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3608 7th Street

Louisville, Kentucky 

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nosey  on Silver Slipper

posted on June 9, 2007
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lookn 4 marie the one who wore wigs

Big Girls  on Silver Slipper

posted on October 21, 2006
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Went the other night and when I walked in there were 3 girls at the bar with a combined weight of around 750 pounds, and I wish I were kidding.

Jef  on Silver Slipper

posted on August 31, 2006
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Went there this week. There were two ladys there, a non-dancer and the bartender. Nothing going on here. Try somewhere else.

bob  on Silver Slipper

posted on February 15, 2006
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went to silver slipper the other and was immediately ripped off by the bartender. she asked if i wanted to buy a lady a drink. i asked which lady and how much. she said $22. damn. i pointed at a cute blonde and paid. she poured a drink, started drinking it and said thanks. damn. i asked if she would come and sit with me and she said she couldnt leave the bar. how fucked up is that?

O-man  on Silver Slipper

posted on February 8, 2006
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Went to this place again. Found out some things. This place is like it was, years ago, just much more expensive. It's gonna cost either a $66 or $88 drink plus a tip (donno how big a tip) for what I was lookng for. My theory is that the city closing all the massage parlors has run the prices up at these joints.

O-man  on Silver Slipper

posted on January 25, 2006
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10 years ago, when this place had a different name, this was THE place to go for cheap thrills. A $12 drink plus a $20 tip was all it would take for, uh, well, for what most of us are looking for when we go in these type places. Now, it might be like that again, but most of the time the girls either don't trust me, or maybe each time I find the one girl who is too good for it, and then the others won't give me the time of day. (One visit, it was great...) The last time I went in there, there was even a girl who DANCED! She was asking for tips, even though she said "We can't go topless in here." I can't figure this place out.

stinger  on Silver Slipper

posted on December 30, 2004
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Has anyone been here lately? Coming to town in Feb and wondering if it is worth a try to go. If so, any girls that give real good dances?

Jack  on Silver Slipper

posted on August 3, 2004
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I went there a few years back, I think they named it "Silver" Slipper because most of the women were so old they had silver hair, it sits in an odd spot in the districting here and the women did't get completely nude, checked it out one other time and got a pretty hot table dance from this plump little blonde.