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Johnson12  on  Michael's Mens Club

posted on August 25, 2016
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Can't say I agree with the previous reviewer because I am white, and we had the same problems. There were some nice looking girls, but they didn't seem interested in me or money. I was tipping $5/$10 per dance while they were on stage trying to get someone to come to my table and do some dances and maybe a champagne room. After their set the girls would walk by, say "thanks" (literally one word), and go sit back with whatever regular they were sitting with and getting no money from. I am not ugly, old, weird-looking, unclean, or in any way off-putting to look at. And I had a ton of money to spend. But what I wasn't was a regular. So the end result is I left with over $1200 in my pocket that I planned to spend. Most of the $150 or so I managed to give away went to the waitresses who at least were helpful. Oh well, I guess I will stick to New Orleans and/or Baton Rouge.

Visitor  on Michael's Mens Club

posted on July 13, 2016
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Can guys touch in VIP area?

curtis17  on  Michael's Mens Club

posted on February 22, 2016
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If you are black don't come here...I was in a group of Asian and white dudes and EVERY dancer passed me over for them...all of them ...the club in itself is nice...girl are a 6 to 8 range...