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5300 Old Pineville Road

Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

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winston12  on  Club Onyx

posted on January 12, 2014
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Um was this a slow night?! Came here close to 2am, ok I get it last call for the night. Still, reason for a strip club is to enjoy your night and check out some ladies. None which looked like they wanted to be there. This isn't anyone's first choice for employment but if you're already there make it worth while. As much as I wanted to spent my money there, out of all the girls, only 2 girls got a bit of mg attention while on stage. For the 2 hours I was there, it felt like a stale night. MAY BE, just may be I'll give it another try.

Ashley Q.  on Club Onyx

posted on December 15, 2013
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I came to NC for vacation, and while I was there I decided to hit up Club Onyx. I loved this club; I'm straight and I thought the girls were amazing. The club had an upscale, lounge feel. The only negative this club had was the bartenders. They were on the there phones when we walked up, they didn't know what a Cadillac margarita was and didn't care to know. The drink was horrible, so I didn't order anymore, which sucks cause I wanted to drink.

Gumba  on Club Onyx

posted on December 29, 2009
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Do any MUSCULAR girls dance here? Thanks in advance

wisconsindancer  on Club Onyx

posted on December 8, 2009
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Does anyone not post on this site. was wandering if this club is worth the travel. wanted to know how much nis the tipout , how much is the dances, and is it money to be made here?