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255 West Morris Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

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JJ  on Lenny's Gentlemen's Club

posted on 20 September, 2011
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Mickey is a scraggly cock eyed little punk ass who shits his pants. i have a stool, he can climb it to wipe my ass! joe is a dusty old fart who shaves with a belt sander and dies his hair with shoe polish edgar is a ugly moron. this place blows . too many smokers. girls are not ass good as club o which is just down the street. .

alize  on Lenny's Gentlemen's Club

posted on 13 May, 2006
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Sandi r u still over there? we all miss u very much at dancers! have u talked 2 angie? call me

night train  on Lenny's Gentlemen's Club

posted on 6 November, 2004
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i have heard good things about this club but i'm afraid to go at night because i don't want to get shot or mugged.

angel  on Lenny's Gentlemen's Club

posted on 24 September, 2004
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To all of my regulars, I am now at the touch of class in crawfordsville. Wonderful place to work. Small tip out, large dressing room, free tanning, and great people to work with. I have never been to a place where the outher girls actually help you out. If you want to carpool with me, give me a call.

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