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Columbus, Indiana 

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question  on Break Room

posted on April 6, 2011
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hey SCL...why don't you do your job and maintain your site...there are so many clubs that are closed, so many website links that don't work and so many emails that bounce back but you never update anything...get rid of all the dead wood and your site will be ALOT smaller... if you don't want to do it, pay me & i'll supply you with all the dead ends because the site USED to be helpful, now it's just PATHETIC!!...have some pride in your business before someone takes your business from you!

former employee!  on Break Room

posted on November 26, 2006
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if you are waiting on another club to open there you will have along wait.the city is what closed it and wont let another one open.the indy girls you asked about were at a place called club zues on the south side. well they were last year.

wolfpup  on Break Room

posted on July 30, 2006
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Places been closed for couple of years waiting for new club in Columbus

Sting  on Break Room

posted on March 18, 2005
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This place closed....

jay  on Break Room

posted on April 15, 2004
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what ever happened to the indianapolis girls when they first opened they were hot!! if anyone has any info let me know.