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2202 Angier Ave

Durham, North Carolina 27703

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carolina blue  on Cabaret Royale

posted on October 17, 2008
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google theplatinumnightclub i think it's where they relocated. its way out and risky ... i remember hearing a story about a dancer and some dude getting a couple hot ones in the parking lot.

Same Old Shit  on Cabaret Royale

posted on March 5, 2008
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TN  on Cabaret Royale

posted on November 15, 2004
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What is 'in the ship' mean and do you know when they are open?

SearchForHer  on Cabaret Royale

posted on November 11, 2004
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Ben reopen in Hillsborough in the Ship on hghwy 98. That fool done lost his mind. $25 for non members, $20 for members. 1st grand opening was off the charts. At least 40-50 girls. Most were new ones from out of state. I can't describe to do it justice. Let's just say it got hot about 12, we didn't leave 'til 6am. They took request on what to perform. By far, the wildest night ever in a life time. The resturant was even open, was the best Jamacian food I've had in awhile. Way lot better then the joint off of Fayetteville St. WAK. Since, the club has been dead even after giving free admission & advertising. Maybe 3 people inside, 2-3 girls, one even slept on the couch. I've also felt feedback on Brothers.

Tom  on Cabaret Royale

posted on April 26, 2004
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They are closed again.

LVclubber  on Cabaret Royale

posted on April 14, 2004
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Tickles offered a VIP to me on my first visit since the club reopened. I had to decline as I'd already been to the VIP room with Wetness. Well worth the price I might add. If you like white girls with black bottoms, Devan is cool. Also she gives one very good stage show.

BigDog76  on Cabaret Royale

posted on March 17, 2004
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This club just reopened recently. But in my opinion, they don't compare to Brothers III, which is a couple of miles down the street. Most of the girls are ugly, and not worth taking to VIP. And the few girls that are cute don't do VIPs. I agree with the other comments in that they need to step up their game. The only thing good thing they have is that they're open Mon-Wed, while Brothers III is not.

JohnNC  on Cabaret Royale

posted on February 10, 2004
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Is this club still open - saw their website was down - sounded interesting and I wanted to give it a whirl.