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1673 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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Weedman420  on  club femme nu

posted on 5 November, 2016
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Mama san hit me after I politely declined to buy one of her strippers a drink.. Never going back

Johnson12  on  club femme nu

posted on 9 July, 2016
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ARE YOU KIDDING!!!????This is like the MOTHERLAND of strip clubs!!!Drunken Debauchery and naked chicks, I don't care if they DO know how to dance...if you are looking to make some SERIOUSLY bad decisions...this is where you want to end up...CHEERS to the staff and entertainers of Femme Nu!!!!

billtheguy12  on  club femme nu

posted on 13 February, 2016
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I can't believe I'm actually writing a review on this place, LOL. But eh! Aint no shame in my game. ;)I went here last night for the first time ever! It wasn't quite what I expected it would be... Strippers everywhere! Haha. We had to pay $2 for parking and there was a cover (Saturday night, what do you expect) of $7/person, but that included a drink at the bar with receipt. So, I guess that comes out to a $4 cover... Maybe even $2. I found my friends in a booth and had a seat. There are servers that come around and often, so it's not like we were waiting for drinks or service all the time. Which I really liked. The strippers were VERY SWEET. LOL. I had to use the bathroom (small bladder and all) a lot last night, and every time I went into the tiny, tiny bathroom, there were between 2-3 girls. Each time, they talked to me and they were pleasant to talk to! Reminded me that they're like any other girl, which was nice. It honestly, made the experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. My 3-star review comes from the small bathroom that had no toilet paper! You'd think that they'd have a separate place for the girls to get ready (not that I'm complaining or anything), but when you have to wait for a stall with 2-3 other girls who are putting or fixing their making up... Not very fun!

winston12  on  club femme nu

posted on 5 October, 2015
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My friend and I come here at least twice and spend close to $1000... However we were treated like crap today. Our favorite stripper, who we come to see, was treated like crap... We were not allowed to get our regular drinks... Because the "management" didn't feel like it was justified. Some fat bald asian guy is apparently calling the shots. Small dick losers shouldn't call anything. We will not be back to spend our thousands of dollars per week until the bald fat Asian guy is FIRED. Horrible customer service, horrible people skills you should not go there EVER!!!!

Daryle K.  on club femme nu

posted on 15 September, 2015
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Femme nu the best strip club in Hawaii. Very friendly. A lot of beautiful ladies. I love my Asian ladies. There one they called China. She a hottie. Love the way she dance. Smoke'in hot body.

Mistercap12  on  club femme nu

posted on 8 June, 2015
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As a compliment, I could see this as a bar I would frequent regularly. And not just because i like seeing naked women (I do), but because it was comfortable.The bartenders were outstanding. Excellent service, friendly. As was my adorable cute Asian waitress (admittedly, I have a thing for Asians, but still, she was awesome).Full nude - excellent. A few of the girls were truly outstanding. Put on a good show. When they weren't sleeping. As mentioned in other reviews, if no one is tipping, the girls just lie there. They hardly move. It's like watching lazy tigers and polar bears at the zoo on a hot summer's day. I mean, once you talk to them, they wake up, but still - from an attractiveness standpoint, to see a girl giving no effort on the stage - and I mean no movement whatsoever - there is nothing there to make me want to give her money.A piece of advice to the dancers - guys have monster egos, and if you make them feel special, they will usually give you all their money. We are dumb that way. But you have to get off your doggie bed and dance a little. I, for one, don't give my money to sleeping polar bears. Minus 2 stars for lack of effort; otherwise, the would be a great strip club.

StripClub431  on  club femme nu

posted on 21 January, 2015
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Please check your credit card receipt before signing. This place rips you off! My total is suppose to be $68 but they charged me $78 on my card. They refuse to give me back my ID or card unless I signed the receipt. The waiter told me that they automatically add 10% to credit card charges. If so, they should of informed me before I used my card. They are very sneaky. Even with the 10% the total does not =$78. #scam #cheaters #greedypeople

Javier  on club femme nu

posted on 10 October, 2014
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Girls are hot but I got a better blow job from tai. That little lady boy can suck a good penis

fuckery12  on  club femme nu

posted on 10 January, 2014
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Great location to celebrate a birthday or basically anything. Most girls are very nice and friendly, locals or from the Mainland or other exotic locations, like Thailand! Good atmosphere with a good back room (hate the mandatory wood plank down though!)Guaranteed a good time at a decent price in Honolulu for an after dinner entertainment!

curtis17  on  club femme nu

posted on 19 August, 2013
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Club went down hill from the last time I visited. Learned the girls only stay a few months then move back to the mainland. According to some dancers Hawaii is a tough market to make money , cost of living in Hawaii is just to expensive. Lots of competition for local girls who don't have a body or face to stay competitive with the mainlanders. Summer is typically the slow season for dancers so it's mostly local girls dance. Once college season starts off the mainlanders return and the club pick up. Beware of the russian girl she is like the Kate Upton of the club.

Josh N.  on club femme nu

posted on 11 April, 2013
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For Hawaii it could be worse. This place has decent looking girls that are fairly sociable. The waiters are pretty quick to lee your drink fresh and private dances are only 30 a song which is cheaper than anywhere else around here. Some of them are lazy but who isn't around here? The worst part about this place is the skeevy guys that come in and sand behind where you sit paying a girl. They stare with no intention of tipping while sipping Heineken. It's a mild form of stealing. Also there's a brothel next store.

Michael L.  on club femme nu

posted on 11 March, 2013
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Not impress by the place at all, once you walk in it smells like toilet bleach and pinesoil the girls are not that great looking and they are just big ass GOLD DIGGERS they just want your money but not really good strip club service....rather just go princess palace next time.....

Shane S.  on club femme nu

posted on 4 January, 2013
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A Hawaii institution.......what can I say. Lot of locals and some tourists. Strip clubs are better in Hawaii than in the mainland as you are able to drink from a full bar... and see full nude!! Some local hotties you may run into at the clubs later !

Hollie T.  on club femme nu

posted on 11 November, 2012
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I liked it at club femme nu. I went with my two co-workers and husband. We ordered food and the waiter was awesome. Our food came hot and fresh and wait time was reasonable. He was not pushy for tips at all which I loved but we just tipped him anyway. My guy friend got a lap dance for $25, but was more of a "tease". He said he couldn't touch her and that the block in front of him was pretty huge. After he had his fun my girl friend wanted to go have some fun so we sat at a (table/stage?). The Asian girl my husband and I got was super greedy. It seemed like every 5 secs she wanted money. So we gave her $5 and she left with her mat looking thing. My husband and I later joined in with my friends. Her name was Sandy. Super awesome. She doesn't hint for money at all but she holds a conversation. Maybe guys don't like that because they just want the show then their own little "happy time" and paus Hana. I really want to go back to sandy even if it is just to talk. On the plus side you get a free drink with entrance fee :D which got me a free corona!!! Free drinks? CHERREH!!!

Mary D.  on club femme nu

posted on 4 September, 2012
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I stopped coming here because parking is terrible on super busy nights, it's so crowded it's hard to find a seat, and the girls don't WORK. I swear, the girls jiggle a little then hold out their garters. WHAT?! I usually see them staring at THEMSELVES in the mirror while moving extra slow. One girl literally sat there on her ass and stared at herself for a good 10 minutes while fixing her hair and moving very little. Then there's the chatterboxes. They shake a little, take their tops off, shake it in your face then YAP your ear off. Seriously? Guys have to deal with yapping all day in their regular lives and you're gonna get him to pay YOU to do that? Get real.The only thing I liked about this place was the womens bathroom was clean.

larry1  on  club femme nu

posted on 9 February, 2012
Joined 7 years ago
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So I just turned 21 on Friday night (02-03), so this is subject to change. We came here on a Friday night around......11pm? It was okay, it was pretty busy which was good, it made it seem like it was the place to be. It was freezing cold in there, which I suppose has some pros for the dancers but not for me! The ladies weren't what I was expecting. I was told that this club has the hottest girls on the island..and I know for a fact I have seen hotter women OFF stage and at other clubs.I agree with one of the guys that posted before about Linus carrying around his blanket. When I read that comment I couldnt stop laughing, not because its funny(because it is) BUT because its so true...if you're gonna be in this it the right way...on a pole...lolMy experience wasn't that great..mostly because they didnt have any cute girls(to my liking) but hey, I can always try again right...

Asa W.  on club femme nu

posted on 9 June, 2011
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This place is a rip off. Girl goes off and buys herself a drink on my tab. I think, ok, fine. She finishes it. Waiter comes by and ask if I want to buy her another 40 dollar drink. 40 dollars?!!!? Wtf?! I say no. He still brings her another drink. Instead of arguing or risk being beat up by the unfriendly staff and bouncers, I close my tab and move on. Sad because the girls looked good. My advice would be to stay away. The people there are dick heads.

Cyrus F.  on club femme nu

posted on 1 February, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

Relative to all other strip clubs on Oahu, Femme Nu is "as good as it gets." Yeah yeah I know, 939 may be swankier, but its much less intimate and has fewer girls performing at any given time.There are a few reasons why Femme Nu stands out from the other clubs -- plenty of diversity (all different shapes, sizes and shades), not outrageously expensive (unless you're thinking about getting a private dance, in which case my advice is, "don't"), friendly and personable dancers (there are a couple of psychos that should probably be on meds, but hey what strip club doesn't have them), and its pretty low-lit, making it difficult to recognize co-workers or be recognized. The dancers can get pretty intimate with you from the stage (if they choose to do so -- you have to not be a total perv), and I've heard stories where dancers actually talked a guy OUT of getting a lap dance because Hawaii state laws make it akin to a rip-off. All-in-all, I don't mind the ambience there. I wouldn't say I enjoy the ambience of any strip club because that just sounds creepy. Some days its more filled with testosterone than others -- the busiest nights are Fri and Sat -- but I heard that place was banging every night before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. It could very well be on its way back to glory. Yeah beers aren't too cheap, but they're pretty much the same price as any other liquor-serving establishment in the Ala Moana neighborhood. If you're from out of town and wanted to get a proper feel for what local strippers are like, definitely check out Femme Nu before you hit Rock-Za or Club 939.. Some of the sexiest women I've seen on the island were working at Femme Nu, and unlike with real life, there's a chance you'll see them naked.

harryharry  on  club femme nu

posted on 26 September, 2010
Joined 8 years ago
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favorite strip club. 939 girls get to show off their talent WAY more, but people here are a tad bit more friendly :) -i like the bouncers here...perhaps cuz i'm considered a "regular"! (only cuz my boss AND my friend from the big island....always drag me here) -i like the bartenders here...tip them good and they start to remember you and make your drinks SUPER! -i like a couple of the girls girl is awesome! she's funny, friendly, cute/hot, made me touch her REAL boobies...AND even got me and my friend a shot! swEEt!

Jeremy M.  on club femme nu

posted on 26 July, 2010
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One of my friend that is a Hawaii native recommended this place to me, NOT IMPRESSED! Seriously, during the 10 minutes we were there we watched woman stand/sit around waiting for a customer/man to approach them by their "dancing stage" hell I even saw one of the dancer pick up her phone and send a text message! Now I'm no expert in the adult entertainment field, but I jus thought everything I saw there was poorly executed for a strip club. Final thoughts: If you're like myself and had HUGE expectations for this place, but felt it wasn't up to standard.............might I suggest you go across the street and BLOW off some steam at the 24 hour fitness! HAHAHAHAHA

LMAO!!  on club femme nu

posted on 25 June, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously! is that travis?

sAVANNAH  on club femme nu

posted on 28 April, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

thats travis! and he was never with britney!

SAVANNAH  on club femme nu

posted on 28 April, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

The comment made about tai shows ignorance. tai is a genuine person and it is obvious that you never worked at femme nu.

Y  on club femme nu

posted on 12 January, 2010
This comment was posted anonymously

Is not Miss Skye here?

Cobra K.  on club femme nu

posted on 10 October, 2009
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PU$$Y!!!Yeah...I haven't paid to see it in over a year! Slumming around HNL looking for the best one so I tried them all in one night! This is one of the better ones in Honolulu. 5 'bones' (hehe) for cover but the weird thing is that most of the girls have these pillows that they carry around and won't dance unless they're actually getting tipped.They have this VIP area that's 25/song that totally sucks. Just stand behind some dude tipping a girl and you'll have a wonderful night!

Wow!  on club femme nu

posted on 6 August, 2009
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Holy cow! I am 100% sure thats that guy Travis that used to work here. Who the hell puts a naked picture of himself on strip club list anyway?

Phantom  on club femme nu

posted on 13 July, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

I used to work with Travis back in the Classic Cat days. I don't think that's him, though a long time has passed since I last saw him.

new york  on club femme nu

posted on 4 July, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

Is there a girl that works at Femme Nu with the stage name Passion but her real name is Danna?

elizabeth snow  on club femme nu

posted on 9 March, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

i wanted to come work in HI and wanted to know if your club sponcers dancers that want to travel in im 26 year old 5'9" blonde. i also have a friend who would love to come with shes just as beautifull i will attach a pic thanks

interested  on club femme nu

posted on 2 March, 2009
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Hi im interested in coming there in july wanted to know how it is then? or when is the best time to come there. What is the price of a lap dance? Do they have lap dances or are they "air dances"/no touching? Are private dances done standing on a table/pedestal or are you standing on the floor? How much is tip out (house, hmom, bar, dj, bouncers, etc)? Do they pay you to work there? Is 500 per nite possible without getting lucky? (dancing for several guys not 1)? Thank you ladies really appreciate it.

rockza  on club femme nu

posted on 10 January, 2009
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Club needs to get more hustler's vs too many local asian's who hardly want to dance, hustle drinks or dancers. they just sit around and bitch/moan. This club needs to clean house and get some money hungry (eye of the tiger) strippers like Rock Za or 939. Candy works at electros now. she's a whore.

waste of moeny  on club femme nu

posted on 10 January, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously

what a dump. i have been in strip bars in 3rd world countries that are classier than this shithole.

Love S.  on club femme nu

posted on 15 December, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

Dude, what is going on?Don't these broads know they are not allowed to partake in thanksgiving festivities?I was trying to pass out dollar bills but I ended up sneaking in some hydroxycut to help a sister out.Yeah, still 4 stars, they do amazing things with a dollar and don't even get me started on where that dollar's been.Tough times in this economy, gotta share the love and check out some ( + ) ( + ) ( + ) ( + ) ( + ) ( + )in all shapes and sizes.

Gonzo  on club femme nu

posted on 3 December, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

What was the hot Korean girl's name? did she come from Chicago?

Thats Funny  on club femme nu

posted on 6 August, 2008
This comment was posted anonymously

OMG-The picture below ( Supa-Fly ) is this guy named Travis! I danced at this club 10 years ago and he was a pervert then and looks to be worse now. God he is so gross looking. He was a dj at this club if I remember right

Supa-Fly!!!  on club femme nu

posted on 10 February, 2008
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I've been to this club before, and always had a good time upstairs with Britney. That girl really knows how to make a man feel special and treat me like I was the only one even though I obviously wasn't.

Alicia  on club femme nu

posted on 18 November, 2007
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The waiter John is a little prick and that's the reason why I don't work here anymore. My customers think he's a little snot-nosed asshole with a short man's complex.

Troy H.  on club femme nu

posted on 27 October, 2007
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Frickin amazing! Must stop place for all to visit!!!

NiteColorz  on club femme nu

posted on 20 October, 2007
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Need a smoke hah. If you dig the parking lot go to this place. If you want to go to a place the will let you smoke all you want inside just like the good old days, go to Crystal Palace.

kit  on club femme nu

posted on 6 October, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

i need a cigarette. anybody got one?

Jackie  on club femme nu

posted on 10 September, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

Man, checking out these girls just made me realize that men will screw anything. Thanks for the ego boost, if thats the case most men are out of the race with this attitude. Married men . . . you're wife's doing the same and in this day and age, Women can do it too and get the benefits. Ha Ha Ha, how sad it is that you have to pay for time.

Long Hair Japanese  on club femme nu

posted on 3 July, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

I was just there this past weekend for a party. lots of girls, but one in particular caught my eye, a beautiful korean girl with great personality too, could not believe it, well worth my time and money. I would love to go back just to see her, but my wife would beg to differ. Haha... Some of the other guys didn't care so much for the club, but I think alot more of them did have fun, either from the girls or by watching us drulers.

Coneboner  on club femme nu

posted on 19 April, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

This Club absolutely sucks !!!! So, if you go to Hawaii & this is supposed to be the best club in Honolulu ?? Forget it, stay home !!!! Or buy a fuck book, & Jack off !!!!

Thomas  on club femme nu

posted on 27 March, 2007
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Was just there about two weeks ago. Great place, great girls. One in particular, Savannah was beautiful, and really nice. I did do the buy a drink thing mentioned in other comment chains, and it was worth it to get to know her. Recommend this place for anyone on vacation!

tai  on club femme nu

posted on 27 February, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

ps. i fired you whore!

dog hater  on club femme nu

posted on 28 January, 2007
This comment was posted anonymously

this club's hot but you're not! you're in the wrong line of work for tv. you should be on that show queer eye for a straight guy, cuz you're a flaming fag!

CaNdY  on club femme nu

posted on 9 November, 2006
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Hey come check me out at Femme Nu I usually work wed thurs sat and sun the occasional friday See you therE!

just wondering  on club femme nu

posted on 4 November, 2006
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is there still a really pretty girl named thai working there?

Paul  on club femme nu

posted on 28 October, 2006
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Was there last week was beautiful girls, all diffrent kinds, fell in love with tracy, and i think the other girls name was alex. the only thing that bothered me was on older woman named mrs kim, in a cowboy hat. she hassled me more that then waiters. if not for her i would have bought my girls more, get rid of her and i'll be back.

tacoma papi  on club femme nu

posted on 26 October, 2006
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I am looking for this colombian mixed chic named nicole, she goes by other michelle...tell her to call her papi in washington. Also i want say hi to all the VU girls except for guys gave me the best last five months the club was opened and made me look like the manager of the year...Mahalo.

Keith K.  on club femme nu

posted on 17 October, 2006
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One of the best-known strip clubs in Honolulu, Femme Nu has been a favorite place for bachelor parties. And that's what I was there for last Thursday night. The entertainers here are beautiful. The beers are five dollars. Private dances (I didn't have any) are 25 bucks a song, I think. Servers, mostly men, are polite and quick to bring drinks. The review ends here. I want to run for president one day and want to say that I was dragged against my will to this unholy place. I highly recommend it.

Carlos SF  on club femme nu

posted on 9 July, 2006
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Was there in February, Great dances from Jade at Femme Nu. Very hot. Anyone on the board know whether she's still there? I'm back in town all week and looking to visit her again.

CHEN ZEN  on club femme nu

posted on 14 June, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

While on vacation in hawaii, i checked this place out. the format was a little different that what i was used to from arizona clubs, but i guess it works in hawaii. brooke was awesome!! beautiful girl. i cant wait to go back in sept!!!

Reanna  on club femme nu

posted on 6 June, 2006
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Worked at this club for six months and enjoyed myself until I got to know this asshole named Rowland. Would not go out with him so he made it real hard for me to work there. I'm at Rock Za now where I make a lot more money and get alot more respect.

iniki  on club femme nu

posted on 24 May, 2006
This comment was posted anonymously

hey starbuck, as far as i know asia is now working at rock-za and going by the name jade. good luck ;)

I Hate Femme Nu  on club femme nu

posted on 29 December, 2005
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Wont go there anymore cus that mama s boy who s the owners son is now running it

Dan  on club femme nu

posted on 19 March, 2005
This comment was posted anonymously

Was in Hawaii from '92-'94, and a girl by the name of Kat used to work there. Does anyone know what may have happened to her. Thanks.

LOLA  on club femme nu

posted on 21 December, 2004
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Is lola working or not....she worked back in 1993. wondered if she still there. let me know-thanks!

dancer in ny  on club femme nu

posted on 26 October, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

i am planning a trip to check out the clubs there can anyone tell me the best clubs there (i also work in vegas) just want to know dance prices and club fees ant info would be great...thanks

rogers  on club femme nu

posted on 11 September, 2004
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there's a skinny little brazillian chick that you should avoid here. got a private dance from her and basically got scammed. she kept asking for more money while in there and she pretened like the cd machine was broken and she spent half the time pretending to fix it. this idiot also claimed to be in the North Shore fox tv series.

Where's  on club femme nu

posted on 21 April, 2004
This comment was posted anonymously

I lived in Hawaii in '93 and wondered if Lola back to dance or dont work since I left Hawaii....let me know and I will check it out. I miss Lola, She was best dancer and great looking and awesome body.

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