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124 Atando Ave

Charlotte, North Carolina 28206

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E  on Club Champagne

posted on August 31, 2008
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Now called Cabaret 124, still not much going on. Stopped by on a Thursday maybe 10 dancers, not much tippin or dancing going on.

nosey  on Club Champagne

posted on February 7, 2008
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any big butt black dancers here

to champagne dancers  on Club Champagne

posted on February 4, 2008
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i'm thinking about coming out to charlotte for a week. can any of the dancers tell me what are the best clubs are to work at?

re: Candy  on Club Champagne

posted on October 12, 2007
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That's about the going rate at most places. Why are you complaining about them fucking for that price? It does sound like just some hate venting there.

Candy  on Club Champagne

posted on August 30, 2007
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Champagne is a whole in the wall point blank. Y'all don't even have lockers for your dancers, what type of bullshit is that? Then y'all security is too damn tight. They made me put my shank and my mase in my car. Good thing they did cuz I probably would have sliced one of them hating ass hoes. Plus the bar service is wack gotta wait like 30 minutes for a damn drink. I am not a hater I just state the facts and tell it like it is. Why you think no white guys come to this club? Cuz this shit is a dirty ass small ass club in the hood. With ugly ass dancers who'll fuck for $100, fellas beware. Strap it up, cuz ain't no telling what you'll catch from one of them dirty hoes!

re: vamptress  on Club Champagne

posted on June 1, 2007
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TGIF Bitches! Sounds like too much bullshit "security" everywhere. Why we so used to the idea that adults should be treated like children? No Freedom - that's just nonsense mythology they feed you in grade school.

vamptress  on Club Champagne

posted on October 25, 2006
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Greensboro is a good place to go for out of towners, but the best place I ever made money was at Harpers downtown in Winston. The reason is because they don't have that many girls and it's the only nude club for miles. In Greensboro they have like 3 nude clubs in the area, where as in Winston they are the only one. When I was there the security was good and management was nice. I liked it because there was enough security to protect you, but they were'nt giving you fines for giving somebody a hug. Some clubs are so strict that you can't hug your clients, then again others don't know if your getting raped in the VIP. I think this club was just right in that department. I really enjoyed working there and always left with Money.

genuine  on Club Champagne

posted on October 21, 2006
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lol@ big booty ghetto hoodrat! ok, Im not here to argue, but Ive never left champagne with under $500... like I said everything isnt for everybody... yeah, i do have a big butt, but does that classify me as ghetto? Or is "ghetto" some1 who calls names on a forum??? Yeah, Ive been to bada bing, and it was a ghost town.

Candy  on Club Champagne

posted on August 31, 2006
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No one's hating on you ms.calico. I'm from Boston where there's real money fuck a $150 on stage. I was making $500-$1, 000 a night. I'm sure you do make money at champagne if you are a big booty ghetto ass hood rat. That club is in the ghetto. I work at the baba bing now boo. The best club in charlotte. Fellas go to the bada bing they have the finest black entertainers in the city.

genuine*aka*calico  on Club Champagne

posted on August 18, 2006
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Ive read that a few of you ladies didnt make money there? this makes me look like i just promoted a bs club. sorry that all you made was tip out @ champagne... I made $150 on stage one night***** note***** ON STAGE!!!! lets not speak on what i left out with. I have also had a bad night or two, but there really is money there, although I dont like the hastle about the vip dances. It almost makes a guy wanna say no. maybe, sweety, up your game, or learn how to dance. everything isnt for everyone, maybe u make money somewhere that i wouldnt. dont hate the game, hate the player --- pun intended.

E  on Club Champagne

posted on August 8, 2006
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I heard this spot is under new management security not as tight as last year a few nights you can get in no cover like sunday night one of the hottest spots in charlotte right now but no touching the dancers at all

proton  on Club Champagne

posted on July 10, 2006
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have no fear my black people...the number one black strip club is about to open in 6 months in charlotte

ben  on Club Champagne

posted on May 11, 2006
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coming in town for a day or two, looking for the best club to go to. any suggestions? I like full contact "VIP" dances, nice staff, nasty girls, good music, and cold beer. I want to be able to explode without security watching.

E-Double  on Club Champagne

posted on May 5, 2006
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I agree NFamous, the spots in Charlotte havent been the same since that accident. I dont think they're worth the time or money.

Nfamous  on Club Champagne

posted on December 28, 2005
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Black clubs in Charlotte can't do anything anymore because the cops watch them too now. They used to give black clubs a pass but Player's hired a 14 year old by mistake and it messed up everything forever. If you are an out of town stripper go to Greensboro or Columbia. All three clubs are still decent on the weekends though. We ain't got nowhere else to go except white clubs and we done all been there before.

Candy  on Club Champagne

posted on December 15, 2005
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Dancers beware!!!! This club is not a money club. This a black club where the guys pay to get in but don't pay for no dances. this was the worst club I've ever danced at. I've danced at clubs in Miami, Boston and NYC. The tip-out was $30 and I made that amount so basically was a waste of time. I'll try a white club where a pretty black girl can make some real money!

butta cup  on Club Champagne

posted on January 6, 2005
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i had worked her once on a tuesday and found that the crowd was aq little dead. i was told that it was slow due to the day of the week that it was. i had stopped in there on a thursdsy nd seen that they had sme nice looking girls though......

gastoniaman  on Club Champagne

posted on May 13, 2004
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This club is dead was here at 1am on a friday nite nothin going on...was out in 20mins...uggh where the hell to go?