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2070 Watson Blvd

Warner Robins, Georgia 31093

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Angel  on Teasers

posted on November 23, 2015
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I miss u Missy!!! I miss the club 2 and money but mainly the fun times we had

missy  on Teasers

posted on July 2, 2013
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I for one miss my club. I started working at the T. House in 85 and stayed up to 1 week before they closed. YES I miss the hell out of that place. It may have been a strip bar but if you ever went there you felt relaxed cause that's how the place was. Every now and then I run in to some of the girls and even the guys. The place was done wrong. But as long as people remember us it will not fade. Love and miss all of you this is missy ( d.j. dancer )

Carson  on Teasers

posted on January 16, 2009
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Yep, dumb alcoholic walker made sure this business went under. they brought business to warner robins, especially when jeff and paula mccranie were owners and managers. this was a classy-almost burlesque type club with decent very attractive women who actually had the talent to dance, not wind and grind. there was never a problem with this place until walker himself got kicked out for fighting. then, he had it out for them. he was one of their most frequent customers up until that happened. was a great place! should get mccranie to open another!

joel  on Teasers

posted on April 3, 2005
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you had a beautiful young girl in your establishment her name was beautiful shawn me and a couple of my friends use to go to the club to see her often now since the club is closed we have no way to see or contact her so we can find out what new club she is in . now that was a quality dancer with good looks good attitude and a great body. shawn if you are reading this message please post where you are working now.

Kid Caliente  on Teasers

posted on January 20, 2005
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I think this club is now closed, everytime I ride by there it seems to be closed. Not 100% sure.

chipper  on Teasers

posted on October 4, 2004
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several years ago there was a dancer named "Starla". does anyone know where she is now or what happened to her? please reply if you do! thanks

Texas84  on Teasers

posted on September 4, 2004
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It's still closed. There is talk, but that's all. Just talk.

Vaginatarian  on Teasers

posted on May 7, 2004
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This club is closed, at least for now.

Big Poppa  on Teasers

posted on March 18, 2004
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This may have been a nice club in the past, but it has gone way down. $7 is way too much to pay for a club of this caliber. There were 3 girls there. THey were good looking. I remember 2 names-Missy and Sandy Lynn. Both were beautiful!

Dusty  on Teasers

posted on March 12, 2004
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What happened to my club!!!!! i leave for eight months and when i come back.....well, lets just say that the dynamic has totally changed. the nice-looking girls have either left or are getting ready to leave. on any given night, they can only muster eight girls tops. most are cast-offs from other clubs in the area. some of the remaining girls blame poor, ineffective floor managers who demand money or other "services" from the girls to stay on thier good side. visit only if lonely or board.