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4328 Jeffco Boulevard

Arnold, Missouri 63010

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CrimeStoppers  on Club Imperial

posted on June 24, 2019
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Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know? Tired of being bullied? Stand up (anonymously) and be rewarded!

Provide it anonymously and receive up to $2,500/$5,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest and indictment.

Submit a tip today by calling: 1-800-222-TIPS

What does anonymous mean?

We will never ask for your name.

We will not record your call.

We do not trace phone numbers or tips submitted online.

You will not have to make a statement to police.

You will not appear in court.

JESSIE JAMES  on Club Imperial

posted on September 13, 2010
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Now hiring nude and topless dancers no house fees sunday thru thursday still serving cold beer and no pasties apply 2 day at 247 s 88 th street in centerville illinois or call centerfolds cabaret at 618-332-2911 thanks

Lot's Of $$  on Club Imperial

posted on March 15, 2010
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Tell me when or where is SKYLAR woking!! I'll be back if someone would reply?? She is worth every dollar , hundreds of dollars that I spent on her, and that club!! If you read this SKY, PLEASE tell me how I can find you??

Stan  on Club Imperial

posted on November 6, 2009
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The Best Dancer in that club is a Beautiful woman named SKYLAR.......She is tall and wow long legs long hair.....Butt guess that boss fired her for some bs reason....I wont be back in that club unless skylar is there......Maybe she will go to the queen so I can see her... Yours truly, Stan

Traveling Dancer  on Club Imperial

posted on March 19, 2009
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Hey, just wondering if anyone can give me an idea on what the House Fee's are and if they do Merch Dance's here. Thanks!

Larry  on Club Imperial

posted on March 13, 2008
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DANCERS: I sell 2pc thong sets for $12 & $16 per set, 2pc bootie short or skirts sets for $16 & $24 per set, 3 pc bootie short or skirt set for $30, long ties bootie short sets for $34 per set, slingshot for $22 plus a lot more including clubwear. (618) 482-4232

Coming Soon Customer  on Club Imperial

posted on January 17, 2008
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This club I am sure is not as bad as people talks about. Maybe I will just have to go and see for my self. Although, it has been awhile since the last comment was posted. Soo.. Maybe a lot has changes for the better. Thanks

bbfan  on Club Imperial

posted on September 20, 2007
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2 maybe 3 girls that would rate a 5-6 here. Most are in the 1-3 range. Some are friendly enough, but you would be too if you where being given money. Most stick to their little cliques. Beer prices are reasonable and thats about it. 1-10...about a 4.

DNC  on Club Imperial

posted on May 15, 2007
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Oh wow..thats great how long ago was that?? Anyway not worth going up there. i would rather go to the east side, and see some real girls

in the know  on Club Imperial

posted on May 14, 2007
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that redhead got fired for prostitution...she's also loaded with std's.

DNC  on Club Imperial

posted on May 3, 2007
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Does a Vanessa work here? I heard she was a hottie

not impressed  on Club Imperial

posted on June 9, 2006
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Most of the girls here are not very attactive.Some are just plain fugly.There are a couple that are o k , but they are total bitches and stay with there little clicks. Also it is pretty cramped for space and the pool tables suck.

Freddie Feelgood  on Club Imperial

posted on April 7, 2004
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This is a nice club if you just want to look. Girls are attractive. Pastie club, but sometimes it's nice to leave things to the imagination. There was a cute red haired girl with small tits, that worked here in 2003. I can't remember her name but she was a little firecracker, I loved her. I will go back to this club. Like I said, sometimes it's nice to throw back some beers and look at some paritally clothed good looking girls, without losing a lot of money, like over on the east side.