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3533 Dunn Rd

Florissant, Missouri 63033

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JESSIE JAMES  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on September 13, 2010
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Now hiring nude and topless dancers at centerfolds cabaret in centreville illinois cold beer no pasties also best of all no house fees sunday thru thursday apply today at 247 s 88 street in centreville illinois or call 618-332-2911 thanks

chuck  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on June 14, 2006
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If you closed and reopened someplace, letting people know your new address would be a good start.

Payforfun  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on January 17, 2006
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Was reported on another site, this placed closed in December 05 Florissant is NOT stripper-type friendly

dancer  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on August 17, 2005
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st.louis has no good strip clubs.all the good clubs are in east st.louis across the river in IL...thats where larry flints and pt's are

Rusty Sage  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on March 27, 2005
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I worked at Flashdance for a few months and what I can tell you? Girls who were fired were getting rehired and I was going to be a full time bartender but that never happened.....What I saw was other dancers doing the bartending and I was dancing and sometimes when there was a no call or a no show or someone was running late I was asked to dress early and be on stage.....I did whatever was asked of me and still I got the shaft! Of course I would go back and work for Flashdance oh but I guess one has to be fired to be rehired huh?

stlprongs  on Flashdance Cabaret

posted on December 14, 2004
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where is this place @, what do the girls look like i did not think there were any nude clubs in st louis, i though you had to cross the river.