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120 McMechen Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21217

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ripple  on Club Commons

posted on April 29, 2006
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this is fake. The MICA dorms are called the "commons." Just go the block and enjoy.

Call Me Curious  on Club Commons

posted on August 12, 2005
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The club does seem to be a phantom based on the posting. I had some extra time tonight and scouted the area during daylight hours. The address of the club is actually a Maryland School of Art building. Any courtyards you might use to get to the "Club Commons are locked up tight. The neighborhood looks way too gentrified and nice to have a strip club in the heart of it. If there are any 20 year old hotties doing lap dances, my guess is that they are coeds in their dorm rooms or nude models posing for thier fellow art students!! MYTH BUSTED!!

JP  on Club Commons

posted on April 6, 2004
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Does this place even exist? If so, how are the laps, and are there any "extras" ....?