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2628 Pendleton Ave

Anderson, Indiana 46016

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SCN ADMIN (management)  on Hoosier Girls

posted on February 27, 2020

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CrimeStoppers  on Hoosier Girls

posted on June 21, 2019
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ShitHuggerSucks  on Hoosier Girls

posted on December 6, 2016
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LMAO go check out Hip Hugger posting old fake reviews on their sad page!!! Who do they think they're fooling? How desperate have they gotten! What a bunch of sad losers!! LOL!!!!

fuckery12  on  Hoosier Girls

posted on July 19, 2012
Joined 11 years ago
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This place is REAL Ghetto and REAL UGLY

XhXeXy  on  Hoosier Girls

posted on March 13, 2012
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Cover was $3 on saturday. The area is pretty ghetto and the restaurant next door is boarded up. The couch dances are $20. The waitress was pretty pushy with the drinks and the 4 dancers there were pretty pushy with the dances. The club is easy to find off I-69. Beer was $3.50. This is a no touch club so I doubt I will be returning.

Bobby  on Hoosier Girls

posted on August 18, 2010
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I heard this club was for sale does anyone know?

Dancer#2  on Hoosier Girls

posted on July 11, 2008
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i work at hoosier girls show club...and if any of you want a good time to show you what Anderson stirp clubs are really about go there on 53rd. Well show you a good time.

customer  on Hoosier Girls

posted on April 24, 2008
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This is the worst club I've ever been to. The women are ugly and drugged out, the bartender is always drunk and picking fights. I prefer the one down the road Hoosier Girls. Much nicer

Mr Monkee  on Hoosier Girls

posted on July 1, 2006
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Who are the hot dancers at this club? I'm from out of town but do pass through so who should I watch for. Thanks

Hitman  on Hoosier Girls

posted on April 23, 2005
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nice place to go if your a Black guy......I sat at a table for over 3 hours and got an offer from one girl for a $1 lap dance, but every girl in the place danced for the two black guys at the next table. Guess the ladies there like the BIG offers from them. Get a real dark tan or shoe polish if you want any dances here.

dancer  on Hoosier Girls

posted on April 6, 2005
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whats a matter you keep deleteing my comment like no one really knows how dirty this hole is! and yes I worked here one night and caught ringworm. BLEACH!!!!!!

L-  on Hoosier Girls

posted on June 9, 2004
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This is a great club to visit on a budget. I often spend a couple of bucks and tip the ladies who chat with me. Biggest problem is the really fat, ugly chick who always hits you up for lap dances. I usually tip her a buck and ask her to leave.

smokey  on Hoosier Girls

posted on April 1, 2004
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this club offers a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. you are treated like a real customer by all the girls.It is run like a club should be , the best in Anderson