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327 Bourbon Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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tonycluber  on  Temptations

posted on June 18, 2016
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Sometimes things are free for a reason. That seems to be the case with Temptations. It'd be generous to say this is a subpar strip club...at moments if felt like an outright scam. Whatever you save on admission, you'll pay for in exorbitant drink prices which are notoriously light on alcohol. That could be worth it with the right "entertainment" but honestly dancers were not very exciting. Most didn't seem all that interested and unfortunately weren't very attractive. Overall avoid this spot if you can.

Franklyn  on  Temptations

posted on April 14, 2012
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I went to this club after being to the Penthouse and Barely Legal. Barely Legal had girls with bodies that look like they belong in a Jenny Craig's class and Penthouse and Score had girls that were sorry as another patron said 'sticks with air balloons in front'.Not my type at all, so I went to this place after the girls were throwing beads from the balcony. Must admit it wasn't as highly as I thought it would be for a Friday night around 12:00am. The drinks were normal prices of a more classier known places like Penthouse and Ricks but the talent looks wise was better. Some girls there could need a dance class or two, but all had reasonable real curves and looks. The lady I ended up being with most of the night, treated me like I was an old friend returning back to see her. We went upstairs to a private session and it was worth the price with no extra charges if you got it like I did. She was so good I went to her again the last night of my stay cause again the other places like PHouse B-Legal,Scores, etc were not that good. And again I had a great time. Will be in the area again so will be checking it out again. Hopefully she is there cause must admit if it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't go there again.

John L. H.  on Temptations

posted on December 29, 2011
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This review is intentionally left blank.

ryan123  on  Temptations

posted on June 23, 2009
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A bunch of us decided after a few drinks that this girl standing in the front of the club looked really hot. We walked in on a few gentlemen's club on Bourbon and this one was the one that looked most promising. The girls were pretty decent and it looked cleaner than the other clubs. So why the1 stars? Let's say the girls don't know one thing about servicing a man's fantasy. 1/2 of the girls had an attitude problem. HELLO you're a stripper, did you expect the men not to look when you walk by? Half of them had a scowl on their face unless their dancing on stage of course. Lap dances aren't given out in the open like California or Vegas, they take you to a private back room. Which is fine for all the shy boys but I think they will get more business if they just do it out there but hey that's just my two cents. Anyways most of my friends were pretty disappointed since these girls don't really go around and try to get customers.... I think they rely on the stage and if someone likes them then that "someone" must approach them. Either way I think you have a better time at Larry Flynt's Barely Legal.... Hate to say it but I don't walk into a strip joint to get the cold shoulder or a bitchfest.... Aren't strippers suppose to make us feel.....good?

Jeff S.  on Temptations

posted on June 23, 2009
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There are, of course, plenty of places in New Orleans to ogle naked ladies, and there are also several stops you can make in the city if you are a fan of Jewish leaders of the old Confederate States of America...but if you are a fan of both, Temptations is 5 star, easy. The only place in the country where you can combine both obsessions, while enjoying only semi-overpriced drinks to boot.The strip bar is in an old mansion built in 1840 by the St Martin Family. Their daughter Natalie married a up-and-coming Jewish lawyer named Judah Benjamin. Judah, deciding he liked the mansion (and the free rent) at 327 Bourbon, moved in with his new family. He went on to be a Louisiana Senator, and during the War of Northern Aggression he was first the Attorney General and later Secratary of War for the Confederate States (Obviously not the best Secretary of War, as we know how that turned out)So admire the old balcony outside where Benjamin made the decision to quit the US Senate when Louisiana seceeded from the Union, then enter and check out the gorgeous parlor where some very pleasant topless ladies will make small talk with you and dance on a pole in ways that Judah Benjamin never imagined; Be sure to ask them about the man considered the "Brains of the Confederacy" for the full on New Orleans cultural mix.5 stars before you even walk through the door...make your own decision after.

Tonya S.  on Temptations

posted on April 17, 2008
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Four stars for the atmosphere. Very old world and elegant - almost like a mansion.The entertainment is okay - although I loved the girl in the gangster outfit (pinstripes!) Drink prices were high, but not as high as the drinks we purchased at Scores down the street. Regardless, I expected high drink prices at a nudie bar, so it wasn't a huge issue.We sort of befriended one of the working girls and I purchased a private dance with her for me and the birthday boy. Since we had spent an hour getting to know her first, it ended up being a huge giggle fest when we went back to "The Room." In a way, that was kind of priceless. I'd definitely go back if I'm ever on Bourbon Street again.

cokilla  on Temptations

posted on February 13, 2008
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hey girls if you need another club 2 work at cum 2 arnies. located in harvey, IL. just out side of chicago. you can do any and every thing you like. but the only thing that dum ass white fuck charge 400 to work there. give him a call 708-331 8181 or 708 331 3090

theasiangem  on Temptations

posted on June 27, 2007
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New Orleans has been doing quite well as of late. The Bourbon Burlesque club is now Temtations gentlemens club. Very nice atmosphere, pretty girls. You all should come check it out..c

N  on Temptations

posted on May 4, 2007
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Really, the city should just close down altogether and give up rather than waiting for the next one with rising sea levels and global warming

Management?  on Temptations

posted on April 27, 2007
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Is this place still closed??? if it is open for business does this club have any job openings for entry-level management? If so please post an email address for the general manager or owner so I can send them my resume. I am currently living in Lake Charles, and I am seriously considering moving to New Orleans. I will be there for a few days in the near future to investigate employment options. Thank you

CLUB 390  on Temptations

posted on September 2, 2005
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we are sorry about your tragedy, but we are willing to help. we realize that many of you may be looking for a new club until your club is up and running again. club 390 is a new club (just 1 year old) located in chicago. we are a beautiful, upper-scale topless club that is great to work at. we are offering free house fees to any dancer meeting our criteria that can show that she worked at a new orleans club within the past month. call any of our managers at (708)758-club for details.

Need a Place To Work  on Temptations

posted on September 1, 2005
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For all you girls that are in need of a place to work while your clubs are closed due to hurricane damage, come to CT and work in our clubs. We are willing to pay for airfare and we have newly renovated housing. Please call 203-331-8524 if interested.

Zachary A.  on Temptations

posted on July 19, 2005
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One of the better, cleaner, less nasty of the Bourbon strip joints.

masked marvel  on Temptations

posted on April 26, 2004
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Hey , is this the s. club on Bourbon w/o any doors in front ???