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5300 Old Pineville Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 

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Michael  on The Manhattan Club

posted on 12 March, 2011
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I'm a very good-looking male and I'd love an all male strip club what's the deal?

Trouble  on The Manhattan Club

posted on 25 June, 2005
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clubman: "bartender Lindsay is quite a sight to see" Yes, she is a very pretty young lady, and nice. There are a lot of pretty ladies that work at Rick's Cabaret. There were over 30 working last night, and they also do car washes with several sexy women in their tiny bikini's, along with a grill of hamburgers. Ya can't beat the heat any better, and get your car cleaned up, at the same time. They also have a dance club, and a male strip club for the women. It's a very upscale place, and is worth the visit. *****

clubman  on The Manhattan Club

posted on 5 March, 2005
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The Manhattan Club is now Rick's Cabaret - a national chain with it's newest location in Charlotte. The club is beautiful - upscale with lots of beautiful dancers. Shannon and Valerie are my favorite dancers and the bartender Lindsay is quite a sight to see. Even the waitresses are stunning - ask for a table with Selina or Vanessa and you will definitely enjoy yourself. I'm going back soon. In addition to the Gentlemen's Club, there is also a male revue for female customers only.

curious  on The Manhattan Club

posted on 15 December, 2004
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nebody knows bout this club?? r the girls?..worth?? any details appreciated

Charlotte Ghost  on The Manhattan Club

posted on 2 December, 2004
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Used to haunt this placa a looooong time ago. Big Show Bar & Grill had the best strip club back in the back. Is it true they have gone back to that format?...May have to re-appear.

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