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1420 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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marlonmoney12  on  Saigon Passion III

posted on 11 November, 2016
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Worst place ever came in out of boredom and place was empty figured I go have a drink $13 Long Island lol and omfg worst tasting drink ever it was so bad I returned it to bar and left. Wasn't worth complaining or getting refund I just wanted out wtf

Walter F.  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 17 September, 2016
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This place is terrible. I disputed my bill, then they decided to kick me out - because I asked what the extra charges were in my bill. Then as the 6 of us were leaving, two door guys pulled one of my friends aside and told him they wouldn't let him leave unless he gave them $20. What??? Obviously that didn't happen. Seriously. This place is THE WORST club I have been to. Don't waste your time. The staff is a big ball of twisted a*hole. And to top it off, they didn't give me back my credit card OR drivers license (they required I give them this to close my tab), they just escorted me out... Seriously because I disputed a $45 tab. One star for the strippers, three stars for our waitress and negative 100 stars for the bartenders, managers and door staff.

Franklyn  on  Saigon Passion III

posted on 29 April, 2016
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Walked in this place around 12am last night with no one but the employees inside. Did not even sit down yet and I had the hostess girls approaching me asking to buy them drinks. Mind you, none of these women were even good looking! Ended up walking out before even ordering anything. Stay away from this place

XhXeXy  on  Saigon Passion III

posted on 28 November, 2012
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This place has great potential but the vietnamese ladies running this place are too foolish to understand the concept of customer service or being professional to dancers. I have danced many plan

AssnTits5  on  Saigon Passion III

posted on 1 March, 2012
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Great spot had a blast

James G.  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 27 July, 2011
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Saigon Passion III, what happened to I and II I do not know. We stopped here as the last place on our "No Cover Tour." Just a reminder a "No Cover Tour" consists of going to strip clubs with no cover charge and buying at least a drink and sitting in the hotseat (near the pole) for at least a song/round.We got to Saigon Passion III after going to Misty 1, Club Red Rose, and Sandy's Place. We were pretty soused when we got here and pretty traumatized from the 3 previous strip clubs we were at. Got into Saigon Passion III and it reminded me of the strip clubs back home. This was very eerie.I noticed that they gave out the ghetto ash trays here aka styrofoam bowl with a wet napkin inside. Yeah this place was really reminding me of strips back in Guam now. You can straight up smoke inside this joint. I don't smoke so I don't really care. A lot of my friends smoke cigarettes so I don't mind just as long as they aren't blowing it in my face.This place was definitely better than the 3 previous strip clubs we were at but it is still pretty ghetto. We got our beers it seemed like music here was blasting like crazy. They had a decent DJ he might be still a novice but was playing alright stuff when we were there.We got our drinks and things it started. We go and sit down at the hotseat Some lady sits next to my friend Herald and puts her leg on top of his. We automatically think that she has to be a "buy me drinky" you know these women that work for strip clubs (sometimes strippers) that will go up to you and ask you to buy them a $20 non alcoholic drink and keep you company while they drink this drink. Well, we thought this girl was but turned out she wasn't. She was sitting with my friend Herald and taking his dollars and getting lap dances for herself, which was fine with us. She actually started going kind of crazy throwing dollar bills everywhere and groping my friend. Then the "mama-san" came up to us and got our order for more drinks. Then mama-san looked at the girl in a weird way and we were like does she not work here? Mama-san said no that lady don't even work here. The lady left and we were left cracking up the rest of the time there because some lady came and got lap dances and totally groped my friend Herald and it turns out she didn't even work there and she was there by herself...haha.

richard95  on  Saigon Passion III

posted on 18 April, 2010
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not the best place seedy and the girls arent the best.there is a reason why its so dark in there

michael k.  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 28 March, 2009
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Lame and pushy place. Run down.

interested  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 2 March, 2009
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Hi im interested in coming there in july wanted to know how it is then? or when is the best time to come there. What is the price of a lap dance? Do they have lap dances or are they "air dances"/no touching? Are private dances done standing on a table/pedestal or are you standing on the floor? How much is tip out (house, hmom, bar, dj, bouncers, etc)? Do they pay you to work there? Is 500 per nite possible without getting lucky? (dancing for several guys not 1)? Thank you ladies really appreciate it.


posted on 21 October, 2008
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The looney democrats who CONTROL Congress PROMISED to end this war in 2006. Instead the cowards delivered EXCUSES. SAD that these MORONS couldn't accomplish the ONE thing we expected of them

David C.  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 23 July, 2008
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place was dead when we got here around 10pm on a weekday. supposedly it gets much more crowded later in the wee hours. as for the girls, well.......yeah. haha.what's funny about this place is that it is located right next door to a youth ballet school. oh, the irony!

Big Earl  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 18 September, 2007
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Any extras available lately?????????????????///

mookie  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 31 August, 2007
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Ariel is a gem with her long toenails, have her scratch your nipples with them mmmmmmmm

Dog  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 28 June, 2007
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this is dog the Bounty hunter the women r great!!!!!

Beware  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 18 February, 2007
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I paid $200.00 for 1 hr in the champagne room with Tori, because her price was the lowest. My wife caught me because she gave me gonnorhea.

Makiki boy  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 4 February, 2007
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There are usually the ugly old and chronic bitches there with exeption of Heaven the korean hard body princess and the beautiful Vietnamese hostesses. But this weekend I seen some new local girls that were hot and model looking haole hostesses. Out with the old in with the new.

Pearlcityboy  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 1 February, 2007
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Be careful for girls with stink black cho cho's such as tori and lily, angel also has a smelly pussy which u can smell from miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MR.LOVER  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 31 January, 2007
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U have to check out Heaven and Gina 2 rare asian dancer dolls.Heaven is a Korean with a hardbody and Gina is a beautiful flower.

Roughrider  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 17 November, 2006
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The better looking girls come in toward the end of the week.

John Q. Patron  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 15 November, 2006
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Tori went nuts a few days back and was screaming and freaking out. Rumor has it she's on the hard stuff.

Colorado  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 14 November, 2006
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Ehh.. This stripper named Tori who looks like a baboon on crack yelled at me when I tried to leave the stage I was tipping this hot Asian dancer Gina. So not to make a scene I tipped her she licked my forehead with her tongue ( her saliva smelled like rotten ass) and put one of my dollars there then grabbed it with her pussy. All kind of fishy green slimy stuff was on my head oozing down. STAY AWAY!!!!

Denver  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 27 October, 2006
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A lot of old bitches go 2 Femme Nu or Rockza. If u must check this place out go on the weekend when the better looking girls go in. The hostess from Romantei and Club Asia kick it up a notch.

John  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 27 October, 2006
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The good thing is there is no cover charge, the girls are OK but the most beautifulist is Rose she is an exotic blend of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and white.She is very curvy with natural breasts and a J-Lo type of butt, has long hair and a Millio dollar smile with dimples to top it.

808  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 9 September, 2006
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Went to this club, what a dive, don't bother. Tori was the worst of all hope there is a back up plan in her ? future cause the dancing days are limited. Go down the street for a better view I did.

mic  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 8 September, 2006
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Owner Johnny keeps it pumping. Not at all strict if you spend money. Hot asian " dream girls " for the most part. Better than a few years ago.

Bigman_inpants  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 20 June, 2006
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Angel is the sexiest dancer there she really khows how to move her ass on stage and has great tits plus shes really sweet and inocent looking I think shes totaly Hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!

?????  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 22 February, 2005
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hello i just had a ? i live on kauai and i was looking to come up for a weekend a month but i would like to dance i have danced for three years. so i just wanted to know what i had to do to start dancing? because i do not want to come up there then i can, t work . if anyone can help me out that would be really great! i am 5'2 brown hair korea, german and irish i pull more of the white side. i did here good things about your club. from somes friends that go there a lot. can anyone help? thank you very much!

Saku  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 24 August, 2004
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Wow-this place has really gone downhill. It was never a great place but the quality of women here is truly sad, except for Susan the blonde. The others are old Asian women. Be prepared to be harassed for drinks (for the ladies). The music is the worst-I like rock and heavy metal but not in a strip club. Still, if the bigger clubs are too crowded and you want a dancer's attention, check it out. I was there on a weeknight, maybe there's better girls on weekends. They're open till 4 am.

Gerald  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 7 June, 2004
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I liked Airel, she was hot but also very nice! Tina was fine! But yes, the drink thing is a bit much!

MOWIEBOY  on Saigon Passion III

posted on 18 February, 2004
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Here's the deal; If you like Asian women...this is a good place...and if you like Vietnamese...even better. Watch out for the "thirsty girls" who can drain $20 drinks faster than you can get a stiffie! But, a good place nonetheless...I always end up here, I don't start here on a stripclub-binge night. Wish the bouncers weren't so aggressive on the "buy the lady another drink?" line...but I guess the girls ask them to do that. Pick a dark booth, a back booth, and keep one eye on the big Samoans roaming the floor.

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