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Tracy B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 6, 2016
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Ok so we were out with a Large Team from work & someone said that another Co-Worker was on stage to which I was like What?!?!? I had no idea what was in store but off to the CM we went... OMG it was instant great atmosphere from the moment we walked in the door. Loud, Crazy, Complete Crowd participation. Just knew this was going to be a memorable experience. We put in our name (our team slowly grew the longer we stayed)... The host is all about the place and was a great host. The person actually running the Karaoke (not sure if its the same) might have been better had they not kept putting the same 2 girls on stage, I almost want to take off another star for this but oh well... The place was packed & so many people were waiting to get on stage, but the same few girls (yeah I know the skinny pretty ones) kept just getting up & then FINALLY it was our turn.. AND OMG there was like 10 of us and we had the best time... Total Crowd song & the whole place was going nuts... We then made our way up to the bar & the drinks are CHEAP... In the beginning I was down near the stage & other people just kept buying my drinks so I have no idea what they were costing, but then I bought a few rounds & Its cheap to drink here in NOLA back home (Boston) youd be out $100 after just 2 rounds... But this was fun... The place is quite big & just a total fun environment. If back in New Orleans it would be my first stop (bar) to go with the BF... I got my shirt & cup so I can rep the CM at home!

Melinda S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 26, 2016
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Went to this place two nights in a row and it was cool. The host definitely makes it fun and the people who perform are really good! Unfortunately, I was not one of these people lolWent there on a Monday and Tuesday night and it wasn't a bad place to hang out. Crowd was a good size for a week night! Drinks were kind of expensive and they don't let you bring in outside drinks which is kind of lame.

navid  on  Cat's Meow

posted on September 20, 2016
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I have never enjoyed a karaoke night when the host is the only one who sings. I do not call that Karaoke! Maybe the host should check his ego and let the people who come into the bar sing. The daughter of a friend wanted to sing and was turned away because of to many singers. Shocker, I only saw the host on stage.Do not go here if you want to sing

danielson  on  Cat's Meow

posted on June 27, 2016
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4.25 stars. Yes, it's absolutely touristy. Yes, the trashy shitshow that is Bourbon Street spills off of the street and directly into this venue on a regular basis. But if there is a better karaoke experience than Cat's Meow anywhere in the country, I've yet to see it. Now I've seen some people complain about the drinks here but Cat's Meow knows its audience. Namely, the idea of serving drinks in glass is simply a terrible idea when you have patrons so obviously beyond their usual limits. To wit, by the time we reached the second floor to take a Roman Colosseum view of the events below, two girls from a bachelorette party - one the bride and another an aging bleached blonde with a silicone chest - were fighting for crowd attention and eventually each other (silicone kicked the bride on the karaoke floor!). No one wants glass in a venue like that. By the way, if you don't particularly care to karaoke or dance, may I strongly suggest this second floor? From our original vantage point, you get a bird's eye view of all the lunacy. For example, we watched a horrific breakup (the girl grabbed another man's you know what right in front of her man), people falling on stage, the best drunk dancing ever, and the obligatory drunk people coupling from the balcony. The range of songs offered by Cat's Meow is quite good. But what really makes the event are the MC's who bring the party back every single time after a bad song. These dudes can sing, dance and are pretty much a bachelorette's dream as they are pretty sculpted too. Their ability to bring energy back into a place is borderline magical. It was my friend's b-day, and I was proud that she left the second floor and was having fun dirty dancing with the MC's. Eventually, all of us participated in either dancing or singing, and just had a great overall time. If you're looking for a place where you're encouraged to leave your inhibitions behind in a positive manner, Cat's Meow is the appropriate tonic.

Jordanp  on  Cat's Meow

posted on June 24, 2016
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I really have to say that I so enjoyed coming to the Cat's Meow! If you are looking for a place to do karaoke on Bourbon Street then look no further. I recently came here several times while bar hopping down Bourbon with some friends and it wasn't too bad, not crowded at all! The last night we came some friends did karaoke. The bar provides you with a list of songs available according to genre then you go up to the hostess and tell them which number it is so that they can write you down on the list. Once it gets closer to your time they'll write your name down on the board and announce it. Wow did I have a blast even the locals will have you dying! I was a bit sad that they had NSYNC but not the Backstreet Boys otherwise I would've sang my tiny heart out! They should put more song selection out there but overall I did enjoy this place!

Daniel Evan B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 24, 2016
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It was fun, but the karaoke DJ sang WAY too much, not letting customers sing nearly enough. He sang literally after every performer. It wouldn't be so bad if he was good, but........

billtheguy12  on  Cat's Meow

posted on June 9, 2016
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Try a different place, avoid this. Although all eight of our party had put our names on the karaoke list for different songs, along with a handful of other people, we waited nearly two hours and left before any of us got our turn. It wasn't worth it. Why? The DJ kept getting up and singing entire songs himself solo (not well!) and taking breaks between customers to dance entire songs. We realized you could tip him and his girlfriend/sidekick to get bumped up the list. But we went elsewhere, spent our drinking money and had a blast. Disappointing as we all thought it would be a fun group thing. And two of us are singers and know how to get s crowd going. There are too many choices in the city to waste time in a crap joint like this. I've been to lots of karaoke bars. This one was about the DJ's ego.

Colbys  on  Cat's Meow

posted on May 18, 2016
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This is for the tourists. If you want to hear a bunch of drunk people scream into a mic trying to sing along with the karaoke, this is for you.If you are looking for a traditional bar, go somewhere else. This is a hot-spot for the young twenty-somethings that are typically obnoxiously drunk.It will always be a landmark on Bourbon, and always has a crowd.

kenston12  on  Cat's Meow

posted on April 28, 2016
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I just realized I forgot to check in here and I am so disappointed! I was in Cat's Meow about a month ago while visiting New Orleans with my dad and boy did we have a blast, alright maybe a little too much fun on my part but regardless it was a great time! If you like karaoke, then this is the spot for you. They have a huge music selection and a nice big stage! I was almost up there, but unfortunately I did not have enough liquid courage which was suprising because at that point I had had a lot! But theres always next time. Everyone is pretty much a tourist on Bourbon street in general so everyone in Cat's Meow was also a tourist. Everyone was talking to one another, asking where they were from, why they are vision etc. It was like on big party. It made it easier for people to get on stage and for the most part, make a fool of themselves! Drinks were delicious and super cheap. The bartenders were great and very energetic and happy to fulfill your needs. Unfortunately I did not have it in me to go back before I left, but the next time I'm in New Orleans I will definitely be making a second stop here!!

Jacob S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on March 9, 2016
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Place sucks. The Jell-O shots blow since they have no alcohol in them. Very touristy vibe aside from the worst singers on the planet. Some are funny and some should just never open their mouths. THE WAIT TIME IS AWFUL. I CANT EVEN!! I also find the security only consists of thugs. They just stand there mean mugging the shit out of you. God forbid you look happy at your job guys. They also freak out at the slightest movement. I mean for real I just wanted to stand up from my bar stool. And what's up with the those lame ass waitresses. They asked me 9 times in an hour if I wanted shots. If I said no once then leave me be. I know where to find your annoying ass. Appreciate you wanting me to be drunk and have a good time but it will never happen with those weak ass shots. If you go here, please go during happy hour where they surrender to your will otherwise it's a shit hole.

brandonresh  on  Cat's Meow

posted on March 2, 2016
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Love coming here when friends are visiting! You must sign up for kareoke and throw Beads off the balcony at tourists! Always a Good Time And drinks are cheap

williamr  on  Cat's Meow

posted on February 2, 2016
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We found this little gem as we ventured closer to unknown territory. I was very surprised by the good quality of the bar/venue and being able to access the balcony and move freely on it. This isn't in the heart of Bourban Street but for me it fit my needs of being less crazy! This was a very fun bar every time I went! You can view their cameras online to see their activity year-round, which might help you decide on going. Check it out!

Eric G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 23, 2016
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Ok, I get it. It's a place on Bourdon Street and the wait for karaoke is astronomical. However, after waiting for over two hours to sing songs when the DJ literally sang his own song for every three patron songs- come on, dude. Give the people who are buying the drinks a shot. We all just ended up leaving. In addition, I actually didn't enjoy the crowd very much. A lot of country crowds and country songs- which I have nothing against- it's just not my scene. I probably wouldn't stop in on another trip. And it's a damn shame, because I could have had a super good time at this place.

Joe M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 1, 2016
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the night we were there the singers were bad but still fun. Its fun to watch all the folks who think they can sing, sing. I would go back. Drinks were fresh and good. Good place to bring in friends.

Shawn S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 10, 2015
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On the one hand - if you can get on stage to sing a crowd pleaser, you feel like a rock star. There is a free balcony upstairs so you can be above the B Street fray. They do 3 for 1s similar to many bars during happy hour.Where I've lost it with this place is they have a very small play list of songs. Many karaoke bars have unlimited playlists. Maybe it's to keep crowd pleasing songs vs songs of self indulgence. But I think they could open it up to have more relevant dance or electronic music (Flo Rida, Coldplay, etc). Also - the wait to get on stage can feel like an eternity - I went at 6PM on a Thursday and it was over an hour. If you go at 9 on a Saturday forget it. They do allow call ahead - but it's hard to plan ahead like that when you are in the Quarter. In fact, the call ahead/book online seems to allow for groups to dominate the stage for 4 or 5 songs in a row.So - it's still fun but I've had a better time at Karaoke bars in New York.

Cleveland O.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 28, 2015
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So last night I was wandering down Bourbon Street when the Cats Meow caught my eye. Perhaps it was the drunk white girls, perhaps it was the music, or the insane homeless men yelling through the front window watching the show. I suspect it was a combination of the 3!Anyway I've been traveling the area completely alone and I said to myself "what the hell just get in there" so I did.While a essentially a dive bar with a huge karaoke stage the atmosphere was electric, the drinks were reasonably priced, and the staff very pleasant.If you are looking to jump into a ready made party, this is the place for you!

Mistercap12  on  Cat's Meow

posted on October 18, 2015
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This place could be awesome. Could be. They waste, literally 10 minutes between singers letting there friends sing. Ugh, waiting game while they let their buddies sing. COME ON MAN! You have an amazing set up, perfect opportunity for you to have possibly one of the best karaoke bars in the country, but you manage it like a dumbass. It's a karaoke bar, let your customers sing back to back without your lame bullshit in between. You could be the best, possibly in the country, but it take 15 minutes between songs. Why????

Danielle M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 6, 2015
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My friends and I are huge karaoke people and we're excited to visit "the bourbon st karaoke bar" we were very disappointed in our experience. 1) The song list is VERY limited. 2) My husband's $7 miller lite and my $7.50 watered down vodka and tonic was robbery 3) Some of the songs have voice tracks on them! It's not karaoke! 4) this last point really got to us; the host sings a song BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE PERSON super annoying! I suppose that's a tactic to keep you in there buying yheir over priced drinks. AND they talk over you while you sing! That's very disrespectful to your patrons. For karaoke regulars like myself, steer clear of this place.

Carmen C.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 2, 2015
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I had the best Birthday weekend singing my heart away in this fantastic karaoke bar!! The ambiance was fantastic and the bar staff was awesome I honestly cannot wait for my next visit to this wonderful bar..

Lauren M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 20, 2015
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This was the most entertaining experience while on Bourbon. This place was pretty crowded though the bars were very accessible. We were able to go upstairs and watch the show from the balcony. We also went to the outdoor balcony and were able to see a lot of Bourbon. I had a lot of fun here. Definitely worth stopping in here.

Sia B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 1, 2015
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This "MC" thinks she owns the stage and performs between every customer so what might be a 20 min wait turns into an hour or more because she thinks she is the best entertainer and will not stop singing even when you say I'm here and I'm next. That thing needs to take a step down and just introduce the customers paying for drinks and paying to sing. Whoever the owner is they need to fire that bitch. She is so unnecessary and a waste of money

Mary B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on August 8, 2015
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Was just at the Cats Meow fri 7/24 & Since my son loves to sing,,,went back again on Sat.7/25/15 We took him,daughter and son inlaw to NOLA just to party on bourbon st. We all had a blast and yes,,,,,,my son was one of the fan favorites not to sure about some of the staff tho. Yes,he was the one in white cap,jeans and boots on fri night and pink Astros cap,kaki shorts and tennie shoe on sat. Night. Had the crowd entertained and always trying to include them. He's a fun kid and loves to sing and dance.

Dan M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 22, 2015
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Hey Bravo to the tandem of Karaoke Host and DJ. We spent Monday night in New Orleans hitting all the spots and found this one to be great fun. All the best to the Boys from Boston !!

Sara M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 13, 2015
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This is a divey Karaoke place on Bourbon St. There is a balcony and a couple of bars inside. On the weekends, it is packed with tourists and people clamoring to find 5 minutes of fame howling out all manner of lyrical masterpiece. Most of the singing is terrible, the employee that runs the show doesn't seem to know the lyrics and that singing is no better. However, if you take it for what it is, a crummy little place where people drop pretense and have fun making jackasses out of themselves, you can have some fun. Occasionally some lonely heart will bum the crowd out singing some whiney cheating song. But before long people are back at it, having a ball, showcasing their lack of talent. Don't go here for an upscale experience, but if you are in the mood to relax, laugh, and take in the tourist crowd, this is your place!

Franklyn  on  Cat's Meow

posted on April 20, 2015
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By far one of the best Karaoke bars I've ever been too!! The staff is very friendly very attentive to there guest and very interactive with the guest. It's very up beat lots of fun! I visit this place ever trip to New Orealnes! Some of my greatest memories happen at this place! O did I mention they have the best jello-o-shots ever !!!

Penelope P.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 29, 2014
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Never been to a kaoroke bar where the hosts sing every other song. Dumb. Worst bathrooms in America. Require a credit card (not debit) to start a tab. Overall, awful.

igor34  on  Cat's Meow

posted on August 20, 2014
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We went on a girl's trip and ended up at the cat's meow twice--once in the afternoon where the happy hour was a 3 beers for 1 special and we had a blast. We came back another night and the place was packed. We ended up throwing beads from balcony onto bourbon street--great time!

Lina Z.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 24, 2014
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I went there twice. both are good memory. The first time I have to wait for a long time to get my turn. The second time I did not wait for long. Great stage host and instruments. No food but drinks. I will go there again when I got the chance.

Scott B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 18, 2014
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Anyone can be a Rockstar here, especially after a drink or two. Been here many times. Fun crowd. The que is slowwwww, so be prepared to wait 2hr+ to sing on a busy night. TIP: go upstairs for a great view of Bourbon Street. Buy some beeds ahead of time and you'll get lots of attention from the crowd below

Willie T.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 11, 2014
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Probably a 3.5 here, I think this is mainly a Karaoke bar, had decent amount of space with the upstairs part also. The wait to get on stage for Karaoke was over an hour and it wasn't even that packed, if you're gonna stick around for it it definitely looked like fun although that is not my cup of tea. It was an enjoyable spot for us to start one night out at before we got a little crazy. Bartender upstairs was nice and helpful, even hooked me up with some free beads after our group bought several drinks, not that big of deal but was nice and memorable. If you like Karaoke at all definitely come here, or if you want to laugh at people performing. Decent atmosphere, definitely worth a stop in at some point while on Bourbon.

Lisa H.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 6, 2014
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After a few recommendations from friends, I knew this was one of the places I had to visit on my 22nd birthday. We had such a blast our first night, that we came back the second night. I think we spent most of our time on Bourbon at Cat's Meow. If you love singing and having a great time, this is the place to go! The emcees were too fun! I'll definitely be coming back some day.

mathewater12  on  Cat's Meow

posted on April 21, 2014
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Very weak set list for karaoke (No Rebel Yell?! Seriously?!) and the long stretches between singers means if you're just dying to perform on a Friday night, expect to wait for a few hours - I'm okay with a break now and then to let people dance on stage or let the hosts entertain, but after every song? No - the reason they have to cross off so many people on the list is because they get tired of waiting. Let us sing! Otherwise, it's a fun place, the hosts are friendly, and it's a good time. Even if you're not a singer, stop in and enjoy the show.

Benjamin T.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 15, 2014
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The bartender was very social, the atmosphere was loads of fun. For a karaoke bar the music was good. Jell-O shots were cheap. Hell for Bourbon street the drinks were cheap in general.

Stuart S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on March 16, 2014
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This place has the potential of being a 5 star place, but the weakest part of the set-up was their bartenders. Not very good, or maybe they hired extra inexperienced help because it was mardi-gras week. Either way the place is fantastic.PROS: 1. Live entertainment via the Karaoke 2. NO COVER 3. Upstairs balcony area facing bourbon street and side street 4. Upstairs seating where you can look down at the singers, less crowded than downstairs 5. Outdoor bar area--perfect for folks that run hot, and need some fresh airCONS: 1. Limited set list--a good sized list, but still very small in comparison to other karaoke bars 2. Drinks were weak, overpriced and sweeter than they should of been This is a must visit bar. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Dave W.  on Cat's Meow

posted on February 3, 2014
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Fun place. Really bad, and good karaoke. The patio outback was empty when I went, which made it nice....

Erin H.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 21, 2014
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I kind of had fun here (I'm being generous with that statement) but it was a frustrating experience. I've hosted karaoke before, and emceed open mic nights - here's a tip; it's not ALL about you! If the hosts sing two out of every three songs how the heck are the punters meant to do what they came intending to do - sing?! I get that you've got to get an atmosphere going, however, once that atmosphere is established let the crowd have their 'moment'. Especially when people have put songs down. If the vibe drops then get back up to get it going! What's funny is that on the very limited song list which badly needs updating, they say 'Don't take it too seriously, this is Bourbon Street not American Idol!' Bahahaha... Yet every single time they're up they're dancing, twerking, jerking, bumping, humping like Paula Abdul's about to walk in. They sing over the top of the track and to be fair they're entertaining. It's like 'Mime-oke' in parts. They also sing over the top of some of the singers which I think is for encouragement but feels a bit condescending. Maybe it's just me? You have to wait a really, really long time to get up. The drinks are limited. Once you get up you've got to ask yourself, 'Do I really want to hang around for another two hours?' The answer is no. I love karaoke like nobody's business, but on a night out dedicated to having a sing-song with my new husband - we were on our honeymoon and bless him, he said 'Let's go out to karaoke so you can have a song or two'. He's not a big fan. The host actually seemed like a nice guy, friendly and perky which is what brought us back a second night thinking it might've been a bit different on a Tuesday. Same shtick. It was relatively quiet we were told because the weather was freezing. The bartenders were friendly enough. Security were fine. It's not bad, the boppers in the front were having a great time, it's just not that good. There are other karaoke bars around and next time I'll try them and compare. It's the sort of place I'd go back to if I didn't have anything else to do but in NOLA there's plenty.

Sarah M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 18, 2014
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I wasn't much for the Bourbon Street scene... until the Cat's Meow made me purr!After the significant win of OU at the Sugar Bowl. I was ready to party and celebrate at one spot all night. This was the perfect venue to do so as the crowd was the perfect size (not too big, not too small), the drinks were reasonable and the karaoke was well organized and a total blast!The bar is stocked with all the standards. I stuck with beer and Colin opted for one of the frozen NOLA drinks that are everywhere. There are two stories, lots of bar space and a stage set for the karaoke-ers with lighting and large screens so one can see the words while performing.I'll just dive more into the karaoke: it was quite possibly my favorite place to do karaoke - ever. The song list to choose from wasn't overwhelmingly massive to get hung up on indecisiveness; but, held a good mix of all popular genre hits. It took about 30-45 minutes for our turn after requesting a song so be sure to commit then google the lyrics to practice in your head. There was a 'lead' woman helping keep the party and excitement going. She randomly hosted dance parties on stage (take advantage) and helped pick up slack with her incredible voice. There are 2 microphones - duets are fun! My favorite performance of the night was two rad dudes with "Bye Bye Bye." They killed it going back and forth singing and dancing. Pro Tip: Don't try to sing a Beyonce song after screaming at a football game.

Rachel C.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 10, 2014
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Meeeeooooowww!!!! This may have been our favorite bar on Bourbon. And it's probably hard to find a favorite because there's just so many. But we found ourselves here two nights out of the five we were visiting, so there's gotta be something!I don't know if it was the fun of watching people sing their hearts out, seeing people who impressed you versus the god awful people, but it was so fun. When it got time to make a stage appearance ourselves, I was probably on the hot mess side, but hey, they had a short list of songs to sing (kinda a negative) and Shoop by Salt n' Pepper wasn't on the list!! Loved the hype chick and how she helped pick up the slack when people are sucking, me included!

Harrison69  on  Cat's Meow

posted on November 18, 2013
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Live karaoke!!!!! Did I mention you are going to be singing on stage and the crowd with be your audience dancing standing and applauding you!! Ueah I was kind of scared to sing cause most Karoake bars are not set up this way where Im from. The music selection... I was like: huh? I was just use to so many options instead of a few pages of songs to pick from. Maybe next time. But I love the environment. I was too short and next time I need a high stool bar. Haha.

Morgan F.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 18, 2013
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Ya gotta do it. Tourist. Local. Friday night. Possibly a Tuesday. Sing, be a back up dancer, watch people sing. I've been to Cat's Meow under all these categories (even as a tourist when I lived out of state), and it's always entertaining. Go with a group, the lone wolf is a little creepy at the karaoke bar. Plan to stay a couple of hours if you're singing and put it in your song right when you get there. The host usually does a few "acts" between songs so you could end up being pretty far down on the list. This past Friday, the host was really entertaining and it was a nice reprieve from karaoke song after karaoke song. All performances are taped so either bring your boss and get that tape as some bonafide blackmail for a lovely weekday off in your future or as a great memory from your friend's bachelorette party that you can watch with her 4 year old child 5 years from now. Just DON'T do anything you're going to personally regret, or do, your prerogative, because they play past videos on the screens in between songs. There is plenty of spots to watch the stage from downstairs. If you go upstairs you can also see the stage, and there is a nice balcony. The drinks aren't cheap but there is an entertainment factor and there's a good chance you'll probably win a free shot or two.

Michael G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 13, 2013
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From the songs its patrons choose to sing to its rock star wannabe MCs, this place is everyone's hometown karaoke joint on steroids. Even if your hometown is New Orleans. Every bit of the karaoke experience here is bigger, louder, and more of a general embarrassment to the state of humanity than any other karaoke bar I've ever been to. And they broadcast the whole thing to the internet.I stumbled in on a Sunday night around 10:00 p.m. after a Saints game and the place was surprisingly empty. There were probably about 30 people. But every one of them seem to be drunk and screaming along to every song.The "high" point of the night was when a lady with a strong Southern accent sand "Redneck Woman." Then stayed on stage to twerk with a lot of other ladies from the crowd as the DJ played that awful song that started the craze. It's that kind of place. You can't be a pigeonhole music fan and enjoy Cat's Meow because all types of very popular music will be sung (though there's a large patio area to escape to where the music isn't as loud if a song or singer is particularly hard on the ears).However, the song list here is very small to enable the crowd to really know what's being played. And the MCs, if my experience is representative, will sing about two out of every three songs. They're talented, if slightly obnoxiously chipper, but they do keep the party going for sure. At 25 years old next year, they have perfected karaoke logistics. I did not see a single botched song load or missing singer in the about two hours I was there. But I just wish they gave more of a chance for the drunk, hilariously bad amateurs in the audience to sing rather than the MCs being the show.

curtis17  on  Cat's Meow

posted on November 12, 2013
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HORRIBLE karaoke song selection and HORRIBLE attitude. "If the song you want to sing is not on this list, it probably sucks" is on their SPARSE song list. Let me tell you something: It is your catalog that sucks. You may want to get some variety before you cop such a garbage attitude. You are NOT as good as you think you are.

Gary R.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 9, 2013
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Great place to visit and have some fun. Lots of good singers and some just to amuse. At night, drink prices go up significantly. One of the top entertaining spots on Bourbon.

D S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 17, 2013
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Was told by locals that their version of "the hurricane" was indeed worth it. My hubby and I whilst on a long weekend vacation went here in search of the closest thing to Port Of Calls "Monsoon" drink (YUM). Welp, this place certainly didn't disappoint. It was spacious enough, not crowded (probably because it was a Sunday night) & staff was extremely friendly. The drink which is of the bar's namesake is BETTER than a hurricane and 2nd to the monsoon. In addition the $8.75 price tag on the drink is great for such a large drink. Karoake is awesome and it's always a good time watching drunk people attempt some of their favorite songs. What made it even better was how interactive the staff was throughout the crowd as well as on stage. The bathrooms looked like shit on a stick, the bar area was super dark and if you dropped a dollar bill, I'd be afraid to bend over and pick it up as I don't know what would stick to my hand but the stage area was the area that didn't give me the heebie jeebies.I didn't enjoy the massive cockroaches( had to be at minimum 2 inches long- yikes!) which scurried across the sitting bar twice. The first came over and when plucked away, it flew. 10 mins later the next one scurried along and .....yeah, it was time to go. I was skeeved foe the next 10 hrs. I've never seen bugs this big before being a city gal. My hubby said I jumped a lot in my sleep. I swear, I don't think I could live here with these swamp bugs. Cats meow was a cool spot for 30 somethings to hang out on a Sunday :)

Alex A.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 16, 2013
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It's one of those places you come in to see the band or who's on stage and you order a drink and end up spending the night. The bar keeps are friendly and will light your cigarettes. I would hit the Cat's Meow again. It's in the heart of the French Quarter. Cheers!

Rebecca T.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 5, 2013
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If friends and visitors want to go to Bourbon Street while in town, I at least steer them to Cat's Meow so I can have fun too. Good for the people watching, singing along with drunken karaoke singers, the antics of the hosts, and the bachelor/bacherlorette parties coming through there just looking to make it a memorable night. It's casual and friendly and as much or as little interaction as you'd like. You can go up to the balcony when you've had enough goofing with the singing crowd. They offer tasty hurricanes and they don't short the rum.

Holly W.  on Cat's Meow

posted on August 1, 2013
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Fun to watch people singing espically the drunk ones! The "host" or whatever they are called would sing along with people who needed help, but she would also sing every other song which did make the wait list very long! I guess she had to keep everyone pumped up. My husband and I went twice and had a good time but we didn't sing.

ryan123  on  Cat's Meow

posted on July 21, 2013
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I don't understand why people go to Cat's Meow for karaoke when there are better spots in NOLA to sing your heart out. First of all, its Bourbon Street location is enough to make me run away as fast as I can; between the contrived flashing of boobs and Mardi Gras beads with beer steins and smell of poop, I just can't. Second, the songbook is so thin! It basically has nothing I want to sing, unless I want to sing Journey, which I definitely do not-- by the way, can we please banish them from the karaoke canon? PLEASE! Third, it is chock full of tourists! No offense to tourists (I've obviously been one myself) but when I go to a local karaoke bar I want to interact with locals. Finally, what kind of KJ has to sing a song in between every song? A narcissistic KJ, that's who! What is up with that! A good KJ will sing one song possibly every 1 to 2 hours, not IN BETWEEN EVERY SONG! Maybe they have hired a new KJ, one who actually respects karaoke and its patrons, since I was last here, but that was enough for me to never want to come back. :-(

Lynn B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on July 8, 2013
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Had a blast here watching all the drunks try and sing!

Jamie S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 21, 2013
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I absolutely love to see people sing...wait, scratch that. I absolutely love seeing DRUNK people sing. The wigs, the songs, the acts, the dancing. TOO FUNNY. Karaoke bars are usually fun but this one had a great crowd, great hype man and host on stage, and non-stop entertainment. After a long, hot day of walking where my feet were throbbing and in pain, this was the highlight of my day! This is my favorite bar on Bourbon. :)

John W.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 29, 2013
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I've been to karaoke spots around the world. This was one of the worst karaoke experiences I have ever had. The song selection is pitiful. Worst yet is the rotation system. There is no weaving in of first time singers. I waited an hour and a half and was still 20 singers back. The real kicker is that the narcisstic MC sings every other song! So however many singers you are behind, double that! This place sucks to high heaven.

Sherri K.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 25, 2013
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3-4-1 hh whoa!KaraokeCool crowd. Fun times in the Quarter! There are so many bars to choose from, but this is one of the good ones.

Louis P.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 8, 2013
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Best karaoke spot on Bourbon Street hands down! This place is a pure party, with horrible drunken singing of music from the 70's to now and the 3 for 1 beers don't hurt either! There's a decent amount of space including a balcony area and an outside courtyard but it's VERY crowded during party hours regardless! Give it a visit if you are on Bourbon Street, lots of bachelorette parties stop in to sing a song too!

Martha R.  on Cat's Meow

posted on February 4, 2013
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I used to live in New Orleans. In the early-mid '70s. Now I live in Littleton, CO, I have an ipad, and since I never visited the Meow when I lived in the New Orleans area, I sometimes watch the madness at the Meow, sort of just for fun, mostly just to look at the crazy times in the Quarter now and then. Most of the emcees I've watched are not over-the-top vulgar-except for one I saw early this week (not on the weekend). He was an emcee guy,who was singing with a fairly-good guest singer. He concluded his interference with her singing by quickly interjecting an extremely disgusting "lyric" at the end of her performance. Now, I know the Meow is not a tea party for five-year-olds, and Lord knows the Quarter isn't, but this guy did not have to do that; his behavior crossed the line into creepy/gross, and he appeared to really embarrass her. And he had a good voice, too. Why did he feel he had to sink that low, I wonder?Also, will someone on the staff please clean the upper balcony exterior camera lens? It's spotty, and I want to watch the street scene during the Super Bowl-as do a lot of New Orleans fans.

Lisa G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on December 25, 2012
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Cat's Meow is the best place for karaoke in the Quarter. They have an interactive host who encourages participation and performance from the crowd, the rotation moves pretty quickly, there are props (hats, boas, costumes, etc.) to help you "enhance" your performance, and they have 3-for-1 beers! The 3-for-1 isn't really all that great a deal. They're really forcing you to buy three (for like $12) when you really want just one. The place smells like vomit, and there's usually lots of smoking going on. If you can get over that, then you'll have a great time. What I really like about this place is that there is always a variety of types there -- guys in suits who just got off work, cougars after prey, guys who really think they are Prince, naive 20-somethings... it's a place everybody can have fun.

Katherine M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 28, 2012
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This place is a pretty famous karaoke joint. I don't remember ever making a trip to NOLA and NOT going to Cat's Meow at some point. The list of songs isn't that long, but you can ask the dj if you don't see your song on the list. They may still have it. Get on the list to sing early, especially if you want to do a few songs, because it fills up quickly. The MCs do at least one of their own songs after every singer, so it'll take take a good while to get to yours. The MCs are usually pretty good, but my only complaint from this last time was that they (we saw 2 different ones) were constantly cursing and making vulgar gestures...I know, I know, it's Bourbon St., but I've been there before with other MCs who were awesome, had the entire crowd rockin, and weren't raunchy. It's a place that's worth checking out, especially if you have any karaoke lovers in your group. There's also a nice courtyard bar area is you want to step out of the scene for a second.

Shannon S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 4, 2012
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This is the main karaoke bar of the French Quarter. This place is ALWAYS packed with tourists and several groups of bachelorette parties. The drink prices are a complete rip off and the vast majority of the performances are horrible but it can be entertaining here for very limited spurts. They do have the bonus of a balcony where you can watch all of the tourist madness pass below on Bourbon Street. So tourists inside and tourists below so you can be completely surrounded by a bunch of out of control people that act like they've never had a drink before. The sheer joy of all this is that I've seen more fights in this bar than any other. We're not talking about normal fights either we're talking about one group of girls getting pissed off at another group of girls and making up stories to the bouncers to get them tossed. We're talking about one girl getting pissed off at an old married couple and drinks being thrown and hair being pulled. So yes my friends we're talking about cat fights here... now sometimes there are real dude fights too but the cat fights are far more common. Drama and trauma keeps the bouncers very busy in here so that alone can be entertaining to watch for awhile.

Meagan K.  on Cat's Meow

posted on August 30, 2012
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It was packed, hot, and loud, and I loved it. This past weekend was my first time to New Orleans, and I have to say, I could have stayed at this bar all night. Saturday nights get live! There was two men on stage, one could have been Lil Waynes twin, danced and could sing like him too. We actually saw him the next day, and he remembered us!I'm really used to karaoke nights being full of people that think they can sing, and really just can not at ALL, but this place, it didnt matter if you could or not, EVERYONE sung along and got involved. Everyone was friendly, the wait staff never missed a beat, and always had a smile on their face.The next day was Sunday, so of course we wanted to have a Sunday Funday on Bourbon, and they were the loudest bar on the street, everyone was there.Overall, my first trip to Bourbon was an extreme success and I owe most of that to the Cats Meow!

fritter17  on  Cat's Meow

posted on June 6, 2012
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I was here with friends this past wknd for memorial day, we came to this place our last night & so glad we did. This is a nice size place, good crowd , great music & decent prices for drinks specially the jello shots in the syringe needles these were great & actually taste like liquor on like some of the other spots. we had a great time here dancing till the a.m. , this was one of my favorite places on bourbon street.

Stephen R.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 2, 2012
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This is a great spot to get on the balcony and see racks.If you have Mardi Gras beads left over just come blow them all here.Do not plan on getting drunk at this place though since it costs $6 for a 12oz Bud.Get drunk, come here, no cover, walk upstairs and let your beads fly.Otherwise, complete dump.

Kyle H.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 16, 2012
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Stopped in here on a Wednesday night, and then again with a larger group on Friday. It's a divey karaoke bar downstairs, the upstairs balcony is relaxed. It was crowded both nights, and we didn't try to sing on Wednesday, and that's why it seemed kind of fun, at first.Both nights the host and hostess took every other song. Seriously? With 100 people waiting to sing? The guy on Wednesday wasn't very good, even. The girl on Friday killed some Eminem, but in between bachelorette parties and caterwauling couples, the wait to sing was unbearable. After asking the sign up girl when I could expect to sing (after seeing lists erased, and my name falling to the bottom) she clearly motioned to the $99/shoot to the top package, where you get two hurricanes, some other BS, and you get to skip the line. That was all it took for us to take our cue to leave. What a racket.Karaoke is supposed to be fun, and this place is where music goes to die.

Johnnyboy123  on  Cat's Meow

posted on February 11, 2012
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I just kind of wander around Bourbon Street and go in/out of bars when the music calls me. I prefer R&B or Soul during the hours of 4 - 10 PM and dance/pop/rap from about 10 - 2 AM. I've wandered into the Cat's Meow a few time this week, why - well Marvin Gaye called me in. The live band last night (Thursday) was great. I didn't catch their name but I enjoyed their choice of song and folks were gettin' down, so I think they were a hit. I had a double jack and coke for $ be the judge on that price.

Nikki F.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 22, 2012
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I LOVE KARAOKE! The problem here is the host on Wednesday nights (I don't know her name/wish I did) kinda sucked. She sang every other song and there were literally 30 people on the list to sing. We made the most of it, sang along, danced and had fun. We are fun people. The Cats Meow is supposed to be about the patrons not the hostess. I have been here several times and enjoyed myself. It is hard for me to give this a bad review, but this time was different. Karaoke is supposed to be about the audience and a variety of fun people singing their hearts out. If I wanted a band with a lead singer I would have visited another bar. Once you buy an expensive drink, hang out for a while thinking the line will go fast and invest your time it is hard to leave. It is not even a thought if there is a worthwhile host to listen to and entertain you. Instead, she was headbanging, yelling at people and just boring. Side note, I passed by on Friday and there was another host so not all is lost. Stop in as long as it isn't Wed.Sorry Cats Meow. I still like you. Just had a bad experience this time.

Steve M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 21, 2012
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I been frequenting Cat's Meow for 20 years and it's always fun. Maybe not always full of the most talented singers, but always busy with folks having fun. Definitely touristy, but we are on Bourbon Street, right?

Amanda K.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 21, 2012
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It is so funny to watch people try to sing. I didn't go up there but witnessed tons of people making fools of themselves so it was entertaining for me.Came here on a Tuesday night and they had some beer special like buy 1 get 2 for free or something. It was a super cheap bar bill that made sure we were drunk. Gotta love bourbon street. :)Be forewarned it is loud in here, bathroom are gross, people can hear and see you from the street. But it is great for people watching and making fun of them. :)

Marielle S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on December 27, 2011
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This place is brutal with a capital "B". Err...Brutal!I went here a while back with the friend of a friend who was visiting town and wanted to check it out. First of all, it's on Bourbon St., so that right there is gonna tell you that it's geared towards tourists, which is fine. That's not my complaint. My complaint isn't even the fact that it is always packed no matter what time you go.No, my main complaint is if you actually want to sing here, you gotta be ready for a wait. Now, that makes sense, because of the crowd. The only problem with waiting is the fact that you have to listen to drunk tourists sing 80's hair band songs at the top of their lungs, and that's almost too much to handle. To top it all off, drinks are out of this world expensive. Beer is about 6 bucks without the tip. I know it's the quarter and I know it's Bourbon, but come on.When will one of these places on Bourbon realize, "Hey, let's charge a smidge less for our drinks and then we will be known as the 'cool' bar on Bourbon!"? Just askin'...

eddyL  on  Cat's Meow

posted on December 19, 2011
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I'm reviewing this place as a local. I see where this is a tourist place more than a local place. My mother did manage to suck me in to try this place out.I'll start off with the fact that the bouncers are way too touchy. Maybe I shouldn't be offended by someone stiff arming me in the chest and telling me to finish my drink before I go in! Then when I look at him in confusion because most bars I go to do not care if you are drinking when you go in, he gets more of an attitude. So I just throw my drink away and go inside. Why did they want me to finish my drink? That is because the $3.00 beer I received at a local bar was $5.25 in there. I'm not cheap, but that is a typical tourist trap. 3 for 1, but for a certain amount of hours. So I pay for my little overpriced beer and didn't get 2 extra with it. It's a typical thing bars on Bourbon do.If you like to hear drunks sing and think they are Tina Turner, look no further! Some of those girls need to be rolling down the river if you know what I mean. Go ahead and butcher Neil Diamond and Journey, that is what I expect at a joint like that. I will never give a karaoke bar anything above 4 stars just because it's not my preference. Then again I have went into some that they had 1 girl that just sang just about every other song and she was awesome. So that may change one day.So I think the bottom line when it comes to this place is that if you want to be in a packed out place where banshees go to sing pop songs and then follow it up with a classic and butcher it, then go ahead and pay for your over priced drink and have a blast. If you are like me and tend to go out to relax and have a good time, avoid this place like a small pox blanket!

Meghan R.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 4, 2011
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while visiting this establishment, my friend checked us in and said "plotting my suicide" I am tempted to leave my review at that but will ellaborate to say that this karaoke place is everything i hate about bourbon street bars. it is rammed with "party people" with hand grenades, beads, penis/bridal veils and horrible singing voices. So personally, that isn't my scene, but I am old. the good thing about this place is the bartender upstairs. He mixed up a delightful strong orangey something that made my visit tolerable. Also that bar upstairs is empty/easy to access.

Catherine A.  on Cat's Meow

posted on October 17, 2011
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HIlarious karaoke night!

Colleen K.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 28, 2011
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Fun!! Good selection of music (despite is glaring lack of Joan Jett), strong cheap drinks and crazy fun and supportive crowd. This is added to my list of "must go" places when I'm there.... Even if you suck, sing your heart out baby! Don't be shy, life is too short!!! Shaky and his rendition of "chicken fried" will be in my heart forever.

Hannah S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 3, 2011
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Would I ever willingly seek out a karaoke bar? Unlikely. As much as I enjoy off-key singing, those joints aren't usually my scene. But wandering past the Cat's Meow, I couldn't help but be struck by the wild times that appeared to be transpiring within. So, we entered.All in all, we had a blast here! Seriously. Drinks were cheap, the crowd was awesome, the karaoke hosts were totally entertaining, and everyone was having a blast.The drinks weren't super strong, but they were cheap, and otherwise fine. We met some adorable locals, and had a fun-filled few hours dancing, singing along and socializing. After quite a few drinks, we finally signed up to sing a duet, but the line was loooong at that point, and we had already been there for hours. So we bailed.Next time I'm in town, I vow to take the stage. Meow!

maxxy1  on  Cat's Meow

posted on August 25, 2011
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this place was ridiculous busy and fun on a sunday night (monday morning 1am or so)! i would definitely recommend every tourist get up there and sing your heart out in front of the crowd! the hostess is very lively and will help out those who need some help on the stage! it was a very warm and friendly, lively, drunken atmosphere. it would have been better if they served tap water instead of selling bottles for $3.50 and if there was not a suffocating amount of cigarette smoke up in there

Chris V.  on Cat's Meow

posted on August 24, 2011
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Bourbon Street. Awesome happy hour drink specials. Crazy drunk people singin'. A balcony. Loud music. Usually packed. Wild ass Karaoke emcees. Did I mention crazy drunk people singin'? Go with your party hat on and have a blast -- you'll always come away with a good story. Like their T-shirts say, "A little pussy can't hurt".

larry1  on  Cat's Meow

posted on July 21, 2011
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Lots of fun!

Anna S.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 28, 2011
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3 for 1 happy hour!!! We were there around 8 on a Thursday night and it was practically empty, so much so that I got up and did karaoke! Can't beat the ambiance, even with a light crowd, them emcee kept it lively. We went back three more times and it was so much more crowded every time, but always awesome!

Mitch G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 13, 2011
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Nobody does karaoke better! Nobody. Nowhere . No how. The regular crew know how to host and how to get everyone engaged in the festivities whosever they are! It is no classy place though but don't discount them for much class can there be if you can obtain ginormous happy hour three for one bevvies any day if the week!?To be clear... the Karaoke and DJs get 4 - 5 stars. Audience gets 5 stars usually. The place is legendary and full of the best tourists. I wonder how many famous singers got their start right here? Hmmmmmm....

Corey G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 20, 2011
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I've walked Bourbon St. many a time. Some clubs come and go, but there are some which you can always count on to have the same sort of theme/act. Cat's Meow is always hopping with a party. Seems like every night must be karaoke night here, because every time I've walked buy I've seen a huge crowd here whoopin it up to some subpar (yet usually funny) singers. This a good joint to step into to warm up, or to atleast people watch.

Nickie G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 22, 2011
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Yet another bar that somehow manages to ensure that I get drunk there at least once during a New Orleans visit. Cat's Meow, why do you do this to me?Side note: yes, it is full of tourists, as is all of Bourbon Street. But so WHAT? If you are local you probably only come down there when you are young or when you want to just get crazy. But if your city makes a lot of its money on tourism then you could be a little less grumpy and a little more appreciative of the fact that they are there. Or they might stop coming. Ahem. Just saying.Anyway, this place is alright. I always have fun, drink a lot, sing along to the karaoke songs, dance, laugh at people, laugh with people, laugh at myself, etc. I do NOT like the limited song selection or the fact that the emcees are singing a song in between EACH song that a patron sings. However, I DO like the fact that they embarrass the hell out of birthday girls and boys, bachelors and bachelorettes, and other drunk people. I DO like when I see older people up there getting crazy and drunk - hey, that's going to be me one day I just know it and it makes me feel less bad when I see THEM doing it! haha There's a bar outside the main room if the karaoke and the craziness get to be too much.The bathroom is just eeewww. It wasn't dirty in a matter of fact it smelled like a Lysol factory blew up in there. It was so strong it burned my nosehairs!!After a while, the same songs and the same jokes from the emcees will get old and you will walk out into the night to find another place to get your drink on. But you'll still remember Cat's Meow fondly and find yourself there again next time you are in town. Don't fight it, it is the way it is and has always been.

Jimie D.  on Cat's Meow

posted on January 19, 2011
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Ah, Bourbon Street. My first visit was kicked off at Cats Meow. The Karaoke was fun, although I did not sing. The drinks were expensive. 6.50$ for a Budweiser. Well, general debauchery ensued and all and all a pretty good way to start your night in NOLA.

Larry B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on December 16, 2010
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nothing like watching drunken fat chicks singing. its the best LOL

AssnTits5  on  Cat's Meow

posted on November 9, 2010
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Karaoke and drunk people is a beautiful combination, isn't it? I wasn't even drunk and I had to get up and sing!Yes, the place was totally packed. Yes, I couldn't even figure out where to go get a drink (not that I wanted one anyway). Yes, that annoying chick has to sing between every person doing karaoke (I guess that's how they keep the flow going). Yes, the list of songs is not particularly long. All that being said, I had a stellar time. I totally lost my voice during my rendition of "Tubthumping," and that's all that matters.A+++. Would karaoke again.

Brittany N.  on Cat's Meow

posted on July 8, 2010
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One of my clear instruction from my NOLA friends when I went to visit for the first time was, "Get a boa and go sing at Cats' ". At that time...I had no idea what they meant.I thought, "Will it be hard to find a boa?" "Should I bring my own". My friends laughed and knew I was capable of 'figuring it out'. I will say, I am not the karaoke-ing type, but after one hurricane at Pat O's, I was singing "Brown Eyed Girl" on stage w/ a stranger- at 4 pm! Definitely a fun place to check out- even if you don't stay long! They wouldn't let us bring our drinks in- but if you're really nice they will put it in a "to-go" cup for you and let you in!

Erin J.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 23, 2010
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If you like kareoke, this is awesome. We had a blast watching people sing and really enjoyed the upstairs. The happy hour is awesome.Only downside is that the emcee's sing quite often, i'm sure to make sure some decent singers are heard once in a while, but it pushes the wait out to a ridiculous amount of time.

Brenda D.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 14, 2010
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Ditto the last review - if you like Kareoke this is a great place. However, I think its' better than most because they really engage the crowd to get involved. The gal that works the stage knows how to get everyone going and she has fun with the people, pulling them up to dance, have contests, etc. They also have current hit songs so you can dance to who ever is singing.

San N.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 1, 2010
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Same crazy place as before Katrina! Lively crowd, great friendly entertainers and songs everyone can sing to. Place is crowded but never a line outside. You can see the stage from upstairs and downstairs.

Freddie L.  on Cat's Meow

posted on March 7, 2010
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I really liked this place because the MC was so cute!! I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. We went on Mardi Gras Tuesday night and the Karaoke was pretty cool. I'm glad they had some control over song choice because I don't think I would've wanted to listen to Celine Dion or some slow song at that type of bar. Or any bar really.I thought I was going to pass out when they put on SNL's I'm on a Boat. Great selection!

Thomas L.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 20, 2009
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Went with group of 11 and everyone agreed to stop at Cat Meow before leaving NOLA. The minute we entered Cats you see people on stage singing and using Hula Hoops! We got few drinks and sing/danced along and took bunch of pictures. 3 for 1 Happy hour between 1pm-7pm, definitely must visit if you enjoy singing.

craig c.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 3, 2009
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three for one happy hour hello. Yes its a cheesy karaoke bar but myself and everyone in the place had a great time. went there two nights in a row its a must see if on bourbon street.

Alison C.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 22, 2009
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The Cat's Meow is a cheesy, touristy karaoke bar. The rowdy crowd takes drunken turns entertaining the audience with their amateur singing and dancing antics. This can be a fun spot for out-of-towners, but make it a last stop...when you have had enough cocktails to built your on-stage confidence.

jen r.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 2, 2009
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definitely one of my favorite places on bourbon.cheesy, yes, but isnt the whole area filled with cheesy tourist traps?this place is fun from the moment you walk in. they play awesome music and songs that everyone knows and can sing along to.super fun crowd - although a fight broke out last time i was there - the bouncers cleared it out in a minute and everyone went back to singing and dancing.if you are up for a chill laid back fun filled night this is the place to go!!

Megan L.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 26, 2009
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This place should solely exist for the purpose of bachelorette parties. Both times I went, that's what I was there for. The place seems like it's full of girls, which is nice for me, because I don't exactly like skeezy guys dancing on my when I'm on a girl's night out. However, if you want to sing karaoke on a weekend, be prepared to wait a few hours. They play one song in between each karaoke song, so it kind of forces you to stay and drink while waiting for your turn.

L. M.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 15, 2009
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In general, I liked this bar. The balcony and courtyard were nice. The drink selection was somewhat adequate (read: they offered Abita and the ubiquitous light beers). I came here two nights in a row. They were doing karaoke both times, and I got the impression that the exact same songs were performed there every night. That was just really sad to me.

Alexa G.  on Cat's Meow

posted on March 8, 2009
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I came, I saw, I drank the local Abita beer as well as a few mixed drinks, I sang quite fairly off tune because of said beer and alcohol. All in all it's a decent more laid back place compared to the rest of Bourbon Streets seedier clubs ( yes "Live love acts" establishment I'm talking 'bout you!) You can also head up to the second level balcony and look over the masses walking below you. The only aspect I could find wrong with this place is that the "Mc" sings a song in between each person going to sing on stage, which could make the wait a bit longer for your debut to the stage, therefore killing your buzz ( you know you have to get a few drinks in before heading on stage) even quicker!

Anonymous  on Cat's Meow

posted on February 6, 2009
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I visited the Cats Miaow with a friend one night when they were having a 3 for 1 drinks special. Two (read 6 bottles) of beer later and I nearly got up on stage to sing! The bar is a karaoke bar and the house singer really is fantastic. He rivals some of these American Idol contestants easily! To be honest I'd probably not go back, we only visited as a quick stop and ended up staying for a while purely because we had so much to drink. The bar is a bit of a 'cattle market' and was filled with young, drunk things. I'd hate to see what the place is like during mardi gras but if you want a cheap drink (especially during the happy hour specials) and a drunken good time, then head there. Again the place is pretty central in the middle of the French Quarter.

Margaret D.  on Cat's Meow

posted on June 30, 2008
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If you just want to go, have a drink, hang out with friends, listen to music and watch others sing, this is the place in New Orleans. We went a few nights, every night was crowded and everyone (the staff and people) were all nice. Although, im sure everyone was a tourist. I did not get up there to sing, as I never sing alone :) and could not drag any of my friends. I had a great time! It is a place to see and possibly sing when you go to New Orleans. But, the song selection is super short compared to other karaoke spots.

Stephen Y.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 29, 2008
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This is the first place I ever got drunk and sang karaoke...much to my friends' amusement. But thats what this place is about. Is always packed but thats like every place in the French Quarter in New Orleans, not saying that every place in the French Quarter is a good place. Go there if you're visiting but stay away if you're a local. BRING NEW ORLEANS BACK!

Sara C.  on Cat's Meow

posted on May 3, 2008
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after strolling up and down bourbon st on a weeknight trying to find a place to chill and drink, my friends and i decided that the loud karoke coming from this place was crazy enough for us.we ended up staying here the rest of night, drinking up their famous hurricane cocktail in 32 oz (YES 32 oz!) 7-eleven style cups! the crowd was wild and crazy, the music ranged anywhere from 1990's montel jordan's "this is how we do it" to 2000's red hot chili pepper's "dani california", thats becuz it was karoke and whatever people wanted to sing, thats what you heard. the MC there was cool, very funny guy. my friend was brave enough to go up there and show a bit of Cali to the tourists and regulars there....until of course, he hurt his knee and hobbled off the stage. lol (he was OK though).you can't go wrong with partying on bourbon st., and this is just one of the places you can go and have tons of fun.

Douglas O.  on Cat's Meow

posted on April 24, 2008
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This was the last place on our 3:30pm drinking frenzy. The staff was very friendly, music was good, and good environment overall. Had to leave when the person singing actually sounded like a cat meowing...

Kim B.  on Cat's Meow

posted on December 28, 2007
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Fun karaoke spot on Bourbon. Your experience will depend on the night of the week you're there and the time of year. I've had good nights & bad, but overall, I'd give them a 4. They're fun to check out at least once.

Meredith D.  on Cat's Meow

posted on November 13, 2007
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Ohhh yes. I'm giving this place 4 stars because they endured Big Kitty on an almost nightly basis.They endured the women of our group berating the MC for objectifying women, and then allowed the men of our group to make a joke/statement by semi-stripping on stage.Yes, this place sucks. Yes, everyone here drinks cheap beer and acts like an asshole. But these characteristics are inherent to a karaoke environment. Get drunk and enjoy yourself. Sing some Cyndi Lauper.

Thuy N.  on Cat's Meow

posted on August 9, 2007
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Uh, Ed, there was a dude singing California Love. Some tall black dude was painfully belting out the song. Lady totally jipped you!!! She just didn't want you to sing maybe?Hey, free admission and no drinks! Bunch of old fogies, literally, two senior citizen women laughin their butts off...hahaa one extra star for that!!!!If I was into karaoke or watching ppl sing, I'd like this place..but I was far more amused by the white lady dancing like no one was watching and humpin that pole! Keep on walkin folks...this is just...nooo....

Matthew H.  on Cat's Meow

posted on September 19, 2005
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Jesus - this place sucks. This and other places like it also break my heart as a native. If you are shallow enough to spend the night here drinking overpriced lemondrops and drunkenly warbling out your own very special version of "Brown Eyed Girl" then you will probably assume that New Orleans is nothing more than a never-ending episode of "Wild On". New Orleans is so much more and places like this defile it.