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1224 Kona Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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Blacks brutally kill white girl  on Misty 1

posted on October 18, 2009
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during which time she was raped and savaged with a broken chair leg. She was beaten in the head and household bleach was poured down her throat and over her bleeding and battered genital area in an attempt by her attackers to cover any evidence of rape ? all while she was still alive. Then she was ?hog-tied? with curtains and a strip of bedding and a plastic bag was wrapped over her face. Her body was stashed inside five bigger rubbish liners and dumped in a bin, where, according to the autopsy report, she slowly suffocated to death.

Jeff I.  on Misty 1

posted on January 5, 2009
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It's just another strip club. The girls are OK, with their fake boobs. There is a happy hour, so that part is ok. It's just not as prestigious as Feme Nu or Rockza, but it's better than some of the other second class strip joints out there.

Dog  on Misty 1

posted on June 28, 2007
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This is Dog the bounty Hunter the women r great!!!!!

abc123  on Misty 1

posted on November 15, 2006
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I wonder in Kim-Sa's nick name is now "copper". It is an alright place however.

copper  on Misty 1

posted on September 14, 2006
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I know alot of these club have closed or are really bad, here is a great club to check out. Kim-Sa Now Owns Club Sundance at 703 Queen St. In Honolulu, HI, no trouble LOTS OF FUN. Now open Sundays with free pupus between 3pm-7pm. Club hours are Mon-Sun 3pm-2am. No presure, just have fun, great girls. Noone ignores you, everyone is friendly and upbeat. Buy your favorite girl a drink for 20.00 at your own will. They don't push like in other clubs. I AM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. kim-Sa is adding a new a/c just added a jukebox and plans to update much more in the near future. No cover charge, everyone welcome.

Kim-Sa  on Misty 1

posted on September 13, 2006
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I don't know about Misty II Lounge, but Kim-Sa Now owns Club Sundance at 703 Queen St. Call the club at: 808-538-1888 or come on in.

melissa  on Misty 1

posted on February 21, 2004
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used 2 work here about 12 years ago, was wondering if kim-sa still owns it and did she ever marry John, never got an invitation to wedding. Johns mom used 2 watch my 3 kids. if she still is owner please update phone# so i can call u or call me at alaskan bush co. in phx thx