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1770 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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CrimeStoppers  on Club Rock-Za

posted on June 24, 2019
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Re: DrinkingStarbux  on Club Rock-Za

posted on February 10, 2019
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what a great rack you have, I would love to see and lick your ass crack !!

DrinkingStarbux  on Club Rock-Za

posted on February 9, 2019
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AOMY  on Club Rock-Za

posted on February 2, 2019
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Your man on the road, he doin' promo

You said, "Keep our business on the low-low"

I'm just tryna get you out the friend zone

'Cause you look even better than the photos

I can't find your house, send me the info

Drivin' through the gated residential

Found out I was comin', sent your friends home

Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

Jonathan T.  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 17, 2016
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As a Mormon, I was kinda shocked that there were naked girls! I thought I was going to a Korean BBQ place. Oh well. Sin with pride!

timmykilla  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on June 18, 2016
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rude people at the door, tired to ask about applying as a cocktail and they wouldn't even look at me while they were speaking. so stuck up.

felixnada  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on April 24, 2016
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Walked in it was kind of a dive but it wasnt bad . The music was cool hip hop ,R& B and some pop.but all in all cool.. The cover was cheap and the drinks were decent. The girls were cool but there was one that was awsome kylie , shes a must see great dancer and was worth every penny . Will be returning for round 2

brandonresh  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on October 27, 2015
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I've been there twice now,First time the tapper wasn't working and only three girls were rotating the Stage dances,Second time, only three girls again,On a Saturday night,Will never see me again!

fritter17  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on April 4, 2015
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This place has been around for some time now. She's starting to get a little run down. The drinks seem measured which is good if you own the place:not if you're trying to get drunk and have fun. Decent amount of girls though they really cater to the locals. I would still rate this as one of the best peeler bars in Honolulu.

XhXeXy  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on April 2, 2015
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Very small, not really clean, and the girls didn't really dance. They just sway back and forth to the music and expect a tip.

winston12  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on January 8, 2015
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I was pretty sad they closed so early. Having come from San Diego i was hoping they would never close just change shifts. Thats how it is in TJ Mexico which is where most people who can go to for hreat strip clubs. The girl were pretty and danced well. No twerking going on here tho fellas just not enough ass for that but tons of boobs to be motorboated is that's your thing. I still had a great time even rho im a ass guy. Dymn is who i went to see and even tho she was off that night my boy and i help with college funds if you know what i mean. Lol

Franklyn  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on October 29, 2014
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this review is gonna sound weird because it isnt really about the strip club, lolz.ive been here twice, both times to drink. the drinks are pretty good, pretty strong. cover is 7 bucks and with that you get a free drink. once im good and drunk, i go elsewhere. the strippers really hate me because i dont tip, hah. my bad im jus tryna get my drink on.

link building  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 24, 2013
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grAxtO Thank you ever so for you article.Really thank you! Want more.

Harrison69  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on July 15, 2013
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$7 cover charge for local resident.girls are attractive. they dont really do much pole dancing (head over to 939 if thats your thing), but they are more one on one, so if you like a$$ in your face, this is the place to go.only thing is mama-san server demanded tips for serving drinks which i find a bit rude...

Royal Kuhio  on Club Rock-Za

posted on November 12, 2011
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This place sucks. Girls ignore you unless you are aggressive and have lots of cash. I got the best service from the cashier. Will not be back.

adamrod  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on August 14, 2011
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1 Big Room Full of Bad Bitches

eddyL  on  Club Rock-Za

posted on January 28, 2011
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There are not too many good strip clubs on the island. This place has exceptional woman, some may be unappealing to the eye but to each is there own. Besides the girls, chicken wings and steak fries are one of the items that people don't really know about. It can feed about three people so don't be alarmed at the price. So if your friends are in town and they haven't been to a strip club in Hawaii and there hungry. Go to Rockza for happy hour. Girls get fully nude, the bar food is decent, and the bear is cheap especially if you get it off the tap. And don't forget to wash your hands before before you tip the girls with your greasy fingers.

Morgan  on Club Rock-Za

posted on September 27, 2009
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Hey! I just worked there for two months. I was there for the summer from NYC, best place to work out of all of them. The girls were friendly and it was a great environment. Owned by two women:) xo

<tr><td style="margin:0px;padding:8px">  on Club Rock-Za

posted on March 18, 2009
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Rock-Za Mufuk-Az This place rocks! Will B Back soon...

We MUST ALL Vote  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 26, 2008
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TOO EXTREME  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 26, 2008
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The main moral villains in this financial catastrophe, Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Barack Obama, who protected and received the biggest buck payoffs from Fannie Mae - the enabler of this mess. In the House of Representatives, the biggest villain was EXTREME LEFTIST Democrat Barney Frank. It was only in July that he said Fannie Mae was a good investment for the future, causing trusting investors to lose billions

KNOW IT ALL...  on Club Rock-Za

posted on July 28, 2008
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Girls dance because they make more money in 2 days what most people make in 2 weeks, at least the hot ones do. There are many girls educated who work in stripclubs, so do not make assumptions. People go to college to make good money, and good money is definitely made in a stripclub, more so than that entry level job right out of college! You can always fall back on education (if you can get one), so these girls are smart to make this easy money when they can. So stop hating, because your man is a cheater! Note to self* If it wasn't with Dynasty, it would have been someone else!!!

Troy H.  on Club Rock-Za

posted on June 2, 2008
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This is by far one of the better clubs in Honolulu. The gals are gorgeous. The only downfall is that there are certain times when there aren't enough gals around for all the guys. Next door to here is another cool place. Forgot the name. Just look for the green awning!

you know  on Club Rock-Za

posted on May 5, 2008
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Watch out for a girl named "Dynasty" her real name is Kat and she from Maui. Now she lives in Punahou. She is a stink, scandalous, bitch!! She likes to fuck up marrages and she only likes married guys. She does it because her marrage didn't work out. Also, she makes like she's so smart just because she goes to UH. Big deal. So why is she working as a stripper?!?! These kind of girls have problems!! Oh, ya, she's psycho!! She doesn't catch the hint when to leave people alone, very ignorant!

Bryan Y.  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 8, 2007
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checked out this spot for a bachelor party. the beers' cheap and theres a lot of parking outside.haha. i don't know why but the strip clubs on the island seem more like sports bars.

Saku  on Club Rock-Za

posted on September 4, 2007
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This is an upscale club compared to others in Honolulu - prices are the same though - I meant the atmosphere. There's a good racial mix of girls and it is very tourist friendly, close to Waikiki. On the weekends, it gets very busy and there aren't enough tables or girls to go around. I'm a regular tourist; always check it out when I'm in town; well at least once per trip. But it's not my favorite - too many tourists.

Devotion  on Club Rock-Za

posted on August 7, 2007
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Hey, Does anyone knows whether this would be a good club to work at as a first time " Hawaii " dancer flown from NY? Please give this exotic dancer some information if you have any? Thanks, I'm really fun and kool chica to work with and play with...

??license??  on Club Rock-Za

posted on August 2, 2007
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Can anyone tell me where to go to get a license to dance here? Thanx!

dog  on Club Rock-Za

posted on June 28, 2007
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This is dog the Bounty hunter the women r great!!!!!

New Dancer  on Club Rock-Za

posted on March 30, 2007
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the girls and managment here are very nice and have been very helpful showing me the ropes. its nice to see chivalry is not dead. Thank You

roadside  on Club Rock-Za

posted on March 30, 2007
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loved the up close and personal private dances

Big Rip Off  on Club Rock-Za

posted on November 12, 2006
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The 40-dollar-a-drink thing seems to be the major way this (and other clubs here) make money. Don't bother. You pay for the drink--and get nothing in return--and then they have the temerity to hand the girl one of the twenties right in front of you and then ask you to tip the waiter. For what? The guy hasn't done a damn thing for you and the club can't find a way to divide $40 between the girl, the club, and the waiter? If this club can't pay its waiters (or apparently its dancers) with the cash that flows through this place, that's not my problem. If this is how Honolulu joints do business, I'll take the mainland any day of the week...

Chris T.  on Club Rock-Za

posted on August 28, 2006
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Haha I cant believe one of my rare occassions for a First to Review will be a strip joint. This is also my first strip joint experience!This place bored me to tears. Maybe it wasn't just this place. Maybe all strip joints are boring. Their layout was like 2-3 center sections with 3 girls each flappin' their goodies. Yes, they go full frontal here! And the girls... they looked so bored out of their minds. It seemed so unerotic when their moves looked so routine. "Ok babeee, lemme rub my boobies together. Here I go with the pelvic thrust. Hot yet? How about ::slap::slap:: some of this? ::yawn:: Oh ok ::yawn:: now watch my booty clap. Hey, Frankie, get me some soda water will you? Ooh right... gotta clap the cooch now."And the guys were so subdued. I saw a guy with his face leaning against his hand staring. Are you getting turned on or are you studying Algebra???My critique on the girls. FUG. I saw one poor lookin' stripper with an 80s neon get up with maybe $2 in her garter. I believe she contributed $1 herself and the other from a blind dude. One of the girls was spreading eagle and my friends started to toss bills in between her legs and a few landed on her money shot. She had the nerve to stop thrusting and say, "Ok guys, I really don't want dirty bills on my c*nt!" Oh my word lady!!! The pole she was riding probably has a farm of STDs as is! She's complaining about free money? Psshhh!

ted merts  on Club Rock-Za

posted on June 25, 2006
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Hey I found they have a few thick girls that have some shape. thank you I hate girls who look like the need a sandwich. La- La Brandi and Roni are my number ones they also have been working there for a while. Lala is in and out, roni is there tues, wens.fri night shift and brandi is there m-f day shift.

The Gold Club  on Club Rock-Za

posted on May 31, 2006
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The gold club-Philadelphia Pennsylvania presents ......... 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY !!!!! Wednesday June 21st thru Saturday June 24th !!!!!! Dont miss the party of all parties with a feature entertainer SADIE SEXTON each night as well as a lavish complimentary buffet. There will be coor's light and heineken giveaway's and buckets of those beer's discounted as well, as chance's to win free couch dance's and champagne room's. There will be a special price all week to purchase a vip membership as well as champagne toast's all night. Call to rsvp table seating ! Dont miss the event everyone will be talking about for a long time to come ! The party starts at 9pm

Coach Lover  on Club Rock-Za

posted on April 26, 2006
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Met two hot girls who said they will be here tonight....Jessica and Sonya. They said "buy us a shot and a Coach purse bee atch!" So I'm on my way tonight!

Cigar Man  on Club Rock-Za

posted on January 8, 2006
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Anyone who speaks pidgin is a dumb shit!

Legacy  on Club Rock-Za

posted on December 31, 2005
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How has Rock-Za been? I'm coming back to Hawaii for a while and I'm wondering, is this place still hot, crazy, and fun? Are Baby Girl, Keala, and Isabella still there? I miss my ohana. I hope to see you all soon!!!! Aloha!

JC  on Club Rock-Za

posted on September 9, 2005
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We were at Club Rock-Za last Friday. There was a lovely Russian girl named Val. Fantastic body. Anyone know her schedule? We would love to see her again :-)

drevilwc  on Club Rock-Za

posted on June 18, 2005
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This is the best strip club in Honolulu by far. The girls are super hot. The first night we went there, there was 2 hot vietnamese girls, cute and really nice curvy bodies. There was this one hawaiian girl there too that was super hot. The night of my friend's bachelor party we went and there was this incredible looking stripper named Kinami. Unreal. There were a couple of others, Taylor, Coco that were definitely worth checking out. Only negative is that there is this one really stuck up vietnamese girl who is hot, but won't dance for anyone except her boytoy. Avoid her at all cost.

Lynn  on Club Rock-Za

posted on April 5, 2005
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Just wanted to say "yeah" agreeing with Zebra. Anyways I wanted to know if anyone seen Misty, filipino short girl, she was daancing here long time ago, I heard she still there.

zebra  on Club Rock-Za

posted on January 21, 2005
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Lap king should really apologize maybe he doesn't understand Aloha what makes the Oahu clubs we don't have people saying "you dumb pigeon shit" show a little respect

somchai  on Club Rock-Za

posted on October 2, 2004
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Dear Lap King: You comment to Pau was not very nice. I think you should apologize. By the way, it's "pidgin" not "pigeon." Hawaiian pidgin English is technically a creole language, not a bird language.

Saku  on Club Rock-Za

posted on August 24, 2004
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Nice club. Been here a number of times on my visits to Honolulu. Very close to Waikiki and within walking distance of Femme Nu. Girls really vary everytime I go but there's always at least one hot one. Not nearly as crowded as Femme Nu; more tourists and fewer locals. Very safe place.

Pau  on Club Rock-Za

posted on April 12, 2004
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my budz and i are saturday regulars there ...(the after work boys from 4pm to whenever) they keep improving the looks here with new-more comfortable seating, plasma screens (awesome). the servers are a little too pushy but what do you expect? they work for tips...they take rejection well there are a nice variety of women here... golden skinned blondes, sultry brunettes, and their specialty.... asians...woohoo i love the asians... they even have a women from chech republic.. can you dig it? no lap dances.. you can only buy drink and have them sit with you.drinks for them range from 30-100, 200, 500 for the champagne...

R  on Club Rock-Za

posted on February 1, 2004
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Is this club still open? If so does a dancer named Baby Doll still work there?