Club Red Rose Reviews


1646 Kona Street ## A

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

James G.

posted on 7 July, 2011
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Overall Rating2.0
Quality of the Dancers
Private Dances, Value for Money
Overall Hospitality
Guest to Dancer Ratio
Variety of Dancers
Value for Money, Cover Charge
Value for Money, Drinks
Value for Money, Food
OVerall Atmosphere
Sound System and DJ

Club Red Rose is the second place we stopped on our "No Cover Tour" of strip clubs in Honolulu. We came here after Misty 1. I was kind of traumatized from whole experience at Misty 1 and felt like I needed to shower so any experience would be better. We made our way down Kona Street to Club Red Rose which is hidden behind Jazz Minds.Club Red Rose is a very small strip club. We got in and ordered beers. We sat down in a booth and drank beers. The dancers were changing as we did this. The next dancer to come on was a middle-aged Asian woman with pretty big breast implants. She urged us to sit at the hot seat up near the stage. So we decided -what the hell, we might as well get this over with since we have to do it anyways as a part of our rules of our "No Cover Tour" (at least one drink for yourself and at least one song/round sitting at the hot seat).Let me tell you this stripper was crazy! She was encouraging us to do stuff that I thought you cannot do in a Gentlemen's club. She was also asking us to take pictures of her (just pictures that didn't show her face). It seemed like she wasn't even concerned if we were tipping her. Maybe it was just the fact she was seeing new faces there. Of course we tipped her well. She was cool too. She tried to talk story and offered her insight on life. It was a pretty weird experience overall, listening to life lessons from a naked woman. Went to the bathroom and it was dark. If there were no lights coming in from the colored and black lights outside it would probably be pitch black in there. It was kind of scary, ideal place to mug someone. So it is probably best to be on guard while using the bathroom here.Place is pretty sketchy, I recommend you do not go here alone. I also recommend that you do not go here sober. They don't charge cover so expect the very worst and you might come out with an experience or story to tell and it won't be that bad. Red Rose, 2 stars for you.