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2608 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest

Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Kenya S.  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 15 January, 2015
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Came here for the 1st time tonight (Friday). Let's get right into it!Parking: $10 valet. $5 self parking in the "back" (literally a row over). So self parking is the way to go. Entry was $10 (expected). The design of the place is really nice. Really nice stages & even better VIP. The place was crowded but they had more than enough seating. Dancers: I was so disappointed at the selection. I like 'em thick & these girls were just way too petite. They had a few nice looking ladies, but just not my taste. The atmosphere was great, but I won't be going back. Follies girls have my heart.

joseph1k  on  Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 22 October, 2012
Joined 9 years ago
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Mixed. Decent. Go spend $!

eddyL  on  Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 14 September, 2012
Joined 8 years ago
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I have visited this place a few times because I happen to know an employee. There are some not so attractive women at the club, but the majority are to my liking. Love the variety! There is nothing there that makes me want to go back.

larry1  on  Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 27 February, 2012
Joined 7 years ago
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Went here for a bachelor party and it was pretty nasty.All the glamor of the movie The Players Club mixed with the sanitation of a used needle you find on a sidewalk.One of the girls actually told me the price range and menu for the VIP room ranging from blow, ATM and DP. Yeah, it's that kinda place.

.  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 20 March, 2009
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hey i was wondering if this club has a housemom, Im a housemom in the detroit/ dearborn area I also run a small business as a traveling store selling dance wear, dance shoes, jewelry and other accessories. I do travel around the state and outside of the state at times and set up in clubs and give the girls an opportunity to purchase dance wear and things at very reasonable prices. I'm wondering who can I contact to see if I would be welcome to come to this club and let the girls see what I have to offer, I do have a few dancers that do travel with me and work the clubs im invited to for the nights im in town. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jo Ann Fantasy Nights Dance Wear

HILLS  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 29 January, 2009
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fine club however watch for a girl with tattos named aris she is a mere con artist.

Psycho  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 20 March, 2008
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yeah, I was wondering if this short blonde psycho woman named Jennifer still works here. She used to dance, I don't know if she does that or what her job is there now, since she's a lush head. She is in her late thirties maybe early forties. Trust me, this woman is CRAZY AS HELL! If you come up on her-RUN! She is one of those who will give you more than you bargain for. A "parting" gift, if she's sober enough to perform.LOL

The Only Pretty One  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 11 March, 2008
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yea it was 60% white bc you came in on race weekend you dork! lol geez...that must have been your first time there. The only classy girl there is Bambi....soooo pretty

Guy  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 9 March, 2008
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A pretty nice spot, I went Saturday night and the place was PACKED! The customers and dancers are mostly white, but still a good mixture. I'd say 60% white, 30% black, 10% other ethic groups. A variety of music as well, some of the new hit rap and r&b tracks, some rock, pop, etc. There are a few pool tables and a basketball shooting game in the back. A couple girls had a bit of a gut and obviously had a c-section, but other than that, the dancers look good. A lot of lesbian customers come in here too, ugly ones at that. Oh, and about the lap CAN touch the girls! I seen guys feeling all on the girls butts. lol. Its more fun to go here with friends. I went solo and felt alone and didn't have as much fun.

nik  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 24 November, 2007
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Went to this club on Thursday 23 Nov 2007, had a good time. It was Thanksgiving so there wasnt to many girls there, I, d say there was about 12-15 girls there. More than half of there girls were very goodlooking, there was a nice ethnic mix of ladies. Dances were 10 dollars as well as the cover to get in. There is a VIP area, but i dont know how muc it is, I only saw 2 people go back there. This club seems to have a lot of regular costumers, so the dancers hang with the regulars, and somtimes dont wonder off and talk to the new faces in the club. Other than that this is a great club with a very friendly staff, I defenately will be back.

re:TIGER  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 13 August, 2007
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Appreciate the info on the club!

Tiger  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 10 August, 2007
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Same "Tiger" who was at club in early Jan. Went back Jul 28-29. Was not disappointed--again, definitely exceeded my expectations. Had great time with Candy, extremely hot Braziliera, and Chynna. Overall, the girls are generally as pretty as those at Cheetah's and more erotic since they are not as stuck up. Kudos for the floor managers, Chris and Wes. Let them know what you are interested in and they will steer to the best girl to meet your needs--helping with a little extra tip will help you get what you are interested in.

al  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 15 June, 2007
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Anybody seen Jasmine on night shift recently. I need to get back down there to see her and other(s).  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 2 June, 2007
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ladies...copy your myspace profile over and change your name to your stage name. this will protect your identity and you can send all your customers to the site. adult photos allowed and clubs may put up a page about their club. the best thisng is this site is 100% free. enjoy

DJ LES  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 13 May, 2007
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Just met tonight manager dan very nice guy hope to be visiting soon would love to meet staff there by the way i work at fantails mrytle beach looking for work in atlanta

PAUL  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 22 February, 2007
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I was wondering does lexi still work there and what's her schedule

visitor1  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 26 January, 2007
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In the past 2 weeks I have been back 2 times. Not been disappointed at the fun I was able to have. Friendly, not pushy and very attractive ladies. Thanks!

tiger  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 21 January, 2007
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Went to club evening of Jan 6-7. I was amazed at the number of great looking girls--whites and blacks. Tip the girl you like when she's on stage and, dependng on the girl and how much you have, you can have a really great time in the VIP. Be sure to clear the amount of tip and the activities ahead of time. Both night managees Chris and Wes are very, very helpful.

ATL Club Goer  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 29 July, 2006
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Notice to all military members in the Atlanta area. I was in this club the other night and I heard that during the month of August they are doing military appreciation. I heard that all military members, active duty, National Guard or Reserves showing up in uniform on Friday and Saturday nights will be shown extra appreciation, especially members of the Georgia National Guard who have just returned from Iraq. So, if you're military or know someone who is in the military and in the Atlanta area tell them about this notice and have them come in during the month of August. Remember those coming in uniform on Fridays and Satrudays will get extra recognition.

Club Guy  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 24 May, 2006
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Warning to all who enter this club. I just want people going to this club that there are two of the biggest scam artist working here. These two women work together and are experts at separating you from your money. They use the usual methods of strippers but also are known to defraud and overcharge credit cards. Since we can't give names or post their pictures here is a short decription. Both are white in their early thirties, one has blonde hair is slim and has a small bust and the other has brown/auburn hair and is a little overweight. These two are expert liars and manipulators. They always have a story. You should know that they work for a black pimp and always promise more than they will deliver

exstantic  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 16 May, 2006
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i visited this club on a friday in may 2006 .I highly recommend this club . the girls were pretty good and the table dances for ten bucks are good if you find the right girl . i found that if u tip a dollar or two during the table dance you will get a better dance . you need to find a right girl for the table dance who is able to give you more. Some girls just want you to get into the vip room which is pretty expensive (150+ depending on girl). i stayed out of that.the drinks however are pretty expensive

Jed  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 25 April, 2006
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Half-price hookers and over-priced booze. That says about everything that needs to be said about this club.

jordan  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 21 April, 2006
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i work at the goldrush an its not a bad place to work but its not for everyone you take the good with the bad .

City  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 19 August, 2005
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There is a rumor going around city hall that the city council is considering several proposals to restrict activities in Atlanta stripclubs. One is to ban VIP rooms and another is to impose a three to four foot no touch rule. It is said that they are also considering having the Atlanta Police step up their uniformed patrols in clubs. Officers would do random walk thoughs several times during their patrol shifts, checking on club activities and dancers. They would also randomly be checking customer and dancer IDs to see if anyone has warrants. I hear that these proposals may be enacted as soon as the 1st of September. Tell me what do you think.

just a question  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 16 June, 2005
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is contact allowed in this club and how many dancer are white

C  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 4 May, 2005
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I love the Goldrush. I went there for the first time on my birthday in 2003. It was great and I had the best lapdance ever. Amber is the best dancer by far but I like to watch Devan because she is crazy. I used to like Terri but she has lost weight and I really don't think she enjoys her job much. The only person I will let dance for me now is Amber.

visiting from VT  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 26 April, 2005
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Hey!!! My husband brought me out to your club on the eve of Apr 21; I had a great time! All the girls were beautiful, very friendly, sexy...and they really turned me on! I am now fantasizing about being with a woman--my husband is thrilled! Thanks so much and if we ever make it to Atlanta again we will visit! Thanks girls, you all were fantastic!!

dancer girl  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 11 January, 2005
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Hello all, I was wondering if there someone who could tell me about working at any of the galardi clubs. Are the girls cool? Tip out prices? Management?How do they treat minority girls and customers? I am wanting to go to a club but I would love to get inside information first. Thanks,

Mr West  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 4 January, 2005
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To DJ: So as a Goldrush employee.... is something altering reality around you?

DJ Trey  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 4 January, 2005
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Just started working here and loving it! Very classy environment, very proffessional people!

A Guy  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 21 November, 2004
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If she is a dancer here I can see why you are trying to escape. Run away as fast as you can. Change jobs and get a cell phone. Rent a car from an Atlanta auto dealer so you can't be easily traced. Any girl who works here is seriously and or looks and acts worse than Roseanne Barr. Good luck in your escape. Go somewhere where a dancer here can't move her trailer to easlily.

Bob  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 23 October, 2004
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An interesting question. I been thinking of ways to break out of a relationship with a dancer that has been going badly also. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say.

Kelly  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 23 October, 2004
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Need some advice on breaking off a rlationship that's not working. Anybody got any ideas?

Visitor 9/17/2004  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 24 September, 2004
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I was impressed with the women. Club is a little small and disorganized in layout of the stages/bars. But there are quite a few hotties there. VIP room varied from $150 to 250 depending on the girl(ofcourse). Fortunately/Unfortunately I am too poor for the VIP. If you go there, look for Terri who looks like porn star Patricia. Also a waitress I have no name on, but has some awesome piercings below(wink), and a bitching attitude. I would give a couple nuts to get with her.

anom  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 7 August, 2004
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This club is not bad. yea the neighborhood could be better but it is still good. the girls are very nice. if i was in the area still i would work there. don't believe all the bullshit!!!!!!!!

Chad  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 7 June, 2004
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The women at his club treat you as if you're some kind of rube. Their main objective is to get you in the VIP room so they can get as much of your money as possible. If you go to the VIP be prepared to hold your breath as the smells fom previous customers (urine, and vomit) can be very powerful also take a bottle of RID with you as they haven't cleaned the sofas in the VIP rooms since they brought them. Most women are 7s and below which means they try harder.

A Recent Visitor  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 5 March, 2004
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Just want to remind everybody that going to this club can be fun because most of the dancers here will do just about anything sexual to you for the right price, but that fun can be a lot higher priced than the amount you pay in the VIP room. Sometimes your girl may give you a little going away present that you may not have counted on. The bacteria for gonorrhea and Chlamydia can reside in a woman?s throat and can be passed on when you get that kiss on the mouth or that bj in the VIP. I recently found this out after a visit to the GoldRush where I enjoyed the company of a very nice looking and friendly young blonde dancer in the VIP. In this case you couldn?t tell a book by its cover.

Egarim  on Goldrush Show Bar

posted on 28 January, 2004
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If you believe that here are other things to believe in. the easter bunny and the old train at rich's for kids. the tooth fairy and that your dental insurance is good. eating at mkie d's will not make you fat in the long run. the goldrush is improving. (maybe if they put it on wheels and move it out of the place it is in.)

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