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Exit 104 off I-75, turn left

Cordele, Georgia 

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Scioneer  on Pleasures

posted on August 29, 2006
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is this the one that is now a pile of rummble you can see from I-75? All i can say when i saw what was clearly the ruins of a Strip Club was "Some backwards Georgia Politician is proud of himself for that one"

David`  on Pleasures

posted on June 23, 2006
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I can't believe this place is closed sucked, but it was close to home, and I was a regular! Now I've moved to Alabama, but I miss Pleasures even if it was an old yucky barn. The hottest dancer to EVER work there was Electra! And Jazz. When I went, I mainly got dances from Electra, she is SO beautiful, it was like she was out of place.. I miss it!

Accurate  on Pleasures

posted on August 27, 2005
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This club is sad from the parking lot to the inside. Don't drive your clean car to this club, the lot is made of dirt, dust, and pot-holes. The inside is reminiscent of a garage or barn. Went on a Saturday night and there were three dancers who rotated the poles every two songs. There may have been one person sitting near the stage to pay the dancers. They made $1-$2 per song on that night. What topped it off was the obese girl walking around in flip- flops. She was wearing, a black long sleeve without any pants and flip-flops. Her nasty ass was hanging out the bottom of her shirt. Some dancers with talent, and remodeling would do this

Traveler  on Pleasures

posted on August 27, 2005
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went there some weeks ago and I saw this hot lookin black girl , I think see was with her boyfriend I wish could've seen her dance that night. The place is boring on a Saturday night but I went there tonight and was ok a great place to go after your drink and maybe one or dancers are hot but the place really needs to change some things around. Most of the female costumers that come in are the hottest things that are there. Somebody come help this club. Bring in some real dancers.

Kitten  on Pleasures

posted on August 15, 2005
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I went to this club on saturday and I liked it , it was dead for a weekend but it was nice the girls seemed nice too. maybe I'll go back one day.

nadia  on Pleasures

posted on August 9, 2005
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I am coming in from out of town. How are the dances? Is it fifty dollars for one song, or is that like a three song deal? Can you touch anywhere?

So. Ga. Traveller  on Pleasures

posted on December 16, 2004
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Does anyone know the phone number to this club? The number listed seems to not one picks up the phone and when I look at my LD bill it's not a Cordele number. Please help!!

Been there too 3  on Pleasures

posted on November 28, 2004
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Do not date strippers!! psycho women. the one i was dating at this club ended our relationship after 2 months because i asked her for a vip dance. she's beautiful, but unstable...if you do date her, you will notice she is forever looking over her shoulder when in public with you, especially at amusement parks..what is she hiding??? be forewarned she is tall, red hair, fake boobs, and goes by "lisa" although her real name is natalie blancett. you have been warned!!!!

Been There Too 2  on Pleasures

posted on October 22, 2004
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Went back the next weekend, must say I was mezmerized by a tall sexy redhead. Needless to say after 4 hours of talking to her I gave her my number and we are currently dating. Great women, great music, great conversation...a place worth visiting at least once.

Been There Too  on Pleasures

posted on August 21, 2004
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Just got home from Pleasures and I must say it was an enjoyable experience. Most of the dancers were average, nothing to brag about, but there were a few to make you do a double take. The one I talked to most of the 3 hours I was there was very interesting to talk to and very friendly. We got along great and she didn't ask if I wanted a lap dance not one time. Good music, good conversation made for a pretty enjoyable experience.