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519 Illinois 146

McClure, Illinois 62957

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Lampliter  on The Pony

posted on 3 August, 2015
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Try The Lampliter in Ottawa IL They're Hiring Dancers!

ronnie stapp  on The Pony

posted on 14 May, 2013
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Chloe is the best, , , if u like dominatrix she is the one, , , so is marilumm very nice ppl i will be back tonight

Passing through  on The Pony

posted on 29 December, 2012
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How does this have a 7.8 rating? Stopped in at 8 pm on a Saturday night. No one dancing, but 3 overweight women waiting to do a dance. One told me $45 for a nude dance. This place is terrible. They should get more money to keep their clothes on.

Powers  on The Pony

posted on 2 May, 2012
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Wondering if someone still works there or has returned - a tall thin blond 5' 9" with implants - 32DD's, that worked Thursdays depending on the club would go by Barbi or Moriana

Fatboy  on The Pony

posted on 11 January, 2012
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Had another great time at the pony. My buddy and I went back to see if we could repeat the good times from our last visit. Although the bartender was different, she was very cute too. Even though Kitty wasn't there I still managed to have a good time with a couple others, Karma and Innocence. Both of those girls are nice and will treat you well. Not a lot going on early but it picked up quite a bit toward the end. Can't wait till my next visit, unfortunately that'll be a few weeks away. Keep it up!!

Fatboy  on The Pony

posted on 4 January, 2012
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Had a great time, for a Tuesday night. The folks there are really fun, as long as you're not a jackass. The bartender is amazing, if you can handle sarcasm. One of the best around, and she's hot as hell too, bonus!!!! The ladies in the club are nice. Some aren't what I'm after, but I'm picky. I saw another comment about walking zombies..... That's a little harsh, but there maybe one or two. :) I did find one little Kitty who's amazing. And a couple girls must have changed shifts or something cause my poor buddy missed his Angel. But regardless, if you haven't been to the pony, you need to check it out. I've always had a good time.

Angel  on The Pony

posted on 25 December, 2011
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Angel. Angel. Angel. Just another word for "Extremely HOT". anytime, anyday, anyway.

Angel  on The Pony

posted on 21 December, 2011
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Angel is back. My dick is again hard. Thank you lord.

Footlover  on The Pony

posted on 22 April, 2011
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Can anybody please tell me if Georgia is still there?

Boo Hoo  on The Pony

posted on 17 August, 2009
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Mikey it sounds like Karma came full circle!! How's Kaitlyn!! LOL!!

SI Visitor  on The Pony

posted on 1 June, 2009
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When i was at The Pony recently, I learned of the one-hour rentals. When I asked how much they were, I was told $300 plus you had to buy a bottle of champagne. This seems like a lot of money. Does anyone know what the one-hour rental includes that makes it worth so much? Is it just in the VIP area or is it in a different place?

ellie  on The Pony

posted on 23 April, 2009
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I think we run a falbouse club and store ! WE are freindly , clean and very nices to every custmor who comes therw our door! We try to give you the best went your here . We have nices girls and staff here! If you dont have fun then i dont know what to say. always have some thing going on an lots of funny doing whats good for are custemers and there safty as well! come see us for lots of fun and pretty girls!!!!!!

SLV  on The Pony

posted on 5 January, 2009
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I know the info says we have 12 dancers, but we have over 30 dancers providing entertainment for all of you! Plus, there is a feature entertainer every month....we've had Jade Simone St. Clair, Tatianna Stone, Robynn Foxx, Exotica, Shay Lynn, and so so so many more! Come by The Pony and check us out!! Every night is a different special, and we offer a free ride to and from Cape Girardeau via Designated Driver!

Traveling Salesman  on The Pony

posted on 10 November, 2008
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I travel for work all over the Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky area and I would have to say, hands down, this was the biggest disappointment of all clubs I've been to. The girls are low-quality and they wanted $40 for all nude. There's a big fence around the whole property and a cop car parked across the street to see everyone that pulls out. There seemed to be a lot of "thugs" hangin out in the parking lot too. Tried the Hushpuupy down the road after that and had a much better time for a lot less $. I got a dance from Christy and then they closed. I really wish I would have gone there first!

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