked-out standing room only.

fisherdex1  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on April 30, 2016
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Few times in life will you ever find comfort like you will at the Clermont. Been going for over a decade and doubt my habit will ever change. Do yourself a favor and go

dannyboy7  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on March 28, 2016
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I almost feel bad writing a poor review because I feel like my friend really underplayed the filth that is this place. Based on other peoples thoughts, filth is exactly what you're looking for when you come here so I guess A-OK it is?Where strippers come to die. Literally where strippers come to die. This I had been forewarned about and I was intrigued. Clermont did not disappoint. If you want to see your grandma practically naked for the sheer jaw drop effect-- this is where you need to be. What was really off putting was the actual condition of the club-- filth is the only way to describe it. The building itself is falling apart. Every surface was covered in cigarette butts and empty beer cans. No one seemed actually concerned w cleaning up. On a Saturday night, this place was packed beyond belief. The aroma of sweat and cigarettes was strong and it was real. Getting drinks was unorganized chaos. I'm just thanking God that I didn't have to pee. I can't imagine the condition of the restroom. Supposedly this is an Atlanta institution but I'd be ok skipping it on the next tour.

stripforme123  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on March 28, 2016
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This place rocks!!! Talk about nostalgia! Yes it's cash only! Yes it's a mixed bag of cards! That's what makes it so appealing! Such a great place to see some talent! Btw ask for Barbie, blonde super hot milf great tattoos! Tell her the captain sent you!

dopeboy19  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on January 29, 2016
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Now this is my JAM! Clermont lounge is smoky, dirty and cheap. All three are favorite features of any epic dive bar strip club. Clermont is always packed and a blast. The girls are very nice and not pushy at all. PBR tall boys for $3 at the bar, can't go wrong. I always soooo wish I could take pictures because honestly you have to be there to appreciate it but no photos allowed. I don't even like taking my phone out for fear I'll get booted haha. This place is one of those awesome things you must do when in ATL. Usually a $5-$10 door charge and it is always worth it.

larry1  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on October 27, 2015
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Fun, fun, fun! It's more comical than an actual strip club. Had a blast and people enjoying themselves unpretentiously. A must go-to when in Atlanta!

brandonresh  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on October 6, 2015
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Was in Atlanta with my husband on a trip and made it a point to come here after hearing about it. So. Much. Fun! Cheap drinks, bartender was feisty and great. The dancers were fabulous, one covered in tattoos, one with massive breasts (they were real!), a golden girl, curvy women, basically anything you can think of. The dancers are super friendly, they come around after their sets to thank you for tips. I got two dances. Dances are kinda pricey, but hey, you only live once! I got to motorboat some breasts, and spank them, so I'm not complaining. Definitely no place for prudes, so if you're expecting to find wine, a smoke free environment, and you don't enjoy a raunchy good time, then this isn't for you.

Chris H.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 3, 2015
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Definitely where the party is at, bring cash and an open mind and you'll have an absolute blast.

Ian J.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 17, 2015
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Being kicked out of the Clermont Lounge is one of my finer achievements while living in Atlanta. You do this by sitting at the bar w a friend, running out of cash, mooching for bills from your buddy and then forgetting to promptly tip the bartender for every drink before she screams bloody murder and orders the bouncer to show you the door. Good times.I mean - this place is a hole in the ground. That means it's either a 5 or a 1. No waffling here, guys.

Franklyn  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on June 5, 2015
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This is NOT where strippers come to die. Rather, this is where strippers flaunt their bodies with reckless abandon no matter their form and have a helluva time doing it. Great crowd, cheap, unpretentious, always. I no longer live here and am only in town to visit my parents (with brand new child in tow) so I couldn't pay a visit this time around. But dammit I will find a way next time. Rock on, Clermont!

D B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 26, 2015
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Coolest dive bar I have checked out to date. Loved it aside from getting my shots in Dixie cups. People watching is off the charts. Gooo!

Court N.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on April 18, 2015
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Didn't know this was a staple until I was there on Thursday! Awesome so raw, so real and so much smoke lol. Sat in the back corner and witnessed soo much interesting talent! Main bartender was a doll

Jenn A.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 27, 2014
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Not sure to give one star or five but whoa what a night. We can not mention our names as we are nationally recognized. So we started off already tipsy upon arrival. I could not believe my eyes as I saw a woman with tits hanging literally to her knees and belly fat also hanging to her knees...she was naked holy hell. I had to get a double look and made my drink a double. We made lots of acquaintances and danced like crazy. Then we turned around and some dude said he's gonna f*** up my friend which was a female. We got into a fight got kicked out got let back in. Continued to drink...and dance as the DJ was awesome. Then we had our purses stolen then returned to us. Wow. Then we were talking to another celebrity no names mentioned that we hadn't met before and was offered drugs. Haha which we didnt accept. But then outside we were given the dirtiest bag of pot ive ever seen which is quite laughable still today. We were offered a ride home from some random limo driver completely wasted. My hand is in a splint today as Im sure whoever I clocked is really sorry today as his face is broken. Overall we had a blast and I will be returning. What a still remembering details here and there and still laughing about our experience. I hope not to see our faces on youtube. Haha.

Amy H.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 20, 2014
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Maybe it's because I came on a Wednesday night, but I was seriously underwhelmed with the Clermont Lounge. "But, Amy! It's an INSTITUTION!!!"I know, I know...naked strippers of all shapes, sizes, and ages...but whatevs. I've been in enough locker rooms and Korean spas where I've seen it all before (and actually, much worse!) And yeah, I's a "dive bar", but honestly, this is the nicest, sorta-cleanest dive bar that I've ever been in. My feet didn't even stick to the floor and it reminded me of the little townie bars that I grew up with in the Midwest.I loved the bartender, Hailey, though. I'm sure that on the weekends it's a lot more fun and I would like to go back to check out the DJ that I've heard is fantastic, but overall my visit was pretty boring. **YAWN**

Damon T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 8, 2014
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NO WORDS. You must experience it for yourself. If you are a self righteous douch bag with no sense of humor then just stay home. Make sure you bring ones!!!!

Louis T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 14, 2014
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Well, I guess I am partial to places that have class. This was recommended to me by a bartender at our hotel. I am giving it two stars because the people who work here are just rude. I guess that's supposed to be part of the charm of this place, but I don't get it. The drinks were cheap, the alcohol selection sucked- no higher end cognacs or champagnes. Don't be surprised if you get 2 or 3 drinks spilled on you as you fight through the crowd. Oh, and don't even think about taking pictures/selfies or even using your cell phone (as everyone is accused of taking pictures)... An angry little guy will snatch your cell phone out if your hand and demand you delete all your photos.What I did like about this place. The crowd is very mixed and this humid, seedy, dive bar, fat bottom girl strip club is definitely an "attraction" for bachelor parties and anyone who just likes to people watch for a good show. Apparently this is also a Celebrity attraction place- you are likely to run into someone famous here. The DJ was decent and the crowd this place brings is pretty attractive. However, those of us from nicer parts of the country should be warned that we are NOT in Kansas anymore when we step through the door.

Teri S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 4, 2014
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I have been here here three times now and have yet to see Blondie. I guess she works whenever she feels like it. I think the place is losing its appeal because it was DEAD at 1:30 on a Friday night. I mean, there was NO line and there was actual standing room inside. I think this was probably my last time here, been there done that.

Jonathan P.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 18, 2014
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Interesting place, highly recommended for tourists.

Edwin P.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 17, 2014
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I been living in Atlanta for almost 10 years and last night I decided to check out the clermont lounge. I didn't expect much but when I walked through the doors I was speechless.It was stuffy, packed and a stripper who probably has 40 yrs stripping experience was dancing on the bar. To my left a crowded dance floor was fueled by the shirtless sweaty DJ. Beer was served in cans and a old lady was walking around and she may or may not have been offering lap dances. I posted up on the side and a couple comes in and starts making out in the chair in front of me. Imagine sex with clothes on and that was them. .. Can't front, I was entertained and the chick was hot. After settling in and taking in every thing I just described I thought to myself.. This is freakin awesome!!!! .. The mix crowd was just there to party with no judgments about anything and that was so dope. If you were fat.. Who cares.. Take that shirt off and hit the dance floor. It was all love. What this place lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in character. It's so much going on and if you don't take yourself too serious let your hair down and party with these folks. Everyone needs a WTF night so stop by to check out this spot and have some laughs and knock this off your bucket list. Leave all your expectations at the door.

Mary Locke M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 13, 2014
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Everyone should go to the Clermont at least once. I was taken within my first month of living in Atlanta, and am a better Atlantan because of it. Actually I think we all owe it to our of town guests to take them to the Clermont instead of the Varsity. I mean, come on, would you rather experience one of the most unique dive bars in America or eat a greasy hotdog? The Clermont is divey, cash only, sometimes has a DJ, always great people watching, and just happens to have strippers (I use that term loosely). My biggest gripe though: for the past three times I've been here, Blondie has not been working. I am assuming that Fridays and Saturdays are peak business hours, so where is this most illustrious beer crushing broad? I repeat - three times, no Blondie, no bueno. Has she retired and they just haven't told us? Has Blondie moved to Miami Beach and become a Golden Girl? Seriously though, what is going on?Sure the Clermont is fun and games any time you go, but something is missing. I only go when I have an out-of-towner to shock and entertain, and lately I feel as though I just haven't been properly delivering the full Clermont Lounge experience to my friends. Sticking with my Varsity analogy, a night at the Clermont without Blondie is like a hotdog at the Varsity without a "What'll ya have?" Until I see their most famed entertainer again, I'm sticking with my feelings of disenchantment chased with a PBR.

Charles S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 4, 2014
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Awesome dancing bar. .. Good cheap beer and very entertaining enviroment.

Keith S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 30, 2014
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I thought I was gay before, the Clemont made it certain.

Lou G.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 24, 2014
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The Clermont Lounge song(Sung to the tune of "it's a small world")"it's a lounge of laughter, a lounge or tearsits a lounge of hopes, its a lounge of fearthere's so much that we sharethat its time we're awareits The Clermont Lounge after allCHORUSits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge" Wow. The Clermont Lounge. What can I possibly say that can add to all those who have gone before me? It really is as good as it gets for a dive bar. It is funny. It is scary. The characters here, both those working and those in the crowd, portray and provoke both feelings of hope and sadness. It really is the Clermont Lounge after all.Even after reading all the reviews, I never expected to love The Clermont Lounge as much as i did. The reality of the Clermont Lounge tore away at the stripper joint stereotype I had imagined it to be. It was not a strip club, although there were naked women dancing. It was not a dive bar, although it seems PBR in cans was the house favorite. It was not a club, although the Disco and 80's Funk shook the entire lounge. It was all of these, and none of these. It was after all, the Clermont Lounge.-The parking lot smelled as if an entire field of Cannabis had caught fire.-The stairway leading to the basement is scary in itself. I have seen all the Hostel movies, this would be perfect for the next one they do. -The bouncers seem to be very well qualified to bounce people.-The bar stays full with gawkers as the dancers perform. These are not dancers in any normal sense, but there is no other way to explain what they do. The dancers are old, overweight, tattooed, out of shape. Yet they are beautiful here as their "skin deep" personalities shine. They are friendly, smile, and are fun.-The dance floor remained packed the entire evening. I could not imagine better music to tie together the crowd, the shows, and the Lounge experience then the fun, high energy disco/soul/funk that played all night. The Clermont Lounge had better music and crowd than most "clubs".-Everyone seems to be here for fun. Everyone. Most dive bars have the usual one or two depressed or despondent, drunk, downers who sometimes cause trouble. I don't think you can find one here. It would be tough to stay glum in the Clermont Lounge.-Beer is served in cans and is cheap. I always feel cheap when drinking beer in cans, so this made me feel like I fit in. You can stand in line to get your drinks, but i found that if you find one good server, she will take care of you all night.-CASH ONLY!Perhaps most amazing is that most of the time you forget that you are in a strip club until a set of ginormous boobs pass you by, or you see Bo Peep performing a lapdance on a petrified twenty-something who was plunked down in a chair by his "friends". It is one of the funnest bars in Atlanta.The Clermont Lounge is awesome!Clermont Lounge song (continued)"There is just one Clermont Lounge,And it just takes cash.Beer comes in cans for Blondie to smash.Though the Bouncer's are outside,And the dancers are wide,It's The Clermont Lounge after all.CHORUSits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge after allits The Clermont Lounge "(keep repeating until you pass out)*****************500th Review!*************

Weedman420  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on March 20, 2014
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Come on, dude... Really? This place is highly rated? Utter filth in a ruined hotel. How many murders have occurred in this building? Hey, and if you smoke crack, you probably can score some here.

Harrison69  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on March 2, 2014
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Loved it and even got a t-shirt, which I would normally never do. This place is truly an institution as described by other reviewes. It's a super fun, large dive bar where you might literally see your great aunt, twice removed, wearing lingerie from when she married her first dead husband 40 years ago. Oh, and she'll be "stripping". Lmao! No lie. The place is super cool though and down to earth, which I love. Also, no dress code or ridiculous cover. It was $10 at midnight on Saturday and it was packed! Will definitely return. If you're only going for the typical young, hot bodied dancer, this isn't for you but if you like to have fun and guess the stories of some very interesting looking women, give it a go. Nice size dance area as well.

Ashley T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 20, 2014
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i live out of town and visit the clermont when i'm in atlanta. it's definitely somewhere you want to take your friends if they have never been. it's interesting, to say the least. i'm only giving it 4 stars because it's crowded and service at the bar takes what seems like forever to get a drink. when you finally do get your drinks, they are almost undrinkable because of the 90/10 alcohol/mixer ratio. which i guess isn't a bad thing if you want to get drunk fast and cheap. but i would prefer not to gag down mixed drinks. nonetheless, i will visit clermont lounge time and time again because it is fun and often hilarious.

Elton B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 30, 2014
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Very eclectic away from the ordinary. Happened upon this place due to a recommendation by Anthony Bourdains show - cheap entry $5 and cheap drinks and a great time good combo

Edward R.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 17, 2014
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Boring-was there for 15 mins flashed cash and got no action, no one asked for a dance. PBR was 3.75 and they are dancing to the music box. Strippers are old and mostly black girls. Dont know why or how there still here.

Maureen K.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 13, 2013
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Came here on Halloween. I am from Pittsburgh and was visiting for the week. Felt right at home. costumes are something that always is acceptable at this place weather it's Halloween or not. Everyone was super nice and the drinks were strong. Will be back next time I am in Atlanta.

Erin G.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 6, 2013
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Our friend in ATL brought us here during our return layover from Iceland. Of course we missed our flight due to this place. Just wish ATL banned smoking inside bars (I'm a cancer survivor!)

Dru C.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 8, 2013
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*Thumbs up*Welp... I can say that I've been to the Clermont Lounge and that I saw Blondie prance around by the bar. It was interesting to see people from all walks of life converge in this dilapidated hole in a wall.*Thumbs down*Listen, I get it. It's a beloved institution for the locals. But for an out-of-towner, it's sure as hell not worth a $7 per person cover charge just for the privilege of going inside an overcrowded, smoked-filled basement of a decrepit motel. Then once inside, there's no where to move or sit. People snatch up those coveted seats around the bar, so all you can do is stand around and, uh... people watch.*Tip*If you're a tourist or visiting on business with some time to kill, people will tell you to go to the Clermont Lounge. If you don't go, you're not really missing out on much. Really.

XhXeXy  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on July 23, 2013
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An Atlanta original. You've got to do it once.

Edward L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 23, 2013
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I walked into the Clermont Lounge for the first time and asked my date where the bathroom was. He smiled and pointed to a location followed by, "Watch out for the flies." You may think that's a funny comment, but there are flies in the bathroom. Typically I would say something to the effect of, "it's disgusting" but for some odd reason, the flies really gives this place character. In hindsight though, this place really doesn't need any more distinctive features. After all, the dancers are all very "unique" and "enjoyable" to watch. I wouldn't say this is my favorite place to go to, but it definitely is an enjoyable place to go to. I can see myself coming back and I think everyone should com here at least once. If anything, it will definitly build some character.

Tristyn B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 22, 2013
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The ratchetness here is phenomenal lol.So I ended up here by way of FYLA and let me tell you... it was worth the drive after work! I got here at about a quarter to midnight, smelling like jail and my hair was a mess. I needed a dose of "WTF?!?" in my life, as I was long overdue for potentially getting into some trouble.There's a good variety of people here; as one reviewer said previously, the crowd consists of people who would probably never hang out together in their everyday lives, but somehow this atmosphere is the perfect catalyst for coming out in rare form lol.To get into the spirit, I took advantage of my free PBR (I hate beer, but when in Rome!) and danced all by myself. I tipped a couple of the dancers. As Franco C. perfectly described: "there was one who had the tits of a 20 year old and the saggy ass of the 60-whatever years she was". That one was my favorite because she kept doing some kind of airplane move that I thought was HILARIOUS!I stood up the whole time because I was afraid to sit on any of the chairs. Yes, I was wearing pants but lets not act like "residue" wasn't plentiful. Once I see a stripper sitting on a chair in a thong, all thoughts of having a seat go out the window lol.And to top it off, I got propositioned for a threesome! All in all, I'd say I got what I went for. I've since washed the smell of shame and old stripper off my body and out of my hair but I'm DEFINITELY going back! This shit here is just too much fun to pass up!

Jessica B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 16, 2013
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I don't really even know where to begin... I've only been to a few strip clubs in my life, and I feel like the Clermont doesn't really count. Yes, there are naked women dancing in the middle of the bar all night, and lap dances take place just about anywhere, but it is really ultimately more like a bar. And that's what makes it so damn awesome. I took my hubby here for his birthday back in February and we loved it. We just recently returned and loved it even more. But again, it's a DIVE bar/strip club. And yes, I will reiterate: It is where strippers go to die. Some of them are hot. Some of them are not. Many of them make me have fewer personal body image issues. Plus there's: Cheap drinks. Good-tasting shots (what? yep, even the rack kamikaze actually tastes good, which isn't so easy to do these days). If you get there before 10 it's free cover (but don't forget cash for inside! no debit, no credit, only the paper dollar allowed up in here) and you can sit front-and-center at the bar, which I personally recommend, cuz I'm creepin' up on 30 which makes me too damn old to be stuck at the back of a crowded bar with no where to sit or barely even stand -- which is what this place becomes by 11ish p.m. -- I am talkin' crow-ded! There's quite a few parking options around the area -- a lot behind, street parking around the neighborhood, but it starts to fill up as you get a little later in the night, too. The ladies bathroom is relatively disgusting and, with only one stall for all the women in that place (yep, even including bartenders and dancers), it gets to be painful to wait in line. My first time here, I just happened to see a hypodermic needle on the bathroom floor...ummmm...can we say skeevy? But hey, Anthony Bourdain's been here on his "Layover" show so I'm sure they can get away with just about anything at this point. Not to mention the list of celebs who visit the Clermont while they're in the ATL gets longer every month, so they must be doing something right, right? Right.

Scott C.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 4, 2013
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This place is un-freakin-believably epic in all aspects. I was first informed of this place by a waiter when I asked directions to the nearest dive bar. When "60 year old strippers who crush beer cans in their boobs" was uttered, I knew I had to go see for myself. It's difficult to describe this as a strip club, as others have said, there are women stripping...but it's not really about that. It's one of those kind of places you just have to experience. First off, the staff and the entertainers are so friendly. I genuinely felt like I left with new friends (our bartender waited for us outside to give us hugs when we left). I also met several patrons from all walks of life...straight women, gay men, coupled, doctors, vagabonds, etc.. All on a Monday night. This is, by far, the coolest bar on the planet.

Rick L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on April 14, 2013
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If the Clermont is cool enough for the likes of Dinero and Kid Rock, than it's hip enough for this cat. More of a Dive (who isn't game for a good dive) vs. a Strip Joint....hell I would even take my Mom and Granny here.An Atlanta institution well worth a visit. Cheap beer, stiff drinks, and really cool hard working ladies....take care of them. Now, about that bathroom...;)

Ryan V.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 24, 2013
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Three words... "oh, hell yes!"

Brandon M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 19, 2013
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I was told that if you come to Atlanta you have to experience this place once. It was definitely an experience, to say the least. It's an old, smokey, dark bar in the bottom of a hotel basement. There are "experienced" women stripping on the bar in the front. It's cash only and be prepared to smell like cigarettes when you leave.

V K.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 18, 2013
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Regardless, or because, of everything you've heard about this place, pay a visit. You'll have a magical experience - and discover that magic does not need to be pretty to be beautiful. This is as real as it gets, and unless you are a douche, you'll understand why this place gets the most 5 stars for any place worth visiting in Atlanta. One of my most prized possessions is the signature crushed can from Blondie. You can't witness that and not get wiser about the meaning of life at the same time. Unique. I hope it stays like that forever.

Jeremy T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 4, 2013
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Come for the ladies. Stay for the kitschiness. I love this place a lot. Maybe more that I should really admit. It was fun going to a strip club with an energetic atmosphere. Its a very unique place and I hope it stays there forever.

Johnny S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 13, 2013
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The Clermont Lounge, you cannot unsee what you see here...That is the first thing that comes to mind. You have to add this place to your bucket list. Get here and often...

Fern M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 21, 2012
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Finally a place in this charming American city where the Good Doctor can enjoy the company of those near his age during the dwindling twilight hours. The dancers move with an exotic and instinctive precision that reminds me of my many travels to the remote villages of the Pacific Islands.

Lauren B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 19, 2012
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I'm pretty sure this is where old Atlanta strippers work until retirement. Hilarious good time!!!!!!! Cheap and fun! Everyone should visit the Clermont at least once.

Josh S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 13, 2012
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I don't have a lot to add, but I absolutely love how laid back this place is. That's really an understatement. I have literally NEVER experienced such a lack of judgment from employees and my fellow patrons alike. I honestly wouldn't have had a problem pissing in a bucket on the dance floor if they told me that's where the bathroom was. It seems like nothing is taboo here, except for taking pictures. Don't take pictures, unless you want to be ridiculed and called a bitch by the DJ. We actually met a pro athlete here last weekend, right when we thought a night at Clermont Lounge couldn't get any more unpredictable. I won't say who it is, the media doesn't deserve to find out.

Clay K.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 2, 2012
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First, a big Thank You to Cocaine Carla* [*not her REAL name. She's here paying for college. Really. Her son's college, maybe, but still paying for college.] for making my trip to the Clermont truly memorable. :) Without her providing an interesting evening of manic laughter, interesting anecdotes, life-stories of the regulars and dancers, and veiled hints at pleasures and perils lying in wait in the dark "champagne room" (really just a corner of the main room), this could have been just another smoky, saggy adventure. This is a FUN bar. Probably one of the best things to do here is to crowd-watch rather than boob-watch. I had hours of entertainment by keeping my eye on the door and seeing the looks of astonishment, awe, disgust, amazement, and joy on the faces of the unwary travelers who wandered in.One of the most fascinating things about this bar (aside from the fact that beer is only $2.75 AT A NUDY BAR) is that it is a strip-bar that isn't really about stripping. Oh, there's plenty of geriatric gyrating going on, but this place is all about atmosphere. It's a local dive with some nekkit dancers. None of the dancers appeared to me to be under 40, and some of them actually looked pretty dang good. Cocaine Carla*, for example, was in her fifties, and wore it well. Her energy levels were way beyond amped and amusing (say no to drugs, kids) but she was the life of the party. [*not her real name]Whether you enjoy the dancers or not, you HAVE to enjoy the complete lack of pretentiousness in this place. Drinks are reasonably priced, bar staff are reasonably attentive, and people are in a great mood. There isn't a pall of WRONGNESS in this place that sometimes hangs over other places where women stand naked waiting on dollars. This place just FEELS right, somehow.The clients of the place are a WIDE cross-section of folks. Hipsters, yuppies, lawyers, college kids, doctors, blue-collars....this place is kinda like neutral territory. A melting pot of people coming together to witness the spectacle.If the Mos Eisley cantina existed in Atlanta....this would definitely be where Han and Chewie would hold their business meetings.

harryharry  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on June 13, 2012
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My favorite spot! I still don't know what it is about this place....I just LOVE it. Let me just must be an open minded type of person. If you're closed minded and don't like to see the good in a person or place...stay the hell away. It is such a fun place and closed minded douche bags can suck it. ;) Also, tip the dancers...they definitely earn it. OH...and do not touch the jukebox. lol. ... and if you have to use the potty...expect to wait a whileEveryone has to go here at least once...and if you live in Atlanta and haven't gone...WHY haven't you?!

Chris P.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 24, 2012
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There should be a sign outside of this place that says you must be this drunk to enter. ESPECIALLY if you are apprehensive on going to this place. I on the other hand can handle this place sober. Go in with an open mind, and be nice to the ladies and the bartenders and this place will be nice to you. I mean the last time I was in line there I chatted nicely with the door man and he actually shared his chocolate chip cookies a regular baked for him! I recommend Saturdays because its dance night and its always rocking!

Kevin E.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on December 15, 2011
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We had great time. Tuesday is karaoke night. The whole place was singing along with us on stage. Didn't disappoint And staff were very cool.

joseph1k  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on December 4, 2011
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always a great time. don't come here if you don't have a sense of humor and light heartedness. but if you do... hard to find a better feel-good environment in atlanta. a classic, end-of-the-night type of place, that has the most varied crowd you can imagine, and some really cheap canned beers, strong mixed drinks, and shots out of little paper medicine cups. certainly not a strip club.. it's a bar/lounge where there happen to be some naked ladies dancing and prancing around. great dance parties on saturdays with usually a very good DJ spinning all types of things. there's been more than one occasion that i've had to ask the DJ what a certain track was so i could purchase the record later.

Lauren A.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 14, 2011
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Bring your good spirits and a bottle of hand sanitizer.How can you rate the worst and best place in all of Atlanta? With 5 stars!!! Why? Because without a doubt in my mind, this is the most entertainment youre going to get at any ta ta showing establishment in GA. A 'must see' for out of town visitors with a good sense of humor.If you are a lady, stick to the small cups and avoid drinking a ton of beer - because you don't want to use that bathroom if you don't have to.

Bobbin W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 13, 2011
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Shortly after I moved to Atlanta several years ago my new coworkers convened at the Clermont for Halloween. One of my colleagues made out with a lion AND a doctor in front of our boss. Partying at the Clermont just weeks into one's first job post-college clearly is the perfect way to make a good professional impression!! !! How sentimental, then, that my group hit up the Clermont this weekend for Halloween festivities. My sister as well as my boyfriend's sister were part of our flailing amoeba. When the stripper DJ cranked up "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)," it was over. If you think about it, this Sly and the Family Stone hit encapsulates what the Clermont is about - being yourself. Or maybe, letting go and being someone else for a night.Either way, the Clermont is the optimal spot to become closer to one's colleagues, family or strangers.

Andrew M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 26, 2011
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I put down three stars for the Clermont Lounge because I don't know whether to give it 1 star or 5. Oh god, this place is like a dream come true in a land of nightmares. It's where "strippers go to die", so they are a little older, a little more heavy set, and little bit more reeaaall than the girls at other strip clubs. I mean, it's not really even a strip club. It's more of a dive bar full of smoke and canned beers and really slow bartenders that take shots with you while the "strippers" stand on the stage in the center of the circular bar. They don't even dance as much as they gently wiggle, prowling around their 8-foot diameter platform, doing a 3-song number and slowly taking off their underwear while you pretend not to be interested. Is this something that I want to watch? Hmm... well, there's only one way to find out.Tuesday nights offer a Karaoke contest which is a lot of fun, and occasionally on the weekends they have a DJ and a few people hit the dance floor. The drinks are really cheap--another facet that differs the Clermont from other "strip clubs". And the location is great, too. Last time we were in Little 5 Points it was really slow so we went over to Ponce and hit The Local for a drink before crossing the street to the Clermont. Our friend was with us from out of town and he only had one night in Atlanta so we decided to show him the best of what this city has: aging naked women. Haha. This is also probably the only strip club in the world where a big black woman named Blondie will crush a PBR can with her tits if you give her $10. And last week we had a new experience, too. We were talking with an older blonde stripper about her life, her kids, her ex-husband, while smoking a cigarette and having a drink. Then her song came on, she hopped on the stage, and started shakin' those limbs. A minute later she procured a piece of birthday cake on a paper plate and proceeded to reach over the bar and feed a bite to each of me and my two friends. I don't know anyone else that was fed birthday cake by an old stripper in a smoky bar underneath a deserted hotel. Now that's a story to take home to mom. I just changed it from 3 stars to 5. I forgot how awesome this place is.

Lauren K.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 15, 2011
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"One need not die an idiot," they say... and you might never worry about it again, after visiting the Clermont Lounge. What else in the world is there to know, after watching a stripper past her prime, slapping her inner thighs and crushing PBR cans underneath her still-sizeable breasts?No cameras are allowed inside, but the scenes you witness in the smoky darkness of this infamous nightspot will be burned into your brain. Your innocence will be lost forever.In other words, definitely check it out.Parking is kind of sketchy but that should come as no surprise...

Sarita A.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 26, 2011
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On a recent Monday night, there were approximately six other people at the Clermont. With the only ATM malfunctioning, the ladies were lucky to get a sad-looking one dollar bill or a handful of coins after a dance. But they soldiered on: a woman vaguely resembling Bettie Page with a knee-length cat tail appearing to light her nipples on fire. A full-figured dame past her prime lazily slapping her butt cheeks. Blondie's niece wistfully explaining that living in her aunt's celebrity shadow can wear on her confidence sometimes.The toilet in the ladies' room is built on a pedestal and only partially shielded through cracked, vented doors. But I don't mind watching a tired stripper pee between sets. I don't mind being cautioned by a dancer not to get Hepatitis on my shoes, or waiting patiently while she rearranges metal chairs between songs, or not being allowed to use the jukebox. Because here, I can sit, drink out of a can, and feel proud to be an Atlantan.

Jennifer W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 14, 2011
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Looking for something fun, hilarious and unique to do in Atlanta? This is the place to go. Underneath an abandoned/condemned hotel in a tiny basement bar with old strippers and cheap drinks, you won't have this experience anywhere else.It sounds trashy, but it's surprisingly not and the place is usually full of a 20-something crowd of people who are definitely there for the fun of it. The bartenders don't skimp on the drinks (I think my cape cod was mostly vodka with a splash of cranberry, instead of vice versa which is how most bars make it), the waitresses and strippers are hilarious and so much fun, and the crowd is all people you'd want to sit down and have a beer with.Don't touch the jukebox (DANCERS ONLY!), get out your singles, sing along to your favorite songs, and be prepared for an awesome night!

Cat D.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 16, 2011
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I know it's an Atlanta institution, and that is the only reason I'm giving it 3 stars. I personally can't stand the place, but I continue to tag along on trips with Clermont virgins, just be present for the shenanigans. The bar is cash only, however there is an ATM located inside the bar that charges some outrageous transaction fee (I have no excuse for not knowing said ATM fee, as I've used the machine several times... always too drunk to remember). The drinks are always horrible. I don't know which well liquor brands they use, but it has to be something worse than the Mr. Boston I remember from college.

Justin D.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 13, 2011
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I felt like I was inside of a Rob Zombie movie. It was best described to me as "Where Strippers Go to Die" and it lives up to that description quite well. It is in the basement of the Claremont Hotel (which is closed) right off Ponce De Leon. It is a dark and dingy Dive bar, but a must do if you are in or around the ATL.The Entertainers are there to do just that, and it is a show like none you will ever see. Go late and expect to shower after you get home, it's a little smokey in there.

Astrid D.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 22, 2011
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The Clermont. If a John Waters movie was a bar, this would be it. And loving John Waters, I love the Clermont.The Clermont has no pretensions. It simply is what it is. And in Atlanta-- a city that pretty much epitomizes "Stuff White People Like"-- this is quite refreshing.It isn't everywhere that you can find a slightly overweight gal dancing her heart out to the theme from "Fraggle Rock." It isn't everywhere that you can find a naked lady with fierce eyes that evoke one of Russ Meyer's vixens.Oh how, I love vintage sexploitation movies. And if there was a bar that made you feel like you're in one, it's the Clermont. And you know what the beautiful thing is? The Clermont doesn't try to be anything. It's not some hipster joint trying desperately to be cooler than you. It doesn't have to try. It's the Clermont.

Cynthia W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 10, 2011
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The girlfriend and I after watching the first derby bout of the season whilst drinking wine from a box (it is so nice to be retired!) decided it would be fun to pick up my bestie and head towards the Clermont. Nothing says fun on a Saturday than going to the place where the strippers go to die. The ambiance was exactly what you would expect but the music was lacking. WAY LACKING. I guess if you are into all 70's and 80's music snob, you would enjoy the selection but for those of us who enjoy knowing the music prior to dancing - you will probably have better luck elsewhere because as the DJ blatantly put it (I guess after people kept coming up to him requesting songs) "I am not going to play Gaga or Wacka Flacka or any of that new stuff because that shit ain't real music!" Wow, thanks...I never knew DJ'ing was your own personal dance party, glad I know the deal now.Now I'm not going to the Clermont to dance - after all it is "strip" joint but if you are going to play for the masses, you should at least listen to them instead of listening to your musical ego.After the awesome that was derby, the Clermont ended up leaving a dull taste in my mouth.

P B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 24, 2011
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As I learned while touring through Atlanta for the first time, all musicians are required to visit the Clermont Lounge. Although I've been here twice there's really nothing quite like your first time walking in the door to one of America's truly truly great DIVE bars/adult entertainment lounges. And by dive I mean falling apart since 1965!The people are the nicest around, the drinks are cheap but people come here for the ambiance. I'm talking about the dancers. Not one I think is under 40 years of age and I remember most averaging around a good 200-250 lbs at this all nude establishment. So, stepping into the bar for the first time to see one of these lovely whole lotta women up on the stage over the bar grabbing on to a pole and lifting her leg into the air completely naked....well, it's hard to shake that picture out of your head and believe me - therapy, hypnosis, electro-shock. Nothing helps.Our drummer was approached by one such lady who I swear to you had four teeth and solicited a lap dance from him by crushing a beer can between her boobs. This place is a gem of America! Do not miss an opportunity to visit the world famous Clermont Lounge!

Holly L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 23, 2011
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I can't believe that after 21 years of living in Atlanta and enjoying the nighttime scene last weekend was the first time I've visited the Clermont. Yes as a lifelong adult in the city of Atlanta I've heard the stories, rumors, and snickers. Still I never went there even on hardcore nights out at the cove and the sports page.I can't believe what I was missing. This place is a dive with a capital D! Still there was something endearing about the dingy ripped wallpaper on the walls and the unique dancers who work there. This place is REAL people. The sign on the back says opened in 1965 and I bet the decor hasn't changed since then. I found the dancers quite nice, especially porsche, the other patrons were very friendly, the music was ok but mostly all oldies. Anyway my friends and I all came home with some sort of cold or cough and even one of my friends got pink eye. I'm not saying it was from the clermont but who knows. Even if it was the reason I would go back in a hearbeat!Totally cool, one of a kind, and sleazy cheezy!! Hurry soon if you want to experience the clermont I bet once that building sells it'll get shut down! I think I'm going to try the Tuesday night karaoke sometime!

David F.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 14, 2011
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If you ever need a quick pick me up... meet me at the Claremont Lounge. This iconic dive never claimed to be the best or have the sexiest dancers, but the entertainment (enjoyment and smile factor) is paramount over most places.Whether you want to get smothered by Porsha or watch Blondie crush cans, this place is entertaining for all!

Ken T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 12, 2011
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It's freezing and icy outside, and you want to go out to somewhere open during the Snowmageddan... hmm, Clermont Lounge it is! And if you're like me and have no idea where the entrance is, it's around to the right down the stairs. On snowy days, if you can make it down the slippery iced stairs of death, you're definitely in for a good time. Watching my boss buy her boss a lap dance from the Kla$$iest dancer of the night simply takes the cake for me.

Enakai C.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 3, 2011
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I love the Clermont. The dancers are sweet and appreciate regulars who tip, although the bartenders are hit or miss. The bathrooms are generally not very friendly to gender nonconforming folk, as I get stares in the women's room and some guy friends of mine have gotten shit for using the stall in the men's room. The crowd varies between respectful hipsters and loud, horrible jerks who yell rude things at the strippers and don't tip.Listen, if you go to the Clermont, try to leave your body policing at the door AND TIP, DAMNIT.

Bernie D.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 27, 2011
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Alright, there are dives and then there's this place. It's a strip club, it's a dance bar, it's not a dive bar. It's a bad shade of vomit green of all those things. The women taking their clothes off should not be taking their clothes off, in fact I barely wanted to see them with their clothes on. Cans of beer and an ATM that charges 10%, not a specific fee, but 10% of whatever you take out. Cash only. The floors were stickier than an old movie theater and wood paneled walls stunk of cigarette smoke and bad perfume. Yeah it worth walking through because there aren't many places on earth like it, but it's probably not worth more than 30 minutes of your time.

Maria A.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 25, 2011
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I felt like I needed to rinse my eyes with holy water and hydrogen peroxide after visiting the Clermont Lounge. It was a hard night and I saw more than I ever needed to see. I never understood how much of a good sport Kevin L is until I saw a bounty of flesh placed in front of him and watched him handle it like any true gentleman. I also proved to a fellow Floridian that insisting I tip anyone is probably a mistake unless you want a lap dance from someone's grandmother. How's that for a tip?Anyways, this is probably on plenty of Atlantans' Must-See Lists and I can tell you I'm glad I came. I love having a good story that includes nudity, drunkenness, obscenities and not because I watched a John Waters film. Whom, by the way I imagine would love the Clermont as much as most do.

Colleen B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 20, 2011
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ummmmm, I adore strip clubs in this weird way... don't ask. However, when your earing drops on the floor and you are deathly scared to pick it up and wash it off and still feel it would not be sanitary enough to place back in your ear and think you were still going to get a staff infection, then I am not looking to RUN back here. BUT... if you are into a jukebox that you need permission from the strippers to touch, old ladies who have rolls they want you to butter and a really TMI sharing bartender then this is your spot. Just don't sit to hard anywhere or lean on anything... just lookin' out!Thankfully I was there with a huge group of amazingly fun people and I wouldn't have changed the experience for the world. GOOD TIMES!

tod l.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on December 28, 2010
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Going to the Clermont is like being in a David Lynch movie. All locals need to go at least once, and it's always a fun place to take friends from out of town.

Stormtrooper H.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 15, 2010
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The Clermont is a MUST in Atlanta and my favorite bar in the city.Avoid Saturday nights as it is the "Dance Party" for the OTP crowd and you don't the real Clermont experience.Also, please be sure and tip (WELL) the ladies and bartenders as they work hard to keep you entertained and happy..

Andriana S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on August 18, 2010
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I bring everyone that travels through town to the Clermont Lounge. There is nothing better than watching old women in costumes show their whoo has. For women, its an interesting experience as I get a look into the future of what my whoo ha will transform into.You get sucked into the old lady dance and you can't stop looking! (think lava lamp) This is a perfect spot to hold "team building" events and perhaps even make a retreat from your experience. I do love when they dress up and theme the songs. My favorite dancer is "porche" despite the all time favorite "Blondie." (who has the superwoman strength of crushing beer cans with her milk bags)Unfortunately my luck with catching a dude to take home has been limited....maybe I should pick up on my dancing skills to get myself ready for the stage when I'm older.Its a place to get wasted, not so much on the meat market.

Michael L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 23, 2010
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The infamous Clermont Lounge, is definitely a unique place. I work in Virginia Highlands and I must say I've heard a lot about this place, and gave into temptation and gave it a try. WoW! was what I said when I walk through the door. Now I've been to many strip clubs, and my money was safely tucked away in my wallet. Not one time did I have urge to wanna tip. Its definitely a fun place to have a couple beers and laughs. On my visit I didn't get a chance to see Blondie, so I guess I'll eventually have to go back and catch her performance.

Allison H.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 3, 2010
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Can't really say too much about The Clermont that hasn't already been said, so I won't even try. I would also have a hard time explaining my love for this place. I've been here for huge new year's eve parties and I've been on monday nights when myself and the people I came with were the only people in the place, and I can honestly say it really doesn't matter when you go, JUST THAT YOU GO. Sooooo much fun.PS: I know a lot of people don't tip the strippers, but you get muchhhh better bar service if you do, especially if you're sitting at the bar.

Jane K.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on April 22, 2010
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The last thing I remember from Saturday night is an elderly stripper named Porsche swaying in front of me as she lifted her breasts from a white teddy and pulled her panties aside for short intervals while chanting "Lookie here!" in a baby voice.Now I know what "Georgia Peach" stands for...

AssnTits5  on  Clermont Lounge

posted on April 14, 2010
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Flame-kissed nipples and erotic undulations to Fraggle Rock. Drinks to curl your toes and barkeeps to put hair on your chest. Order doesn't apply here. Being drunk on spirit is important, spirits are secondary. But then again, order doesn't apply.

Vanessa T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 14, 2010
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I don't bother explaining it to people. If I am pressed for specifics, I mention the quantifiable: Air, thick with smoke. Drinks, cheap in cans. Jukebox, full of tunes. Don't touch it. It's for the dancers.I've been a half dozen times in the past year and each encounter manages to top the previous. I've taken hardened, cynical touring rock musicians, degenerates, and NYC-supremacists and received endless, elated hugs throughout a debaucherous night, with hoarse, strained voices screaming above the Metallica karaoke singer, "thank you for bringing me here!"Blondie's niece is taking on the can crushing torch, but instead of wedging it between her breasts, she's squashing it betwixt her ass cheeks. It has its place and time, of course, but it's not as rewarding to not leave with a black eye from a titty slap [true facts].It's an amazing, wondrous place, full of the characters you'll meet in the next great American novel: the refined, the Dixie deep fried, the repressed, the ostentatious, the dirty, the beautiful, the innocent and the guilty. 5 throbbing, smoky, heart spilling, can-crushing stars.

Chris B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 6, 2010
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There isn't much to say that hasn't been said before when you talk about the Clermont. When I lived in Atlanta it was a place that I brought all out of town visitors. The response is always the same... they stop right after walking in and wonder what in the F just happened. Tip well, be cool, enjoy.

William E.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 2, 2010
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It's going down at the Clermont Lounge. This place is something you have to see. Not known for the best dancers but actually the spooky ones. I went, I saw, I know it all. I would go back again just to have a life. You kinda feel bad for some of the dancers. Because well.. You'll see. You will notice the bugs and the loud redneck crews that are attracted to such places. but it is something you have to experience, It will really make you feel good about where you came from. So to speak.

Samuel L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on February 28, 2010
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You know, I am a fan of any place that can throw a really good party. The Clermont Lounge always has a killer party going on, all of the intangibles, the nasty strippers, the old strippers, the extravagantly large amount of alcohol everyone goes there to consume, plus the extravagantly large amount of alcohol that I consume makes this a damn good place to party!! I have bashed Atlanta landmarks(like the varsity), but this gets no bashing, nice job Atlantans!

Jason W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 7, 2009
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The Clermont? Yeah, thats not much more that can be said. I have two Blondie beer cans. Well worth the 10 dollars. Tuesday night is Karaoke night. I totally karaoked with one of the umm..dancers...lets just say that was interesting.

Han L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 2, 2009
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Clermont Lounge looks like a really shady establishment so I had to go. The cover charge is $10 on a Saturday night. The joint is small but actually have a couple of securities inside. After walking around like a couple of lost souls, we found a tidy corner in the back of the bar and got a good view of the dancers. The notoriously Blondie approached us and said "We like Asians here!" YAY! Then, someone paid her $20 for a lapdance. She proceeded to slap a guy with her boobies seductively. I think this place is pretty fun and unique. The dancers are really friendly and the place is pretty lively.Oh yea, you might want to come around midnight or earlier or face a wait because the place is pretty small and gets packed.

Priscilla E.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 27, 2009
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Last Sunday a plan hatched. One of those plans that gets devised after one too many vodka tonics. The Clermont Lounge had been the topic of a few late night conversations between our little group. I was regaled with stories of legendary strippers with names like Blondie, Peekaboo Porsche, and My Little Pony. Their talents ranging from crushing beer cans betwixt flapping titays, flashing a bit of kitty (while clad in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit), to slapping a bit of thigh, bottom and kitty so hard that a resounding "clap" would echo throughout the establishment. Cuckoo indeed! I howled at these stories, these horror stories of old (50-60), overweight strippers dancing for a diverse crowd of patrons. The buzz that night during our conversation was that this landmark venue was going to be torn down in the near future. My companions decided it was imperative that I see it before that occurred. Once they found out I had never even been to a strip club, it was a done deal. They felt obligated to be a part of my first Clermont experience.We sat and formulated the plan. We would go on the following Saturday night. I would be going to this legendary strip club with seven of the most Fabulous men I knew. Not a bad way to pop my strip club cherry.On the drive up I was being "warned" left and right in what to expect. Some of my companions could hardly contain themselves, eager to see my reaction upon entering. I kept being prodded to hurry up and come inside. Sadly there are no cameras allowed inside. I did manage to get a photo before entering the club.After paying the $6 cover charge and entering I could not stop laughing or tear my eyes away from the performers. It was like watching a gag reel with the clear emphasis on "gag". All the star performers were there and I was sitting ringside drinking beer from a can while others downed potent drinks only costing $3! Quite the juxtaposition from moments ago from the lavish restaurant we had just come from! While my boys kept encouraging me to tip the ladies, I found there are somethings this girl simply could not, nor would not do! An hour of said amusement went by and departed the Clermont. I had seen the line up perform all there tricks. From the beer can crushing to the awkward high leg kicks, my eyes will never be the same.There was absolutely no one I would have rather experienced it with than the delightful group of men I came with. Would I go back? You bet your pasties I would.

M A.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on September 27, 2009
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I can't say that I'd frequent this spot due to the crowding and the smoking inside, but it's certainly a fine Atlanta institution that deserves to be experienced at least once by anyone. They say that the Clermont is where old strippers go to die, but considering how great some of those strippers are looking, I'd have to say they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. For a business that doesn't serve food, they sure do give a lot of peaches and cream! You can also watch Blondie perform her infamous trick of smashing PBR cans with her boobs for a price - and oddly enough, it's well worth it to pay for the show.If you're going to go, I'd honestly recommend not going on a Friday or Saturday night. They charge to get in, it's over-crowded, and you'll rarely see anything through the smoky haze in the room. Try a Monday night if you want the whole experience. Just remember that this place is 21+, so sorry to those of you who don't yet qualify for this eye-opening experience! Also, no photos! This includes keeping phones equipped with cameras out of sight - it'd be a little shameful to be arrested at the Clermont for taking photos, wouldn't it? Your friends would certainly wonder about your taste in women...

Courtney R.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 27, 2009
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I couldn't pass up the chance to write a review on the historical Clermont Lounge. It has a history that speaks for itself really. Once you walk into the doors of this establishment you're pretty much changed forever. You'll learn those really tough lessons in life like don't order the mixed drinks since...well having an open cup means as the bartender prepares your drink something might just, well, um drip into it. Also you'll learn how to pee in front of an audience since all it takes is a slight wind draft to blow the curtain enough for all the world to watch your mad squatting skills. Ah, but I love this place. How could I not give it 4 stars or really more. I have never walked in and not had an unforgettable evening. I've danced for hours. I've talked to people from all over the world that just had to come to the Clermont Lounge when visiting. I put this place on the top 3 must see locations when visiting Atlanta.

Bianca W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 9, 2009
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So, here's the thing....PBR's for 2.50.A pocket full of dollar bills. Blondie and her magic beer crushing titays. Pink backing it up to monster hip hop jams from the 90's.George T. and Kathleen M. getting masterful lap dances from senior citizens. The glow of neon. Best going away shindig of all time.Hands down.

Kathleen M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 8, 2009
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I have seen Blondie crush a beer can with her boobs and received a lap dance from Portia. After traveling abroad, living in the nation's capital, feeling the love of family and friends, graduating from college, and winning the spelling bee in 4th grade; at nearly 25 years old I can now say that my life is complete.

Alice J.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 20, 2008
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They have a door on the women's bathroom - never thought progress would ever hit Clermont Lounge - I like to get my buzz on over at The Local and then head over to Clermont to dance - don't wear much clothes cuz it gets pretty hot over there on Saturday nights and pee before you go - only one stall ladies and we have to share it with the strippers. SmoochesThey don't accept credit cards though - the top review is wrong.

Anna I.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 9, 2008
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What to say that hasn't already been said? I was brought here at the end of a very long night so my memories are a big foggy, but I think it might have worked in may favor. Last thing I remember are tubesock tittays and a droopy 'sideways smile' on what had to be a 60 year-old woman. All in all, I've never laughed so hard in my goddamn life. Then again, I have a really dark and twisted sense of humor. This place is definitely not for the faint of heart...

Matt T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on November 8, 2008
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I am an expert on Camp. Why? Because I am from Baltimore. There is a reason that John Waters films there. Hell, I've run into Mr Waters in Fell's Point and Tracy Turnblad's house in the movie Hairspray was literally a block away from where I went to grade school. (I'm talking about the ORIGINAL movie now, kiddies - not the musical... filmed in Canada?!! What an insult to Charm City... but I digress)I had no idea really what to expect from the Clermont. I'd heard some things, but was still pretty cloudy about it. So when I finally entered the place I was pretty shocked.Not in a bad way though. Shocked because I had never been to a place like that ever before. It's kind of like... if a Baltimore Club, and a John Waters movie made sweet, dirty love and had a baby... then that baby crawled into a basement and unexpectedly exploded... yup, you'd have the Clermont.After having written that sentence, I can see why some people do not and will not enjoy the Clermont. Some people think they have a sense of humor, but they are too timid to actually experience humor. And I'm not talking about going to a comedy club (which, for what they are, are awesome); I'm talking about finding humor in not only the mundane, but also the absurd, the extravagant, the visceral, and the dichotomy of reality and pseudo-fiction. Dig? The Clermont is an education in humor.I'm hesitant to actually write about the contents of the Clermont, simply because I don't want to spoil the surprise. I went on a Saturday night, prime time. Sufficed to say that there is an amazing mix of people there, and EVERYONE is there to have a blast. Music (DJ was spinning when I was there, and actually for an older white dude, could mix one song into another without throwing off the beat... impressive), dancing (guys, there are a good amount of attractive ladies there as customers), and the hilarious other things that I'll let you discover for yourself.I'm not one to label places "a must see at least once". But I guess I just did.

Susan W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on August 20, 2008
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About a month ago I suddenly had a burning desire to go to the Clermont Lounge (which I had never been to) and decided to try to gather up some friends to go. I started making some calls and explaining where I wanted to go and noone was biting. Finally I got in touch with my brother and he's all up for it! Bless you Stephen. So we get down there (on a Saturday) and to my surprise the cover charge is $10! I had always heard it was $5 on a Saturday. I shrug it off though not wanting anything to ruin my evening. Soon as we walked in there was the infamous and fabulous Blondie dancing behind the bar. I could give you a play by play of everything that happened that night but I'll try to be brief. All the strippers in there are yes much older than the usual fare but they are all so nice. I talked to Blondie (who for $10 did indeed crush a can of PBR with her boobs and smashed my brother's face in between them) and she said she might be retiring in a year so get your asses down there and see her before she goes! The crowd here is not what you would expect. It's mostly groups of twenty somethings in very nice club wear. I had a great time talking to patrons and employees alike. Noone was snooty. Just a bunch of friendly people all getting drunk and having a great time. The music was fantastic and all kinds of people were getting their grooves on. A few things to note. It gets real crowded in there and it's a dungeon like atmosphere and I'm not even sure if there is central air so it gets HOT! Dress very light. Also ladies don't worry about doing a great makeup job because you will sweat every bit of it off. Trust! There is an ATM in there which is good cause it is cash only. The night I went I needed to get some more cash and the ATM was down so I suggest making sure you get all the cash you will need prior to going. Fortunately for me and my bro lots of friendly people kept buying us drinks. I got there at 10 and left at 3 and had a great time! If you get a chance go you won't regret it.

Carolyn B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 26, 2008
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Let me explain...I give the Clermont 4 stars because I was not disappointed. The Clermont lived up to it's reputation and everything I thought I was going to get, I received that and then some.My first strip club experience and man was it an experience. The outside looks shabby and run down and the inside does not disappoint. The interior is just as dusty and dingy as it's exterior. If I was grading on what I saw once I entered the hot, musty doors of the Clermont, I would have to roll over into the negatives. Although the lap dance I witness was good entertainment, it was also gross on so many levels, =( I saw WAY too much of some the women there, and honestly stripping passed a certain age should be illegal.I give the Clermont 4 stars because I had a great time (once I dug out my eyes, and remembered that I have a mind eraser at home), if you haven't experienced it yet, you definitely should...but honestly I'll never go again.

Jen B.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 24, 2008
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There are things you need to do and see before you die and the Clermont Lounge is certainly one of them! Nothing could be more fun and tasteless than this place! Sit at the u shaped bar under the blacklight watching the, um...girls and drinking PBR (stick with beer and shots here). Wait for Blondie. She's worth it! Go on a holiday and you'll get a tearful poetry reading from the topless, golden goddess. She loves you like family. John Waters (if he hasn't already) would definitely approve! Go on a Tuesday for the truly tasteless experience. Jett and the gang give you the opportunity to belt out your favorite song while the, um...girls, to it. Stay away on Saturdays. They charge a cover and it's packed.

Matt C.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 17, 2008
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No one could ever go so far as to say this is a gentleman's club, but more like the best dive bar around. Blondie and her beer cans... Need I say more? Loved the place when I lived in Atlanta and I gotta say that it is not a vibe (or mixed crowd) that you'll be able to replicate somewhere else.Watch out, though, cus if you turn your back you are libel to have something draped in front of you which will effect your vision and obstruct head movement.

Angela Y.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on March 6, 2008
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Ohhh Did I have fun!!! BUT my friends clearly did not!!One late night while prowling the streets of Atlanta I told my friends that I wanted to check this place out (even though I knew they would hate it) BUT I didn't care! We walked in to what felt like a sauna...filled with smoke and sweaty people. My friends clearly thought I was crazy when they realized there were old lady strippers in random places giving lap dances. I offered too buy one for my date BUT sadly he declined. The DJ was awesome as he played old school 80s & 90's. The place went ballistic with the crowed heard the opening of Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy"..."Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE..." LIFE is too short people...(or too long for some of those strippers at the Clermont) ...u have to at least make one stop at the Clermont! But please be open minded.

rick w.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 24, 2008
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this place is legendary, first off I'd like to think that I'm the type that can appreciate the vulgar side of life. This place fits the bill, poorly lit, smokey, and filled with "seasoned professionals". I've met "blondie" and she was a complete sweetheart, and a great performer. This place may be skeezy but the experience is like none other. Its almost like being stuck in a scene from a John Waters movie. Now I'm not too sure who thats a complement for, John Waters or the Clermont.I plan on going back there on Karaoke night, and I will be taking my friends here whenever they stop into town.most things said about the Clermont Lounge are true, and thats the charming appeal that keep people coming back.this place has won a place in my filthy little heart forever.

Bonnie L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 20, 2007
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It's not for everyone. But everyone should go once.The Clermont Lounge is attached to the side of the rooms-by-the-hour Clermont Hotel on Ponce. There are strippers, yes, and some of them are older and not what you would call conventionally attractive, yes. But to me those facts get cited too often and miss the point. The Clermont is where I go to enjoy whatever's going on that night (usually Tuesday karaoke!), feel the smoke burning my eyes, and crown myself gritty and worldly for a night. And revel in the fact that there happen to be naked women in the room, and I honestly don't care.

Michael S.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on August 2, 2007
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Clermont Lounge is a staple in Atlanta and is among one of those things you HAVE to do during your time in the city. I'll admit it is definitely an acquired taste. But if your taste is naked women and cheap beer, then you found your place. There isnt much I can say that will make you want to go there more. But if you're looking to cut loose and sick of the same old same old. Give the old Clermont a shot.

Annie T.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 24, 2007
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Clermont Lounge is the shit!! That's all anyone needs to know. I think the prerequisite for being a dancer here is that you have to be over 45. It's fantastic. It seems that every single dancer has their own special talent. Blondie, as people have previously stated, is lengendary in Atlanta. Yes, we had a can of PBR crushed with her massive breasts and handed back in a sad sad state. Yes, she put my friend's head between her massive breasts and proceeded to beat him senselessly with them. Oh man. Hilarious!! Be prepared to drink (a lot) and laugh your ass off. There was plenty of seating and attentive bar service. Fantatsic.

Brian M.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on July 12, 2007
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Citizens, I must tell you that I am up for a fun time all the time so it was with a bounce in my step that me and my friends left a mediocre night in The Highlands and made the pilgrimage to The Clermont Lounge. I recall that it was my idea to go, and I thought it was going to be funny, but it was just gross. The whole place skeeved me out, and I kept my hands in my pockets. I had to give this old lady a dollar so she'd STOP showing me her junk. I know that's how this place is supposed to be, but I was unprepared for just how bad it would get. I was prepared to chuckle, I nearly puked. Spare yourselves and just go to the world of Coke or the Varsity if you want to visit an Atlanta institution.

Size  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 1, 2007
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Do they let pretty plus size girls dance here?

Squirrel L.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on April 23, 2007
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It was New Years Eve. I had just been dumped. The heater in my teeny studio apartment had a gas leak and was filling up the place with carbon monoxide. These were definitely the worst of times. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the Clermont. The only thing that got me out of the house was the fact that my brother's band was playing and the promise of heat. So, I drove the 3 blocks to the Clermont. (Yeah I drove 3 blocks - that's what people do in Atlanta.)It was packed in there that night. The ceilings felt too low and there was definitely plenty of heat. I was not in the mood for these shiny, happy people. I found myself a spot on the ledge across from the stage where I would sit and watch the band, not talking to anyone but my brother and his friends.At some point during the night, this guy appeared seemingly from nowhere and sat beside me on the ledge. Being the Southerners that we are, we got to talking and became fast friends. Throughout the night, I could see my brother giving him the evil eye from the stage - who is this guy and why is he chatting up my sister? "Ignore him", I said, "he's overly protective due to our lack of parental guidance as kids." The night went on, the music was awesome, and the company was great. Once we were several hours into the new year, my new friend and I exchanged email addresses and went our separate ways.Then there I was back at my place with no heat, trying to comfort myself with thoughts of this kind stranger. Days went by, weeks went by and still no word from him. Who was this boy with the fancy-sounding name and where had he gone? Finally, a month later, there he was in my inbox. Many years later and over 2500 miles apart, we are still friends.The place is depressing, the strippers are ugly, but you will always have something to talk about with a cute stranger.

rob s.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on April 16, 2007
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Anyone going to the Clermont Lounge for sexual fantasies, either needs glasses or needs to be on meds - totally joking. However, I love the ladies that work here for pure entertainment and their desire to make a living. No fake tities here, yo. I used to go here quite regularly to dance like a total geek, arms wailing and tripping on my own feet. I haven't been back since 1996 so I have no idea what it's like now. Disco night was always a blast. Blondie is a must see and one of the gentle souls with a rich history around Atlanta. I like it, may I have another?

Coley W.  on Clermont Lounge

posted on January 19, 2007
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The first time I visited the Clermont was for my boss' bachelor party. I had no idea what to expect. When I got to the Lounge, a coworker gave me the following advice: "If you find yourself getting aroused, you've had to much to drink and it's time to leave." Two years and a dozen visits later, I can honestly say that's true.Actually, there are often a lot of attractive women at the Clermont. But none of them are the dancers. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Lounge fills with a young, hip crowd. There's a DJ. It's fun.During the week, the Clermont is a little less exciting. Some might say depressing.The "dancers" at the Clermont are mostly either old, fat, or both. Blondie, the Lounge's most famous dancer (and arguably one of Atlanta's most famous residents) is the star of the show. For $20 she will crush a beer can in between her breasts. Or, if that's not your style, she'll stick your head in between her breasts and punch them until you're dizzy.

shanedouglas  on Clermont Lounge

posted on August 11, 2005
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I went there on a weeknight, there was no cover charge which is nice. As soon as I walked in, there were about 20 people (all at the bar), but only one dancer. She looked like she was 60 years old. Definitely was the worst strip club I been to thus far.

clubman  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 24, 2005
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This place is depressing, the girls are U.G.L.Y. and it smells funny

a customer  on Clermont Lounge

posted on June 3, 2005
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although i'm not really one for going to strip clubs much in general, if i had to pick one to go to, this would be it. the ladies here are amazing. they're REAL people- i really am not one for seeing bimbotic barbie dolls- the sexiest thing on a woman is her mind and the women here are all very intelligent with wonderful senses of humor. i find meeting women who are not silicone-enhaced to be less intimidating and i feel more comfortable in the environment. these ladies are down to earth- just what i'm looking for- it's about time things changed! see jessica, eris, tabby, madigan, isis or blondie- these ladies (and the pbr's) sure rocked my world!

dancer  on Clermont Lounge

posted on October 11, 2004
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does anyone know of a good club where girls arent "getting down" that a pretty girl can make some good money?i don't wan to work any nwhere too fancy but if anybody knows where it gets crunk please let me

Jessica  on Clermont Lounge

posted on May 3, 2004
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There are women of every size here.. We have REAL women, not barbie dolls. And the chick with the Icp tatts is gone, but other dancers there that like Icp. It's alot of fun, really layed back here.. a true dive bar! lot's of famous people have been here, it's famous spot in ATL!