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333 Columbus Ave

Springfield, Massachusetts 

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new here  on Sir Lancelot

posted on July 22, 2010
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Wow - first time finding out if this club is cool, , , , , , , , , , , looks like the girls are fat - the DJ makes everyone upset - the customers seem angry....... I think I will hit a sports bar .... at least I can catch a game.

ElGy  on Sir Lancelot

posted on October 4, 2004
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There is NO SUCH CLUB at this address, just a burned out building. GODDAMN I wish I could get action in Springfield. Where the heck are the hands on places like in NJ? Where are the wall dances? Where are the wandering hands bars? Gee-Sus New England blows for adult clubs!

Lucky  on Sir Lancelot

posted on April 11, 2004
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Has anyone seen a dancer that went by the name of Seven... any idea where she is currently working?