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Bowling Green, Missouri 63334

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Anon  on Studio 54

posted on July 21, 2007
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This club is closed. It is now a church!

dancer  on Studio 54

posted on July 29, 2006
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was wonding if this is open?

devon  on Studio 54

posted on June 2, 2006
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is this club still open?

Silas  on Studio 54

posted on April 29, 2005
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I love this club. A very laid back relaxed atmosphere, no dancers pressuring you for lap dances or to buy more drinks. Cute girls, cheaper drinks than St. Louis, and great food for your entertainment pleasure. Open until 4 am, and if you need it they will find you a ride home. Come on down and join us for a hell of a good time.

josh  on Studio 54

posted on February 13, 2005
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my buddies brought me here for my 21st birthday. the girls there all got me on stage and danced for me. then got a belt and whipped my out for that anna she hits hard. we had a good time the girls were all cool and good looking.after they stopped serving beer at 1:30 am they kept serving food till they closed at 4:00 am. the owner reserved us a room at the super 8 motel and then had his door guy's drive us up to the motel so we wouldnt get caught driving under the influence. we called the owner the next day and he came and got us brouhgt us to our car. not to many people would do that now days. i will be going back. sincerely Josh

dan holder  on Studio 54

posted on February 6, 2005
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the first time i went to this club i was hooked the owner and staff were great.the club is open friday and saturday night's its a very clean run club. like most clubs there always looking for dancers. they dont have a full bar just beer, wine, soda, juice and great food till 3:30 am close at 4:00 am open at 6:00 pm no beer sales after 1:30 am state law. its a cool place and i here its for sale.

My View  on Studio 54

posted on September 28, 2004
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According to the State of Missouri Public Safety website there was a fine of $1000. imposed on Studio 54 LLC on March 8, 2004. The charge stated was "Lewdness". Probably some story in the local paper too for you slueths to search. I am not sure if this closed the place or not. What's so bad about lewdness anyway?

dancer  on Studio 54

posted on September 3, 2004
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i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the hours are here, what business is like, and in general what it's like to work here. i've heard they're only open thurs-sat. is that true? and would it be worth travelling from jeff city?

visions21  on Studio 54

posted on May 10, 2004
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i sell outfits to these girls...they are all very HOT, and sweeter than you could imagine....there is a wonderful variety of women....awesome atmosphere....loved doing business there...if you like the outfits they know who i am