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3555 N Hwy 169

Coffeyville, Kansas 67337

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gay!  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on July 5, 2009
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Enchanted Forest? Was this a gay club or male-only back when it was open? With a name like that it had to be.

its the lady  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on October 6, 2007
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smell the air. smell the air. open up them lungs.

Romantic  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on August 28, 2006
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I wanted to check it out Friday (8-25-06) but found it closed with weeds taller than me at the door.

Curious Honey  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on July 9, 2006
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Just curious about this club. I'm wanting to dance away from home in Emporia and wouldn't want to waste my time or the drive. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My picture is attached.

Troy  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on March 17, 2005
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I went the first time 3-16-05. Pretty nice for a small club better than some in Tulsa. $8 at the door about 7 girls all young no fugly's. I had a blast the only thing I didn't really like is they charged for girls, which I think no club should do. If you live in the coffeyville area check it out for sure. I did talk to one of the girls and she said some nights it's pretty dark in there but the night I went it was great.

carl  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on November 19, 2004
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the place is now called Bravos and a lot classier then the old place all the girls are pretty hot. you should really check the place out

Bill  on Enchanted Forrest

posted on March 6, 2004
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I used to go to this club once a week, when I lived in Kansas. Its a great place, Brooke is the best, she made my week all the time. Rogue I know you moved but you are fabulous too. Just wanted to give a shout to all my old friends from that place, you're all beautiful and I have great memories of the place. Brooke you are still and always will be tops in my book baby, Miss Ya!