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2100 W Hill Avenue

Valdosta, Georgia 31601

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MUD FLAPP  on Club Paradise

posted on November 28, 2010
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Dirty Gremlin and me went in the other day and had a great time. We got drinks watched the game and then Stoopid Richard and Tommi Gunn came in. The party got really hott then. Charlie Boy went to having chest pains and had to go to the hospital. Stoopid Richard lost a dildo in Tommi's arse, Dirty Gremlin splooged during a lap dance, and I got throwed out for shitting my pants. Cant wait till the temporary restraining order expires so I can go back. I strongly recomend this place. Please keep Charlie Boy in your prayers.

Miss Becky  on Club Paradise

posted on October 20, 2010
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I took my husband Bruce Bruce here one night because we were having marrige problems. There were very cute girls there. He got a lap dance from a couple of sexy chicks but still never got a hard on. so i talked to the girls about it and they all started pointing and laughing at him with me and we called him noodle man. the only time he got aroused was talking to the guy bartender named matt. they both must be homos.

mairy burger  on Club Paradise

posted on October 18, 2010
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Gremlin and Charlieboy are here every saturday night to hook up with couples. They are the life of the party if you are into their lifestyle. They are disgusting really, but the girls and guys really go for them.I think they get a big check and spend it on the dancers. They sure dont spend it on soap and water. I like the music there they have a good DJ Girls are sweet, few fag truckers cum in, usually to see charlieboy. I really like the place. since they dont mind my power wheelchair.

bradley  on Club Paradise

posted on September 8, 2010
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I was really enjoying the guys there. Took one back to my room afterwards. He pulled his underwear down and had shit stains in them, think his name was richard called robert for short

charlie boy  on Club Paradise

posted on September 8, 2010
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this place is ok. i had a good time. i met a guy named fatman and his wife mary. they were trying to talk a girl into going home with them and dressing up in waitress uniforms and serving each other burnt cheeseburgers and hashbrowns. the husband said he could hook the dancer up with his friend Tommi Gunn if she liked it in her pooper.

Somegurl  on Club Paradise

posted on January 21, 2009
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Does the clubs in this city make you get a dancers license to work in a strip club and how much would it cost just to get one ?

Lynn  on Club Paradise

posted on January 13, 2009
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Thanks so much for your comment. I'm thinking about transferring to FSU in the fall. I currently work at a club in Arlington, VA. I've never danced anywhere else. Thank you for giving me hope that I can find a NICE club to work at if I move.

Whaler08  on Club Paradise

posted on January 19, 2008
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I'm new to the area and am wondering if this place is still open??

BlaqBarbi  on Club Paradise

posted on October 1, 2007
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I worked there for a couple months while at VSU but had to leave due to a family emergency. I loved it! Bob was the BEST boss ever and Andy was really fun to talk to :)Ironically its the only job where I was never sexually harassed or felt threatened by anyone(go figure). I recommend this club for dancers and customers alike ;)

TAYLOR  on Club Paradise

posted on May 22, 2007
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i miss this place i worked there for a few months and if any one knows bob is the best boss. all the girls know we are protected from guys and feel safe. if your tring to decide what strip club to visit come to paradise dont waste your money and where else. very hot girls and even though most send bad news this way its not true bob runs a clean club and has standards for his girls we are all ladys.

james  on Club Paradise

posted on October 24, 2006
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i met a hot girl at a club nearby i wish i could met her again

Troll Patrol  on Club Paradise

posted on August 28, 2006
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Why do I get the feeling you're the same clown badmouthing The New Solid Gold on its comment page? Do you get some kind of odd pleasure trying to slander a Strip Club? Or Maybe you a right-wing Phelps following Fundie on some futile attempt to rid the world of strip clubs?

undacova brotha  on Club Paradise

posted on June 2, 2006
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I've been there and some girls have admitted to a prostitution ring. Sounds like this club betta clean up it's act or there's gonna be some people in trouble and a few girls out of a job.

Dave  on Club Paradise

posted on May 22, 2006
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I was there Friday night for the first time. Misty is hot...looks like a model, long legs, tight body, gorgeous ass, face, tits, super cool. Serene is hot too, especially if you love those big titties! All of the girls looked good to me. I recommend it highly!

Jonathan  on Club Paradise

posted on April 25, 2006
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This place can be better or worse than peaches, depending. I'd try here first - it's a slightly better atmosphere and depending on who's working that night, there could be better dancers. Also has a private room for lapdances unlike Peaches. Come on Friday or Saturday and hope to catch the VSU girls. Like Peaches, they can take their tops off here, but no touching (thanks, Georgia). Got a great dance one time from this short-haired blonde girl who was no-kidding 18 and still in high school. Check with the guy at the door to see how many girls are working that night before paying cover. If it's 5 or less - go to Peaches.

Disappointed  on Club Paradise

posted on September 5, 2005
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Cover is $5. Stopped by at 1:30am and the dick at the door would not let us in for less than $5 the cheap %$#!. So we went back the next night and were glad we didn't waste the money the night before. Three girls there on a busy Saturday Night and none of them had much to offer. one looked pregnant. they need to change a few things. the other guy was right, the porn on the one TV was the best thing about the place!!

byrdATL  on Club Paradise

posted on September 2, 2005
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what a shithole, the porn on TV is good just don't go during the week. Down there on business last week and there were 2 girls they would do 2 songs each and switch. they were good looking though. atlanta has spoiled me.

Agreed  on Club Paradise

posted on August 31, 2005
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Make sure there are some big titted Hotties in the House Labor Day Weekend!! There will be some softball players with money in the House!! How much is the cover charge here?? Thanks.

Brad  on Club Paradise

posted on November 7, 2004
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Does Bobby Fowler work here