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CrimeStoppers  on Club 939

posted on June 24, 2019
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yanard12  on  Club 939

posted on March 27, 2016
Joined 4 years ago
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Pretty good strip club. Probably best on island. Haven't tried 'em all yet, but damn good lookin ladies.

brandonresh  on  Club 939

posted on December 7, 2015
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This is my favorite strip club on the island! Let's be honest, any girl can take of their bra and panties off. What amazes me about 939 is the acrobatic skills all these women have! There are 3 stages with high ceilings and these girls are able to climb that pole all the way to the top and do amazing moves all the way back down! Usually when my friends and I come by we get a booth so we can get table dances from our favorite ladies ($20 per dance). Each booth has a pull-up bar above for the girls to do additional tricks at your table. It's pretty amazing how much upper body strength all these ladies have. I can't even do 1 pull up =__= Haha.

Mistercap12  on  Club 939

posted on October 24, 2015
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u can ask anybody who know me... we don't talk about naked lady in vulgar kinna way... but yet i not there for a hug... or a kiss on the cheek...uuuuu kno... plus when we was younger, we rarely go strip clubs... it was mostly older folks. for me, strip club is not a good place to make money! but u wouldn't believe how many people i ran into there. i went to DUI school so im subject matter expert. believe me. walk in there all cool.. and do a johnny walker, hello kitty, goose bull or.. jack n coke, adios, long island... 1 drink per hour. times where i have went, there was fellowship and comradery.. and when u feel a little bit buzzed, u go pick your destiny... left or right.. booty goes UP! zoom in... zoom out... panoramic.. if u like it, throw a couple hundreds here or there.. and sprinkle it tsst tssst... tsst tssst.. and water the garden of flowers... cheers! banzai! all the above.. cool water in the bathroom with horoscope and sports page. theres about 10 girls / bar that always follow up on the bar scene and instagram i dont wanna say names and couple of them can climb the pole better than a firefighter.. and yeaa i like em better when they work it.. the star no doubt every body know crystal who climb backwards, moonwalk the ceiling and helicopter down 1 hand 1 leg. was LIVE. u can't do that on xbox. samoan security know me long time already. they gave me so much heat that i couldn't handle.. believe me. ran up in there and exotics was like a santuary from sudden rush from haole monstas made it rain for days. their whole 939 crew work out @ bj penn gym. once security know u like o thats that fool again, less chance of getting taken down. this 1 bay area cat couldn't handle his liquor and stumblin all ova the place got taken down and out.. there were some BIG PARTYs there from tourist and locals.. plan ahead. getting old but meet u back there when somebody starts it up again.. zZZZzzZz.. \m/

Weedman420  on  Club 939

posted on October 18, 2015
Joined 5 years ago
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You come here knowing it's going to be a bare-all show, minus explicit interactions with others (and it should stay that way). This was my first time here, as well as the group I had with me. I can say at the very least, it was a very classy affair. I was confused if it was a bar, club or other cause the only ones dancing were the ones on stage - then again, going on a weeknight may have contributed to the atmosphere.Most of the dancers are skilled in what they do and everyone has their own personal touch to it. Whether sensual, dominating, acrobatic, sarcastic, or annoyed (biased).Actually, the reason why I say annoyed, and had given this specific rating was because one of them came off just that. After holding on for dear life to the pole, occasionally swaying her hips, and aimlessly walking back and forth on the stage, she sits at the edge of our side to request, "Tip, please"? C'mon, no waiter at a restaurant would even in their right mind should ask for something so forward like that (unless there are unspoken rules with which they are allowed to ask those things). I don't know what she had before the show, but my friends and I were not amused at that point.The irony is that, because when we did tip her, she did do some very interesting moves that now my friend will use in the future with her partner. We questioned whether or not it was all an act after that. However, if it was, then bravo for being VERY convincing.Aside from that, the drinks were fairly priced and they had my go-to drink that not a lot of establishments offer anymore. The environment is somewhat upscale and appropriate for different types of people. I'd come here again, because I'm sure the experience is always different.

rogerrab2  on  Club 939

posted on September 28, 2015
Joined 5 years ago
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It's been a very long time I been to this strip club. Last time I been to this strip club they don't cover charge you. But now they cover charge you $7 bucks at the door.I give a 3 stars because now they charge $7 bucks when you enter the strip club.

StripClub431  on  Club 939

posted on September 8, 2015
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The ladies were nice but.....we paid 250 for a table with a bottle plus additional 50 for gratuity. They said they would hook us up all night. Really?!?! All they did was pour our drinks for us. For 300 dollars I expect 1 to 2 girls an hour to come and give a dance. We should have gotten at least one or two recommendation songs for the DJ. Wasn't worth it. The establishment was nice and clean. The 20 we spent for one dance was short as hell. Wasn't the worst experience but I will never come back. They are over priced. They charge for EVERYTHING!!! Don't get the table service, just go in and watch.

billtheguy12  on  Club 939

posted on August 21, 2015
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Definitely not the place to go on a Sunday night. Must have been the "C" squad. I had two drinks and left. The venue was really nice though. I just expected more from reading other reviews.

Johnson12  on  Club 939

posted on November 12, 2014
Joined 5 years ago
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Definitely the place to go to find the best pole dancers on Oahu! People here are nice and ready to have a good time with customers. There are unique talents here, table dances are awesome, reminding people often of Cirque Dr Soleil or Las Vegas because some acts are so extreme and amazing. Just remember to tip if You are sitting at the stage and don't touch the ladies on stage! You can find women from all around the country and they have some wild and or amazing stories! This is the playground for adults! The music in here is amazing, they play a lot of upbeat and EDM, sneaking a rock or hip hop song in here and there to keep it interesting. Really fun when they have theme nights. Happy hour is between 5-8 pm as well as free entry, so go in early to catch the deals and get a more personal experience. Sometimes they even have special guest djs and hosts. I love the lighting and tall poles, marvelous!

igor34  on  Club 939

posted on October 28, 2013
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Ok, the "complimentary" bottle service is nice HOWEVER, the waitress won't let you touch the bottle, cuz apparently only she can touch the bottle according to the " liquor law".. Come on, I mean we are all from the business, if it was any other bar when people order bottles they can pour whenever and whatever they want, let's just say that it's the rule here, then ok, please standby and pour my drink!!! My friend's drink was empty for at least 10 mins and the waitress is no where to be yeah, that's just my experience.

Denise S.  on Club 939

posted on August 3, 2013
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Servers are better looking than the dancers. Some dancers are out of shape, one has messed up teeth and just sits in a booth by herself. Ladies drinks are fake so if youre spending money on a girl there, just know youre spending 20 bucks for water. On the upside, they serve alcohol upstairs after 2am on their rave nights that they have one Saturday a month when they stay open til 9am

Jerry A.  on Club 939

posted on July 16, 2013
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one of the better strip clubs on oahu.girls are very attractive and some are really skilled on the poles. i really enjoyed Riley, shes one of the newer younger girls.however i feel the alcohol is a bit steep but hey its a strip club, im here for the boobs not the booze. however you do get a free drink after paying the $7 cover chargei believe stripping completely is optional so if your looking for a lapdance or a$$ in your face then head over to the other clubs in town. closes is probably a private table dance for $30, which imho is a rip off.

Tiffany M.  on Club 939

posted on December 6, 2012
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This is a great strip club for couples and for people looking for a little more classy ambience than the other strip club. 939 is spacious, clean, and have talented dancers.The size of this club is pretty spacious. When you walk in, you can tell its a little classier than the other strip clubs out on Kapiolani Blvd and other parts of town. Girls here are athletic on the pole and show off their skills and moves. They are talented and know how to do the tricks on the pole. Getting naked is considered "optional" for the girls that work here. For 939, the girls get paid hourly and keep all their tips from dancing. I'm not sure if it's because they double as hostesses as well as dancers.For most guys, I see them come here for the ambience. They come here to chill in groups, grab drinks, and watch the girls. The girls are more professional here I think and they treat me good. If your a guy looking for more "intimate attention" with a dancer, I suggest Femme Nu or Rockza. If your looking for a stripper with tons of skill to watch and tip, this is the place to go.

Mac J.  on Club 939

posted on July 31, 2012
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PROS: This place is very clean and spacious.Prices for adult beverages are typical. Most dancers are very talented on the pole. CONS: The bartender pours very light on the cocktails which forced me to drink beer.CUSTOMERS CANNOT HAVE LAP DANCES -- only table dances. Physical contact is severely monitored. Being FRISKY is not allowed for both customers and dancers.Female customers cannot sit on the laps of neither male nor other female customers.Since the dancers are very athletic, their bust sizes are limited to mostly size B/C.The dancers with larger bust sizes usually don't do the athletic acrobatics on the poles.Hence, this is an itty-bitty-titty bar.Prices for their VIP room and Champagne room are not worth doing.VIP room and Champagne room are monitored so being FRISKY is not allowed.Not ideal for bachelor parties since the groom-to-be can neither receive a good old-fashioned frisky lap dance in the limited privacy of any of their rooms.Summary:Definitely more CONS than PROS when compared to other bars. This is probably why Club 939 is very clean. Do not go to this club is you're looking for the old-fashioned friskiness for lap dances and VIP treatment. Go to this club if you're looking for a place to see flopping flying nips on poles and tables. I would rather see a Cirque du Soleil show for the price of trying to enjoy a night out at Club 939.

harryharry  on  Club 939

posted on April 7, 2012
Joined 10 years ago
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The girl with aerial skills you want to watch is Simone. The moves she can execute while on the pole is amazing, very Vegas nighclub aerial dancer like expect she is taking off her clothes. Simone has a, very toned body. Eden's a, white girl, very cute who has nice natural body, particularly her legs and butt. Tia has darker complexion, eurasian (dark hapa) appearance, very sexy. Tia also has nice natural body similar to Edens. Tia dances the go-go style, and Tia knows how to dance the go-go style. Lots of guys I've noticed tip her cause of her go-go style. There are other girls that dance but there routine is so standard that don't stand out. The three girls that I mentioned are the ones that get majority of tips when they dance. A couple of guys said watch I going make it make it rain. One guy throws a bunch of 1 dollars bills. To them it's making it rain in actuality its a quick drizzle, cause the bills only drop for 3 seconds at the most. no sustained bills falling. When a guy does that the dancer knows now potential victim. Once the dancer set is over. She goes to the guy and offers the up sells which are private dance, drinks. The club offers private dances at various prices which start at 20 dollars per song upwards to 100 dollars for 15 minutes. IMO those dances are sold to younger guys because they are perving for these women. They didn't learn strippers are are all about the Hustle. Guys beware of the girls who wait towards the end of the private dance for her to get more kinky. She is trying to sell another round of dances.

T S.  on Club 939

posted on December 24, 2011
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My new regular stop when I visit my parents. I know, I know.... Pros: This is the best club I've been to, and I live in LA - which after Vegas, it's supposedly to be known for their adult clubs. If you just want mostly naked girls rubbing up on you, you might as well go elsewhere. No, this place is stacked with real talent! These girls practically fly up the poles and barely use any of their limbs to slide down. The layout of the place is a lot of fun too! You don't feel like you're tucked away in the dark, or that you might catch something by touching it with your bare skin. No, it's clean and well organized. It's almost like a jungle gym of poles and dancers. Kid in a candy shop really. Everywhere you turn is another girl doing something amazingly!Cons: Parking can be difficult.

Erron L.  on Club 939

posted on November 5, 2011
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The girls here weren't all that good looking and no sex appeal.

Johnnyboy123  on  Club 939

posted on August 4, 2011
Joined 9 years ago
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the girls are okay, i'm not a fan of the actual girls but more of their acrobatic skills. I paid $7.00 to get in and I seriously felt like I got a naked Cirque Du Solel show. lol. That girl was flying up that pole like it was the easiest thing, which made me both jealous and amazed at her upper body strength. The female bartender has a heavy hand and my vodka tonic was mostly vodka. I went on a thursday night, there was about 10 people at the most. I was kinda falling asleep at the bar (mostly cuz i was really drunk already) and the dancer screamed wake up and look at my boobs! Which was funny but at the same time, I came to see boobs and none of them had bigger boobs than me so that was kinda sad. I guess i should go when there are more than 5 girls actually dancing. other than that, it's clean & pretty inside, the bathrooms don't make me feel like showering in lysol and the girls were very polite. I'd go back. OHH now i remember!!! i don't know if I heard it correctly but I think they only do table dances, which is weird because wtf? why do people go to strip clubs? to get lap dances? No one wants a freaking table dance.

larry1  on  Club 939

posted on July 30, 2011
Joined 9 years ago
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939 is clean, has good dancers, and has an awesome happy hour. I like the joint. In fact I have brought countless number of friends here for their first strip club experiences (whether it be their first strip club experience in their life or their first strip club experience on Oahu). I have also brought a bunch of friends here for 2 of my birthdays. My friends' girlfriends also came here on a girls night out and they told me they enjoyed it.They have the one of the best Happy Hours on island. Weekdays 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. $2 beers, $3 cocktails, no cover charge, naked women, good deal if you ask me. The bartender is gorgeous and very nice, most of the servers are very good looking too. They also have half off on food during happy hour, in fact, they used to have free pupus during happy hour. But they don't do that anymore. I know, I know...don't expect anything great, you are ordering food from a strip club. But still its sometimes good to have something to munch on when you are drinking. Fries and Nachos are the safe bet.Just a tip if you come during happy hour, sometimes the parking attendant doesn't let you park in lot even if you pay they say you can't park in the lot before 7 if you are going to 939. You can park across the street in the lot for 939 patrons, but if you do park there early this is were the strippers all park and they may block you in. You can usually find street parking as a last resort.I believe they charge $10 cover usually with $7 Kama'aina rate. They also sometimes have events here where they have pornstars or import models come out to Hawaii and dance. I have been there when import model Christine Mendoza was on island. The place gets usually gets packed when they do events like this. I would rather just chill here for their happy hour.They have some talent here. The poles are at least 15 feet high. There are some dancers that will leave you in awe when they climb up to the top, do pull ups then slide down upside-down! They pretty crazy and when you have that much of pole to work with you can get creative. Its actually pretty entertaining. Make sure you tip though its rude to go there for a free show, even if you are not sitting up at the stage.

Dale L.  on Club 939

posted on June 18, 2011
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Sweet! Most girls are hot, and I am picky! I could've gone without seeing a couple of them. Would love to see a few of them again. Guess I will have to go back. Tall poles & a few very talented girls! A must visit! Cant go wrong with this full nude club.

Darcie C.  on Club 939

posted on March 4, 2011
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This club changed. Cover was $7 on a Saturday night. The atmosphere was a little boring. Hardly any local girls...majority look like they're from the mainland. You have to drop a lot of dollars to get half of what you will get at Rockza or Electros or Femme Nu. Honestly, my girlfriends and I were bored. There's hardly any girls that master the poles anymore. Or at least when we went. They need to coach the girls into more practice...the club is losing the entertainment which was better a year ago.

Jon C.  on Club 939

posted on February 8, 2011
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I haven't gone during this new year, so this review will be more of my general experiences over the past couple years.939 is an odd type of adult-club. I've never been to Vegas, so I don't know their model of business, but to me this seems like what a Vegas/LA type strip club would be like, glitzy, neon, bright. Its something of a contrast to nearly all the other types here in town, which tend to go for the less-lit approach. There's a benefit to lower lighting, as it hides flaws, ours and theirs. You tend to feel a little more comfortable in a darker setting cause it supports the feeling that no one is really paying attention to you.Another big difference is the type of pole activities. I've chatted a bit with friends about this, and ultimately, I'm not entirely a fan of the big pole routines 939 offers. Don't get me wrong, I admire the athleticism and performance, but it seems to go contrary to the drink/strip club experience. How so? Well, watching a girl plummet 15 feet to suddenly stop herself before she face plants tends not to mix well with me when I'm drinking. When I'm looking to relax, and mellow out, watching a girl fall from the ceiling tends to jolt me out of that. The thought of "Man, that's dangerous" tends to outweigh the appeal.This is also not a club to go to if you're just looking to hang out. The layout isn't really designed for 'at your own pace' involvement. You tend to have two options, sit at the stage, or sit pretty much at the stage. The table booths tend to be roped off and there is only a relatively small lounging area off-stage. Its all in the center of the room anyway, so you tend to be fair game for the dancers that aren't on stage, who do the usual routine of sit down, chat a bit, and suggest stuff like the champagne room.Its a bit harder to take a break between sets as well. Lets say you've been at stage, tipping appropriately and drinking, generally relaxing and enjoying yourself. You want to take a break, so you move away from stage (maybe all of 5 feet away, since that's your only real option), but then you become fair game as mentioned above. A bit more hustling than I'm comfortable with.Still, I believe its the only club on island that can attract the porn-starlets, if that's your thing. As with any location, attractiveness and skill-set of the girls varies.Overall, I'd say this isn't really the type of club if you want to 'relax' but it is a fun club if you're looking to be active and flirty or just loud with your buddies.

Kavika  on Club 939

posted on February 27, 2010
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Whoa Danika.....ask for Danika. This one is top of the line. Best we have ever seen, and we have been all over. Classy kine, down to earth, & solid to the core!

Andrew A.  on Club 939

posted on December 3, 2009
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I find it really hard to enjoy myself with some 60+ asian ladies staring at me when I am looking at something. and they need a new scout...the talent needs some fresh faces.

James  on Club 939

posted on July 21, 2009
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I went there and was not impressed at all. The girls some of them were pretty but had alot of makeup on. Some of these girls were picking certain guys to dance for plus the do not do good table dances. I think I will find another place to go next time.

Bilbo Baggins  on Club 939

posted on July 13, 2009
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from a customer's point of view, the place reminds me of the high times of the mid 80s to early 90s. Good selection of girls, very courteous bartenders, professional doormen and a pretty good dj. Judging from the tips I saw on the stages and the girls selling drinks and private shows, I'd guess that it would be a good idea to give the place a try and dance there when you get to Hawaii.

Michelle  on Club 939

posted on May 31, 2009
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I am moving to hawaii and was just wandering if any of the dancers can tell me what its like

<tr><td style="margin:0px;padding:5px 8p  on Club 939

posted on May 11, 2009
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cool! Does she still work here?

Cool!  on Club 939

posted on April 23, 2009
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Love ya Vi.. You the best..

<tr><td style="margin:0px;padding:5px 8p  on Club 939

posted on March 18, 2009
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I want to help her? How much do you think I should I give?

hello  on Club 939

posted on December 31, 2008
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what type of dances do the girls do here? Is there much grinding and contact?

Evelyn Lin  on Club 939

posted on December 17, 2008
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Anyone see her dance in November 2008 and would like to share some details?

An old friend  on Club 939

posted on December 8, 2008
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Comment below regarding Matt- your an idiot! Matt gets more ass than a toilet seat. Its Scott that gives good head not Matt. That bald headed jap sucked my tally wacker like there was no tomorrow!!

BackDoorBoy  on Club 939

posted on October 10, 2008
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Thanks Stewie for the pinkie fuck! That wasn't your pinkie?

FrontDoorGirl  on Club 939

posted on July 23, 2008
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thanks stewie for saving me the night u got me ***ked up LoL

lil  on Club 939

posted on November 28, 2007
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hey ! what is an LC and where do you get it and the hostess card 2? what is the house fee for 939 ? and noone talks about the private dances..most of the places are 100 for 3 dances, 250 half hour , 500 an hour with different bar tabs . Is it the same over there or what ? thx thx!!

I'm not gay!  on Club 939

posted on November 18, 2007
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I used to hang out at this club and spend mad money until the waiter Matt fondled my genatilia. He's a 38 year old man with grey hair with the mentality of a 22 year old. I can handle that but one thing I can't handle is him trying to stroke my cock just so he can get me to buy another drink. That's working a little too hard for my money if you ask me.

Bob  on Club 939

posted on May 24, 2007
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Come check these hot ladies out! The girls just keep getting hotter and hotter!!

A.T.  on Club 939

posted on April 22, 2007
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Who is Martin I don't remember

Dumbass  on Club 939

posted on December 5, 2006
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Smoking is fun! So much more fun than beautiful women getting naked! And it makes me look so cool and smell so good! Why should people have clean air to breathe, anyway? Idiots!

PLAYA  on Club 939

posted on December 4, 2006
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Not as much fun after the smoking ban. Same with everywhere else. Time to get this ban repealed.

Candy  on Club 939

posted on November 9, 2006
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939 Sucks!! I worked there and management is horrible. Any girls looking for a job don't work here. The owner tries to fuck all the girls. Really unprofessional. There's not really pretty girls anymore. All the hot girls left. Theres a few, you know who you are - desire, naia, all my girls. I miss you. But this club sux now! Don't go there! Hey - this is me. Come to Femme Nu

Manager  on Club 939

posted on October 26, 2006
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A.T. Call Martin if you still have his number.

Rufus  on Club 939

posted on September 11, 2006
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Gia is so damn fine!

Roy  on Club 939

posted on September 10, 2006
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Damn madison taylor desire you are so crazy who are you no matter who you are though we love you anyway

the big one  on Club 939

posted on September 10, 2006
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Leah and Asian Thunder really rocked my world. Best pole workers out there. I go in just to see those hotties. Vanessa and Paige are also a couple of lookers. Look out for their double trouble private shows.

Mic  on Club 939

posted on September 8, 2006
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Got fined by honolulu liquor commission in the spring for over $17000 for being "to sexy and friendly with patrons". Is that so wrong ? - makes me wanna go there more.

Pixie  on Club 939

posted on September 7, 2006
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I am a dancer that gave birth two months ago. Lost most of my baby weight and now have very slight stretch marks. Can my stretch marks be overlooked or should I use make-up to cover them up. How do you guys feel about it?

conga#4  on Club 939

posted on August 20, 2006
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Great club ALL the girls there pitch my tent then send me home to my girlfriend but dont expect to get much management is very strict on the girls about any touching anywhere but if you want to be entertained its the perfect place you girls kick my ass and take my money and I love it see you all soon...Check out the two girls brunette and long blond they dance together on the bigger stage and!

Boss Hog  on Club 939

posted on August 19, 2006
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Wow I have never seen pole dancing like 939 Asia Thunder and Leah are by far the best the pole dancers on the island I mean this is some cirque ola going on but it was awesome the girls are easy to talk to and they have good food and play sports all night fun times fun times. but the best is really the table dances and the pole tricks. Good job girls you kick ass!

faraway  on Club 939

posted on March 22, 2006
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hi i was wondering if anyone knew a girl who used to dance in deja vu club..... her name was maria.. i met her in june 04. she was amazing... and i would love to find where she was dancing... or a way to get in contact with her... any help would be appreciated....

Nai'a  on Club 939

posted on March 22, 2006
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I'm sexy fresh young & tight , that would love to be your sweet delight. So come on over to 939 where all the ladies are oh so fine !

mad  on Club 939

posted on March 7, 2006
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Hi miss minnesota girl. Blonde hair and big boobs would work just fine. The management is laid back, the men are nice. There are three smaller stages with one girl to each stage and a pole on each. To dance in Honolulu you have to get an LC and hostess card, but nothing too difficute (only costs about $20). Hope that helps!

m  on Club 939

posted on March 5, 2006
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minnesota girl, i think u would do well at 939 its really nice pretty decent club, the best i think hawaii has. I been to most of the other clubs here and nothin compares to it. Well dejavu showgirls was another great club but its no longer exist.

Minnesota girl  on Club 939

posted on March 4, 2006
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I was curious if a white girl with blonde hair and big boobs would do well at this club or anywhere in hawaii? Just would like to know alittle before I make up my mind if I would like to come down or not. If so, what do I need to do in order to get into a club and ruffly what are the clubs charging to work at them? Thanks to anyone with some info!!

m  on Club 939

posted on March 4, 2006
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anyone know what happen to a dancer name maryjane.

George  on Club 939

posted on February 8, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

Is Skylar from Deja Vu dancin here?