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2494 Georgia 247 Connector

Byron, Georgia 31008

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Austin chambers  on Neon Cowboy

posted on January 30, 2015
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All of are ladies gives great lapdances we are doing alot of specials tomorrow night everyone should come swing by ill be the manager on duty come have a good time and be apart of alot of the specials and promos we will be having tomorrow and Saturday

Bob  on Neon Cowboy

posted on August 21, 2014
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Does Madison give good lap?

Faceless Stranger  on Neon Cowboy

posted on July 25, 2012
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My friend Charles forced me to go back to this place. We went in and it was the same dump it was a couple of years ago.Couple of girls were there. One was cute but covered in tatts.That stupid Charles dropped alot of money there. I tried to just get drunk but they dont serve alcohol. Finally I drank two Mountain Dews and passed out from diabetic coma. I woke up in Charles van. We were somewhere south of the Florida line. Everything was kinda fuzzy but I think I had shat my pants. Anyway Charles dropped me off near an overpass. Some crazy guy came and tried to eat my face off. Im getting better now but me and Charles arent friends anymore and when my face grows back Im not going there again.

JOhn doe  on Neon Cowboy

posted on February 25, 2012
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This is not a great place to go first off 12 dollars to get in and you ar pesterd by these bitches the whole time your there didn't have a good time played pool with a nude girl after the game she told me that was 20 dollars!! really? and table dances 20 i recomend you go a few miles further to Atlanta these girls are rip off artist i wont be back

Sunshine and Faith  on Neon Cowboy

posted on July 24, 2011
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Are those two hotties still working there?

kevin newborn  on Neon Cowboy

posted on March 23, 2011
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Awesome club....loved Beth...she was a sweet heart

Gremlin is my copilot  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 9, 2010
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Went in the other day. Alot of dancers there. three were pregnant. I lost several dollars there. I think one of the girls took it. One dancer would do table dances, lap dances but no "private" dances. She has standards? And works at this shithole? I hope they bulldoze it like the dump down the road. We wont be going back!!!! Gremlin "my copilot" wasnt impressed either and he is a total classless guy.

james  on Neon Cowboy

posted on September 8, 2010
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went in the other day, had a good time until a guy named charles went in the little room. he made alot of noise and sounded like he had a chipmunk in his pants. The girl was crying I dont know what happened. That Charles guy left. His friend said they were going to the er. something about a heart condition. Anyway me and gremlin had a good time even if it cost us $35. This place rocks!!! I hope that asshole Charles gets ok Maybe he wont come back and mess it up.

Dancer  on Neon Cowboy

posted on April 21, 2010
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Are dancers required to get a license to work here like in ATL? Is this a fully nude club? What kind of dances are given and how much are they? Any info greatly appreciated.

Travelin Man  on Neon Cowboy

posted on April 19, 2010
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This club was okay - like the others have said, it's kind of laid back and the girls aren't too pushy, but if you like to talk, this ain't the place for you. I had two or three girls sit at my table that were as dumb as bricks. Also got to see a one armed, black stripper!! No lie. Only in Peach county!

SCOTT  on Neon Cowboy

posted on February 6, 2010
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Went to this club last night it was a great place very clean nice girls and management the dj was good too, i watched all the girls on stage and then pick 2 to get a dance with hannah and blake they were partners on stage on best friends, boy did they get my motor running, i took them both in the booth at the same time.omg i want move to ga just to get to see them on a reg basis.they rocked my world.if i moved to ga i would be broke as hell all the time cuz those 2 girls would get all my if your ever close to there stop by and get a dance from the besties that you will never forget

Mark  on Neon Cowboy

posted on June 27, 2009
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Between February and May of 2008, I visited this club a lot. I was transferring to the area. Met a dancer, think her name was Dream??? Black, petite, GREAT dancer. Wondering if she's still there.

help  on Neon Cowboy

posted on June 2, 2009
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Im looking for Cacy Jones that used to work at cafe erotica right before they closed... does she have a myspace or facebook accout? is she at another club

haley  on Neon Cowboy

posted on May 3, 2009
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who are you looking for I use to work there

King  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 21, 2008
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i heard that you can get some great head at this place anyone know how much it cost.

sheavemaster  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 12, 2008
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is this club couples friendly. Me and the misses coming through town soon wanting to make sure we're allowed

Isupportsinglemoms  on Neon Cowboy

posted on October 16, 2008
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this Was a great club. i got all the head that i could pay for. My Dances with Echo Cherry and Chasity were okay but they wouldnt let me touch them like the other girls do. my personal favorites were Honey and Blake. they do it all. i will definantly be back soon

help  on Neon Cowboy

posted on September 4, 2008
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help looking for a girl who worked at cafe erotica.... wondering if she moved here

Bobby  on Neon Cowboy

posted on July 29, 2008
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Ok club many girls there but my favorite is Jasmine great body awesome smile and oh did I mention her big pierced tits!! Always get dance from her and I'm never left disapointed!

ugly girls  on Neon Cowboy

posted on October 28, 2007
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Well, if the girls are so ugly, than why does this club has a bigger crowd? If the other club has prettier girls, why is it so empty?

dick clark  on Neon Cowboy

posted on October 28, 2007
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there is nothing special about the dances here, the girls only want to talk about the dance you should pay for, and half of the girls are ugly

the dances  on Neon Cowboy

posted on October 3, 2007
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Can anyone tell me if there is anything special about the dances here as compared to Cafe Erotica?

Blake  on Neon Cowboy

posted on September 12, 2007
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the big fucking asshole that works the door pushed me and i got 7 screws in my leg and ankle thank neon

BLAKES #1 FAN  on Neon Cowboy

posted on May 19, 2007
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I have been to the neon alot of times but the one thing that keeps bringing me back is that sexy blonde bombshell blake.she is by far the best dancer i have ever seen.she gives one hell of a lap dance and is an awesome private dancer.i would follow her to every club she ever dances at.her boyfriend/husband if she has one is one lucky man.

BB in Byron  on Neon Cowboy

posted on March 4, 2007
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Hey guys. Thought I would post since there haven't been many lately. I go here a good bit from time to time. However, I would like to say hi to Kitty and Violet. Violet gives a great lap-dance and Kitty is amazing on stage and off.

tom tom  on Neon Cowboy

posted on March 4, 2007
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i really didnt like this club much i have been all over the states and this club by far sucks, it could be better if. 1) the location, ok not next to a gas station, 2) ok dont have the girls sitting there talking have them walk around, 3) the stage wasnt that big the dancer almost fell off the stage or tripped, 4) all in all if i owned the club i would do a BIG make over with this place and make it bigger and better but other than that it was all right.

SAM  on Neon Cowboy

posted on June 8, 2006
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Heyyyyy , damn we love this club so much we are usually there almost everynite shooting pool or just passing time hanging out, like to give shout outs to daneille, albany, kitty, daisy, shawdow, mary jane, chanel, candy, roxy, angel, strawberry, jazzy, and who ever i forgot i appoloziee.... and my main shout out to my homeboy ~~ justin ~~~ and the body guard nick and the great bartenders and the excellent dj thank for a great time ... never disappointed

arianna  on Neon Cowboy

posted on June 3, 2006
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i know i am one of the dancers at the neon and i hope that this doesnt get remeved. the reason behind myself posting this comment it to infourm the there is a cost to the drinks now it is a $1 plus a tip to your waitress. im aols writing to let everyone know who has been ( its ok if u havent been but please come see us ) to the club and knows the famous $ixx is no longer with us. she was a really good friend of mine and i miss her entirely to much to describe but u get my drift.

coltrina  on Neon Cowboy

posted on May 9, 2006
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I visited this club recently and got dances from both Arianna and Shadow. These ladies were hot, it was like they were fucking me with their eyes; I almost came on myself!

ryan  on Neon Cowboy

posted on April 1, 2006
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this is a very nice club and the girls really are personable. I have had dances from most of the girls and I really recommend arianna, princess, and blake.

Howard  on Neon Cowboy

posted on March 20, 2006
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was there Thurs. 3/16. Got great dances from Shadow and Arianna. Both are smoking hot. There were some other good-looking girls there as well. However, Albany was off that night. Fortunately, so was Blake, the aggressive blonde.

J0646  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 26, 2005
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Great little club. No alcohol, but there are alot of good looking girls. Well worth the trip.

Bill E. Bob  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 22, 2005
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I will agree with the poster who stated "DAMN". I just left there after getting the greatest lap dance I have ever had. This girls stage name was Chase. She hasn't been in this area long, came up from the Ft. Lauderdale area. This girl is the finest female I have ever seen. Small framed with just the right size tits that compliment her body. She was getting off just as much as I was during the lap dance. I will not let you know what she allowed me to do cause it might cause her trouble. Suffice to say I "came" away very satisfied and she was licking her lips and smiling afterwards. I will be back to see this girl again.

Mr. C  on Neon Cowboy

posted on December 15, 2005
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All I can say is DAMN. I just left the club and was extremely satisified. It has a nice atmosphere. The women are georgous. About 30 girls work there. I will definitely be going back, especially to see Kim, Sunshine, and Jazzy. Ahhhhh, these three are right as hell, real friendly and suductive, not pushy at all.

Kid Caliente  on Neon Cowboy

posted on January 20, 2005
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I havnet been in awile, but the last time I was there, it was a blast! Defintily worth a look. Its only a few block from Cafe Erotica.

Jpac73  on Neon Cowboy

posted on November 21, 2004
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I have visited this club over a year now. The club has some good looking girls but the best looking girl is named Faith. Not only is she good looking with a nice body but she is very friendly. She is one of the nicest women I have met in any type of club. I haven't been there in about 2 1'2 to 3months but I will be going back some time next month in December.

joey  on Neon Cowboy

posted on October 7, 2004
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the absolute best club south of atlanta. highly recommend to anyone. georgious babes great atmosphere

Vaginatarian  on Neon Cowboy

posted on May 11, 2004
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Tried this club on Friday, 7 May 2004 around 11 pm - 2:30am. The cover was 10 bucks. Nope, no alcohol here, but soda and water bottles are complimentary, but DO tip the waitresses and/or bartenders when they get you one. I like the club. There were some GOOD looking girls in there along with the so-so and hefty girls. One slender brunette reminded me of Lexa Doig (the hot chick who plays Andromeda on TV). I believe the girl's stage name was "Shadow." Not only was she a looker, she was nice and not pushy at all. Some of the other girls, though, WERE pushy. I would go back to this club, especially since Teaser's is now closed.

Jason  on Neon Cowboy

posted on February 3, 2004
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Hey how are the lap dances here? There were several girls about a year ago that would let me kiss on their tits when they gave me a lap dance but they said they didnt do that to many people only if they were cute. Is there still a lot of contact. I remember the girl that was the manage there who had short brownish redish hair had a hot body and she let me do it but I went in over christmas for a few minutes and like they said she has left to be with her child or something. So like any girls there that are cool with the boob kissing? haha