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Darien, Georgia 31305

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rex  on Cafe Risque

posted on January 30, 2013
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does anybody know where jade went or is now or how to contact her.

Closed?  on Cafe Risque

posted on June 9, 2009
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The club is closed for good? If so, that sux.

some guy  on Cafe Risque

posted on April 5, 2009
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does anyone know if kristin went to a different club?

traveller  on Cafe Risque

posted on April 2, 2009
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club is closed. property for sale. 4/2/09

In The Know...  on Cafe Risque

posted on January 9, 2009
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As the official party headquarters, 2001 Odyssey is the place to be if you are an entertainer and want to work in Tampa for the Superbowl! The NFL Experience kicks off the weeklong event list on Saturday, January 24th! Get a spot early!

Anon  on Cafe Risque

posted on December 3, 2008
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Unless she is actuallly going into the guys wallet and taking money out while they are not looking, she isn't stealing. It's called a hustle. And Angel is good at it. Period. Just like some of the other girls up there. If you feel like you got taken for a ride, you probably need to stop trying to pick up the girls in a strip club.

Gary  on Cafe Risque

posted on November 10, 2008
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Angel is nasty! She even got on stage with a bandaid on her pussy. I guess to cover up the genital warts. She lies to customers and steals money from them. Hey I did hear that she will meet you outside of the club for less then $50. I would wear a rubber though. If you want someone that doesnt have a heart and is just in it for the money whether it is inside the club or outside. I guess to support her drug habbits of oc.

ray  on Cafe Risque

posted on September 3, 2008
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whatever you need to quit being a hater madison doesnt have an std and has always kept work at work you are just mad that you got kicked out because she said no she wont sleep with you and that she wont break the rules in the lapdance booth with you i am sorry that she isnt a slut and wasnt intrested in making your dreams come true

Old customer  on Cafe Risque

posted on June 27, 2008
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Does Liz still work here? A girl with really long curly brown hair??

rex  on Cafe Risque

posted on March 15, 2008
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stopped several times met most all the pretty ladies night shift and day shift all were great, harley, sunny, bree, bonnie, andie, angel, stormy, madison, jade, raven, liz, jade was the best.madison was great, angel was cute, andie well ?.sunny great, bree awsome.will return many times great times for all adults, ted the gm.was a nice man all his managers nice people, good food, great home cooked meals. just all around girl next door place.

lexi  on Cafe Risque

posted on March 12, 2008
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hey can anyone tell me how bussiness has been latley how many girls are there here i am thinking about coming back but i wanted to knowif things has changed like the management

travelers  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 23, 2008
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how can u say this club is good by god my coffe table is bigger than the stage and ppl its a pss stop for truck drivers u know the girls are rocking bad ass std's so this is a poor club by my standards

DMan  on Cafe Risque

posted on January 24, 2008
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I stop by the Cafe regularly. For the most part the girls are nice. The place is getting a little run down. But through it all, I still keep stopping by.

Been There!  on Cafe Risque

posted on September 16, 2007
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It was interesting to see the comment by "The Wife". I've seen Mandy N. in action and to be ain't all that. Thought strip clubs were suppose to have good lookin' women. Get rid of this one! Pure dog!!!

The Wife  on Cafe Risque

posted on September 14, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously your husband...Mandy will do them if she gets the chance. I oughta know she's been doing mine. Nothing but a $$$ hungry whore!!

Big Money  on Cafe Risque

posted on August 31, 2007
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anyone know if Sunny has a boyfriend?, cuz I'd like to hit dat

v  on Cafe Risque

posted on June 17, 2007
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Kayla is bee-yoo-tiful. Pretty face, pretty eyes, athletic body, no tats that I remember (if there were any, they weren't distracting). I want her. The end.

Blueberry  on Cafe Risque

posted on April 4, 2007
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Tried a few of the dayshift girls. Amanda knows how to glide, and the others are your basic grinder types.

new to ATL  on Cafe Risque

posted on March 20, 2007
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New to the ATL, What's a good strip club in the ATL, this city is so big but reading all the reviews sounds like every club sux (didn't have this problem in Memphis or St. Louis). Looking for white-in shape -good looking-not bitchy girls. So far sounds like cheetah is a good place though the bitchiness factor may not work out. Any ideas? A plus would be a place where it would be cool if I want to bring my girlfriend and the possibility to hook up with a dancer for 3-way (so if any of the girls at certain clubs like the "white girl" or rolling another plus)

don  on Cafe Risque

posted on March 7, 2007
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I promise you that if you go in this club and don't act like a jerk and treat the girls like they deserve to be treated, they are friendly and great. Think about it, a lot of guys go in there and want a beautiful girl to dance naked in his face and tip them one lousy dollar and say all kinds of rude demeaning things to them and then wonder why they aren't as friendly as you think they should be. I can tell you from experience that most of the girls are great. If you go in this club, act like a gentleman and tip like you would want to be tipped if you were doing this for a living, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Frequent Risque Man  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 19, 2007
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Great place to stop on the haul. Fried shrimp are excellent. Girls during the day shift are not as good as night shift. Sunny is the best and most beautiful and most professional. She dances with style and is actually a good person to talk with. Savannah and Jada are just interested in your money and are a big disappointment in the lapdance room. Stretch mark city. The others, especially the young ones, are great. Too much cigarette breath when this one waitress leans in your face. Avoid Jada especially and she probably changed her name because of this.

Mike  on Cafe Risque

posted on December 7, 2006
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Mandy, I wanted to thank you for being so nice to me today:) I was there around 12:30.....Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year!! Mike

This Sucks  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 27, 2006
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I went to this club About two weeks ago and let me tell you the girls were awfull!!! This is the third time thet I have been here and by far the worst.The girls were not pretty(thats being nice), ugly attitudes, they are far from the girl next door.During the day the girls used to be the best but now I dont think I will be back!!!You managers should stop running the best ones out.

Angel  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 22, 2006
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if any one looking for me now...i work in the cafe risque in dunn nc now...

Melinda  on Cafe Risque

posted on January 25, 2006
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I have never been to this club, but my two cousins Melissa ( the short blonde with the nice rack and peircings) and Angel work here, So I know dang well that the club has some fine girls, that know how to grind right!

Truckin Thru  on Cafe Risque

posted on September 7, 2005
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I visited the Cafe Risque off of I95 in GA. The girls were great but the prices for food and the lap dances were to high the dances were $30 dollars per song. which I would not have minded Paying if the greedy ass owner didnt get $15 of it. I always thought places like that were about the girls not the owner.

student  on Cafe Risque

posted on August 24, 2005
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I was at this club 2 weeks ago, met a chick named mia;she was great, and iam talking in every way, nice bod, great smile, wonderful attitude, I know tha if i am ever that way agin i am going to pay her another visit!!!!!!!!!Thanks

Mandy  on Cafe Risque

posted on August 18, 2005
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Hey Blondie (Anita) its mandy! You were so cool and hot. Miss all ya girls over there. I am still at JR's. Tell everyone I said hey

Steve  on Cafe Risque

posted on June 8, 2005
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I just wanted to say thanks for a evening of fun and entertainment to all the ladys at cafe risque in Darine Ga. . Hope i can some day get back in town and stop again.

does it matter  on Cafe Risque

posted on April 22, 2005
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i've been to the cafe risque off 85 right around the state border of sc and ga. topless. worth checking out. good mileage for the couch dances. girls were 7's and 8's.

swampman  on Cafe Risque

posted on March 28, 2005
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I want to echo the comments about Angel. Her eyes and bod will melt your heart and give you a rise.

THEO  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 23, 2005
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I stopped by cafe risque in darien ga on my way home from fla to nj, just thinking of all those beautiful girls kept me awake the whole way home!! The thought of Angel will keep me warm for the rest of the winter, this will definitly be a stop next year on my way down and back!!!

Sherry  on Cafe Risque

posted on November 11, 2004
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Hey guys...I used to work in this place. the girls are awesome. All have great personalities. This club isn't filled with nasties. Blondie is the big shit. You've got to meet her. She's an awesome dancer. Tell her Sherry sent you. These girls pay $15 bucks just to go to work there each day. A lap dance goes for 30 bucks, and they only get 15 of it. If you buy an extra dance while you're in the booth, they get to keep that. They get to keep their tips on stage. These are some hard working women.

The Prof  on Cafe Risque

posted on June 4, 2004
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Hey I-85 traveler, Cafe Risque in Darien is a full nude club. When the dancers dance on stage, they wear nothing but their shoes and a seductive smile. If you sit at the counter at the stage, this means you are 2 feet to 2 inches away from some mighty fine tail. If you get a private dance in a bed-style both, they wear their bottoms. I hear there is a new booth that is full nude -- but I haven't experienced it yet. The two main rules are do not touch and do not sneak in alcohol.

I-85 Traveller  on Cafe Risque

posted on May 24, 2004
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Was wondering if this is the same set-up as the Cafe Risque that is on I-85 near Lavonia, GA. Driven by a bunch of times, but never stopped in, figuring it was just a vid store with topless attendants.

wilstone  on Cafe Risque

posted on February 19, 2004
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Stopped in the other day around 11 am on my way to fl....girls are very frendly and rather nice to look at...they will approach you the second you get in wanting to give private dances. Good salesgirls. Got a dance from the blond, but the bed dance sucked ...they put on 2 pairs of panties and grind ya. I got two dances and my ba**lls were sore during my whole trip down to palm beach. Anyway i prefer a dance upright Older lady there with awsome legs wheew man