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700 Marietta Street NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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East Coast Guy  on Fantasy Fare

posted on September 27, 2008
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Will be travelling to ATL How is this club any other suggestions on other clubs? i amuse to clubs in philly and Baltimore do any clubs in ATL compare?

StripAttendant  on Fantasy Fare

posted on February 10, 2008
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I've been there on 4 occassions, and as the guy earlier said, its not really a strip club (but not necessarily a bad thing). Go in and request what you want :-). prices go from 40 (VIP) and up for a tip (probably gonna end up spending between 80 and 100 for everything ;-)). Have run into some girls there that have excessive piercings and some that have platinum/gold grills.....but you'll usually find a good 2 that are pretty nice. If your looking for quick fun *wink*, this would be your spot, i think 20 min in VIP??

Size  on Fantasy Fare

posted on May 1, 2007
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Do they let pretty plus size girls dance here

shanedouglas  on Fantasy Fare

posted on August 11, 2005
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I wouldn't really call this a strip club. It's more like a mix between a massage parlor and a harem. Very expensive. I spent about $300 there, but did not get any "action"... if u know what i mean.

hot gurl  on Fantasy Fare

posted on March 28, 2005
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I see all are wondering about this club huh? Well i worked here for a while and i am thinking of going back. Its pretty much a anything goes club. You pay $40 for the vip room then u have to pay the lady by a tip like $30 $40 on up the higher the tip the high the "goodies" are. When a man walks in there are like 5 or 6 girls on stage. You pick the girl she shows u a price list and gives u a tour of the club. Then yall can go to the vip room to do what ever...There are all kinda ladies there plus size to petite. But they all will get down..Also if u a white collar male u may wanna beware cause this club gets raided alot...

Strip Club Fan  on Fantasy Fare

posted on September 12, 2004
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Decided to try the modeling scene stopped by here and girls are fun...only one girl was here not much to choose from so i left Anyone no the "scoop"

Nothing?  on Fantasy Fare

posted on June 9, 2004
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Does nobody go to this club? I can't believe there have been no responses to any messages for this long.

Anyone  on Fantasy Fare

posted on May 24, 2004
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Can anyone post some info about this club? The website makes it look like it is not just another club, but does anyone know for sure? I'll be down in July and need to find a good club for some fun while I'm down there. Thanks in Advance

IowaGirl  on Fantasy Fare

posted on April 20, 2004
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Does this club hire traveling dancers? If they do, how far in advance to they book and is this club worth the trip?

Greenville  on Fantasy Fare

posted on March 2, 2004
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I'm from Greenville SC and a regular at several clubs up here (Nepal's, Trophy Club, Penthouse and Masters in Myrtle Beach). I'll be in Hotlanta next week. I'm looking for a good club or 2 to visit. Up here we have both topless and full nude clubs. Both allow the girls to touch the customer all they want and there are a few that let the customers touch as well. How are the clubs in Hotlanta?