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849 Cleveland Avenue Southwest

Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Curious  on Pleasers

posted on May 21, 2013
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Is this club hiring dancers?

BigRixx86  on Pleasers

posted on April 15, 2009
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This spot is cool. It wasn't to crowded, the drinks were reasonably priced and the dancers know how to show out-of-towners love.

rambi  on Pleasers

posted on July 17, 2008
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I went there in the evening around 7 pm. nobody was dancing on stage and there were some old dancers and some fat dancers sitting at the bar . maybe the dancers were bored becuase there were no customers..there was one reasonable figured dancer with a big size ass and she was ok with the lap dance. i dont think i would visit here unless i didn't have a choice. is the weekend/late-night scene any better here ?

Clubbie  on Pleasers

posted on June 29, 2008
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Great club if you like boring air dances.

Good Old Boy  on Pleasers

posted on March 6, 2008
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Lots of 'thick' girls here. Looking for a fine spinner..then ask for LOVELY. Cheap dances and no pressure. VLM.

WalterLee  on Pleasers

posted on August 8, 2007
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my 3rd trip...good $5 dances...better $ 10 booth dances better than $40 dances in Knoxville TN clubs...New York was my favorite...

CALI BOY  on Pleasers

posted on April 29, 2007
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I like em thick in thw waist and pretty in the face. pinky is my favorite love that huge ass of hers...

Rain Maker  on Pleasers

posted on April 14, 2007
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Pleaser's is on its way back to the place to be. I remember when they had all the nice looking girls. They got alot of nice young new girls form the college. I noticed alot of strokers and Body Tap girls there too. Also saw some girls from Platinum 21 there. Toward the end of the night all the girls got on stage to celibrate one of there birthdays, now that got wild. All the new girls are a MUST SEE.

dopebotfresh  on Pleasers

posted on March 4, 2007
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if ya like bbw mostley red bones. go there lol. i was chillin, and most of the girs didnt ask for a dance. that was cool cuz most of them are large. but this club use to be hot back in the day. needs better girls now.

PAPA P  on Pleasers

posted on January 21, 2007
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In here last night .couple of new dancers . i got a dance from the one they call camillion. her sexy ass ! the hottest thing in there. this place is all right.

DC/MD Boy  on Pleasers

posted on June 19, 2005
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I was here last week. This is a pretty decent spot. I went on a week night, so the cover was like $5. The girls walk around butt naked here (I'm from the DC area, and the girls can't be nude off stage) and they will give u nude lap dances here, but you can't touch the dancers. A black establishment, thick girls with phat asses. Not too bad. Add a couple pool tables and this could be a good spot. Of course, I was only in ATL for a few days, so I only checked out here and Strokers. I will check out the famous Magic City next time. What other good black clubs are there?