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1011 N Meridian Street Rear

Marion, Indiana 46952

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craig  on Suzie-Q's

posted on November 14, 2010
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I know whom you are speaking of .She dances at Kokomo hugger under a different name now. She did dance at Vip for sometime also under another stupid name, but never this place I doubt. Who cares

David  on Suzie-Q's

posted on November 14, 2009
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Has anyone know where Pokeahontas is dancing at. She is the young Indian girl. Last sighting was VIP, a patron there was telling me about it and I missed her appearance that night. The bar maids did not know who she is and said to try at the other club, so anyone seen her? She is in her early twenties and nice bolt-ons. I met her in Kokomo and have looked everywhere for her to see her again and was glad to hear some info and now I just need to locate where she is working and what nights. If you see her tell her I will be up there this Saturday. The phone number to the club, is not correct. If anyone has it, please reply to my post.

shorty  on Suzie-Q's

posted on August 5, 2008
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Who rated this club at 9.0 that is crazy !! This club should have a 2.0 if that. They don't dance just walk around drunk falling over . ok if you like big girls i guess

From Anderson  on Suzie-Q's

posted on November 21, 2007
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I went back and worked for a few and it wasn't too bad. Finally cracking down on the fat girls. Most of the good looking girls are there on the weekends.

Spanky  on Suzie-Q's

posted on February 15, 2004
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Sorry gave the place another look and was there for an hour and no one dancing guess they were busy selling drinks or socializing with boyfriends. Saw three girls the may have been dancers by the way they were dressed. I had to go back to Waylon's at least there were women dancing even though they weren't taking any clothes off.

Spanky  on Suzie-Q's

posted on February 14, 2004
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Sorry Buck, I will have to give the place another look or you need to get out of town more often and see some other women.

BUCK  on Suzie-Q's

posted on February 9, 2004
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Whats every one think, maybe spanky is another stripclub exotic dancer? the girls work hard at susieqs and they are attractive.give'em a break.

Spanky  on Suzie-Q's

posted on February 8, 2004
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gone fishing-you were there all night and not disappointed with quality but you think that they had hot dancers? I don't understand they are either hot or not..last time I was there and sober they were not, I am sure they get better the more you drink. I know that once the business picks up the better dancers will start showing up. Most of the experienced dancers know when and where the money is to be made.

future customer  on Suzie-Q's

posted on January 29, 2004
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Ok...give some names of the dancers......I'm sure I've seen a few of them in kokomo and the area.....waiting hear

Gone Fishing  on Suzie-Q's

posted on January 28, 2004
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I think they got some hot dancers.I was there all night and was not disappointed with the quality.