532 E CLUB DR.

GASTONIA, North Carolina 28054

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posted on October 9, 2009
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So according to the local NBC news, you guys got busted because the owner was using club security cams and charged with "peeping" on his girls who were doing extra services to customers during dances. We can only hope this gets VIP room security cams removed everywhere.


posted on January 7, 2009
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Don't go to this club, the dirtiest bitch works there, Jackie aka Trinity, that is one ugly bitch.


posted on September 29, 2008
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does anyone no where sandy works at she used to work at lnl then at teddy bears she has big titts ad very beautiful great dancer her sistre jazzman is a coke whore

First timer  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on July 18, 2008
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Went to this club for the first time the other day during day shift. WTF? There were a couple of guys that must have bought the girls out for a few hours? All they did was just sit at the bar and drink a few drinks with them. How can management allow them to just sit there with someone for that long? I guess they must have paid a lot because I would think that doing VIPs would make the bar some money. On the other hand, i guess they make good money off the beer too then. At any rate, if you are going to work it like that, hire more day shift women.

pete  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on June 12, 2008
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busted a nut ...got toss out... what gives???


posted on March 13, 2008
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any of you girls know what happened to corey from L&L? i know some of you used to work there before they changed the "rules".

Felony  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on February 25, 2008
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Had a pretty good time here this weekend. Nice club with plenty of girls working. A few lookers. Good table dances, better $35 vip and even better $50 VIP. However, stay away from Felony. She's a tall skinny blonde. Pretty girl and she seems very sweet. Once you get to the $50 VIP her hustle begins. SHe will take her time and waste as much time as possible. All the time, she will be promising you more for the next song. I amnot saying she wont give better and better dances. It might just cost you $300+ to get to that point. All in all, I would advise you to stay away from her. There are plenty of others there that don't play those games.

Sierra  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on May 1, 2007
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You should check out The Gold Club on Old Pineville Rd....lots of beautiful, classy chicks--just what you are looking for. This club is Charlotte's hidden gem!!!

plllla  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on April 15, 2007
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any new faces at this club????? Any beautiful ones???/

Psycho girl  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on April 25, 2006
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I personally like Teddy Bears! I like the girls... The entire staff is nice and they don't ignore people.. I went with my fianc?.. We had a good time both times we went... I say keep up the good work!!

Kid Rock  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on February 6, 2006
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Simply the worst club I've ever been in. But do you expect from Gastonia. Its small, dingy, dirty, and has a bad smell. The girls all look like they are on crack and were rode hard and put up wet before they came to work. And one girl there had no tits at all. How she got a job there I'll never know. If you want a good time go to Charlotte instead. Paper Doll, Men's Club, Uptown Caberiet. Any of them would be a better choice.

Big Roid  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on January 30, 2006
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About what you'd expect from any club in Crackstonia. I'm mean Gastonia. If you'd put the girls from L&L in Crackstonia and the Teddy Bears girls together you might find one hot chick.

Charlie  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on June 10, 2005
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There were a few cute girls there. They pay more attention to the regulars, but most of them were still very nice. If you play pool, this is a great place for you, since you can play and watch the shows at the same time.

adultcarolina  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on April 29, 2005
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AdultCarolina and CVE are having a get-together at Teddy Bears on May 7th...everyone is invited..should be a blast. Us and another couple went there last Saturday. They only had 4 out of 10 gals show..but it was still a great time. A bachelor party was going on and all 4 did a hot stage deal for the guy. Awesome drink prices and they seem to be working very hard on the place overall..worth keeping an eye out on

david  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on February 7, 2005
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they only had about 8 girls and none of them were hot. two for three were okay to look at but they looked like the average girl you'd see at a normal club. you expect to see the best at a strip club and this club does not offer that.

patrick form pa  on TEDDY BEARS

posted on January 19, 2005
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the drink prices are reasonable... the girls are ok does not seem to offer any extras