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440 North Hughes Boulevard

Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909

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CrimeStoppers  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on June 24, 2019
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XhXeXy  on  Headlights Go-Go

posted on June 19, 2014
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Headlights is a "gentleman's club" or strip club. But in reality, it's more like a bar you can drink at where the girls are topless. The drinks are very reasonably priced and the girls are friendly and decent looking. There is no pressure to buy them a drink or to get a dance. This is a very laid back place and you can walk in with $30 and still have fun for a couple hours. It's extremely dead during the week but packed on the weekends.

question  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on January 14, 2009
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to management: who would i contact for a possible feature booking there? is there a email address or website?

...sucks to b you  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on April 15, 2008
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headlights is a joke-so is paris! let her manage a real club...funny, she has a hard enough time managing her own life. nice to see you doing well for yourself, paris. you've moved up...from stripper to 'head stripper' i'm glad to see you have goals. the problem with the people who go into headlights is they are unhappy with their lives, therefor strive to make everyone around them unhappy also. well you pathetic people...i have managed to overcome your dragging energy and if all goes well, headlights will be shut down!!! how bout them apples!

Steve2  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on August 9, 2007
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I was at the club the other night and one of the dancers said they were going to get private dances booths, any idea when this will be up(excuss the pun) and running?

money  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on June 4, 2007
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Headlights is more than what you think!!!!!! I had sooooo much fun this weekend! Those girls spank hard and the drinks were great. I can't wait to go back. Headlights sure has gotten better then it used to be. There is a new manager and everything!!!! Paris runs the club now and everything has changed!!!! There are so many different kinds of girls there. There is a girl that lets you carry her by a chain, a girl who does pull-ups on the pole, a girl who dresses like a cat, and they even have russian girls!!!!! If you want to see whats new in there and experience the complete change they have made go and check it out.

Out of State  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on May 27, 2007
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How can you sign up for a membership?

Michael  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on May 3, 2007
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This club is the bomb!!!! It is worth the membership waiting period of three days! Under new management Paris & Heaven made my birthday party off the hook!!Must visit this club it is so laid back with a great atmosphere

Possible audition  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on June 21, 2006
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Hi I'm possibly looking to dance in the area and was wondering if someone could give me a little info on this club! Currently I dance in PA right outside of Philadelphia at a topless bar we have to wear pasties and we do give no touch private dances. What are the requirements and rules of the club? Also is this a fairly busy bar??

Majik  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on March 6, 2006
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Fridays and Saturdays, table dances are $10.

Allanon  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on December 20, 2005
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This club was not bad, compared to what we have up in the Norfolk area. I did have 1 major problem with this club though! They overcharged my credit card! Will never be returning now.

JNASTY  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on October 31, 2004
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For Elizabeth City this club is okay. Some good looking dancers, cheap table dances, but the girls dont make contact with you like I'm used to at some other NC clubs. Also they dont do couch dances either. So if you're looking for that, they dont have it. If you can't get out of town, Headlights is your only choice in Elizabeth City.

.  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on October 10, 2004
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If you are looking for good music, a place to drink, and cheap tab;e dances where the dancer makes no contact with you, then you are in the right place. They do not offer couch dances or nude dances at all. I thought it was odd this strip club did not have a pole on stage. There are a few hot girls there, be sure to check out Daisy and Christina.

startraveller  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on May 6, 2004
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Important missing information - this is a members only club. Membership is a laughably tiny $5 (compared to my local places). Would have "joined" immediately, as the girls I could see from the vestibule looked very nice, however, membership takes three days to take effect "By state law" according to the bouncer. I was only in for the one night, so I went back to the hotel at 10PM, such is the dazzle of night life in ECity. In retrospect I should have paid the $5 dollars, if for no other reason than to insure work never sends me back there. Off topic but of use to travellers, the swordfish steak at the "train station" restaurant was excellent.

Den Den  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on March 13, 2004
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Is This Place Any Good..... and is it $5 a Dance??? would be money to know that info thanks

va guy  on Headlights Go-Go

posted on January 18, 2004
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im thinkin of takin a friend here for his 18th bday. is this club a good choice?