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5005 Jackson St

Bladensburg, Maryland 20646

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Joe Donut  on D2

posted on November 14, 2008
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im gonna keep posting hot chicks

dj aj  on D2

posted on January 29, 2008
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this clud was formaly known as d2 and its changed its name to fuego(fire) where they feature INTERNATIONAL women...the best nights to go are thursday thru saturday sometimes sunday...only thing is that those nights its busy so if u do wanna spend time with one of the girls, come on a weekday

This place isn't clo  on D2

posted on September 23, 2007
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I have been going to this club for the last couple of months and it's definitely NOT closed. It's like 20 dollars to get in and $5 lapdances. Some of the girls are ok and look pretty good. and then again some of them aren't and don't. But..hey that's every club

new  on D2

posted on March 17, 2006
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is this place real far from CHEVERLY METRO STATION ? How long of a walk do you think?

disgruntled goat  on D2

posted on May 15, 2005
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Man this place sucks! I went here this past Saturday night, from what I hear it is supposed to be free before 10pm, and I even printed one of the free flyers off the website like the management said I could since I didn't have the actual flyer, granting me free admission. But the doors opened at 9:55pm, which is exactly when I got there, and the gump at the door wasn't trying to let me and this other guy in free, so I had to pay $5. After about 2 hours, there were only 2 girls in there, and like 3 customers. Lapdances are $10 a song, and at Irvings and Sinsaysionals there are $5 a song, and there are much better ghetto booty. This place is big, but dead. Located in a garage at a dead end street. I'm never comming here again.

bootylicker  on D2

posted on November 26, 2004
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How much is the cover charge if you are not a member? How much are the lap dances and are there stage dances as well? Can you touch the dancers? Is it fully nude?

curious george  on D2

posted on August 12, 2004
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do the girls dance fully nude? are thier lap dances? how much are the laps? how much can u touch the dancers?

Someone who knows  on D2

posted on May 15, 2004
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It's about 50/50. There are some petite, and some that are "thick". When I went though, there were only probably 5 girls and 5 customers in there.

Jameson  on D2

posted on May 10, 2004
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I'm not a fan of the BBW. Are there petite girls here as well?

To New2DC  on D2

posted on March 26, 2004
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Like I said in a previous post, the place despite the website does have some upside. Its just the night I went might have been bad from what I was told. If you like black girls you'll like this place. The only thing though is they seem to recept better to black guys there than to white being I'm white, but its ok. You can bring your own beer which is kinda good. I'd advise if you are going to go to this place make sure you have a place that you are going to afterward so that it won't feel like you completely wasted your nite. I would go to Showcase afterward considering its so close to this place.

New2DC  on D2

posted on March 18, 2004
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I was thinking about checking this club out but then I saw the web site and it inspired me not to go. Very poorly done and unprofessional. Makes the club seem pretty cheap. Is it worth checkin out or is it as bad as the site makes it appear?

D  on D2

posted on February 8, 2004
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The girls here know how it earn a living. If you are generous to they they will be to you. VIP dances are worth every penny, especially from Sunkist.