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500 Lagoon Dr

Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

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twin  on Club Foxy

posted on October 6, 2007
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there are beautiful coconut shells covering me up. and i don't think they make these grassy dresses for nuttin?

Dog  on Club Foxy

posted on January 25, 2007
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this is dog the bounty hunter the women r great?

copper  on Club Foxy

posted on September 14, 2006
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Kim-Sa Now Owns Club Sundance at 703 Queen St. In Honolulu, HI, no trouble LOTS OF FUN. Now open Sundays with free pupus between 3pm-7pm. Club hours are Mon-Sun 3pm-2am. No presure, just have fun, great girls. Noone ignores you, everyone is friendly and upbeat. Buy your favorite girl a drink for 20.00 at your own will. They don't push like in other clubs. I AM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. kim-Sa is adding a new a/c just added a jukebox and plans to update much more in the near future. No cover charge, everyone welcome.

PrivateDancer  on Club Foxy

posted on November 2, 2004
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hey, Im looking for a girl thats Chinese/Japanese with a huge dragon on her back, she dances by the name MaryJane, and I met her in Japan, and I was wondering if shes working at Foxy's. could anyone tell me if youve seen her. I would appreciate it