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HWY 46 between Lawrencville VA and Gaston NC

Gaston, North Carolina 

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CurtDawg  on Club RocAfella

posted on 6 May, 2006
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Is this place still open or not ???

carolinablue  on Club RocAfella

posted on 4 March, 2005
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i think this place is closed, went by on a saturday and it was null-n-void... that was a couple weeks ago...

curious  on Club RocAfella

posted on 10 February, 2005
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ms. dancer looking to move to nc. what's the best club to dance at? my idea of best is a club open at least 5 nights a week with a decent crowd and friendly co workers, yeah i said that i know, too funny in a cut throat invironment, but seriously i'm looking for the top 3 someone send me a line, thank you

butta cup  on Club RocAfella

posted on 15 January, 2005
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is this spot still open and if so has the buisness picked up any? Are the girls nice , are they still only open for two nights , is this spot worth the drive from cola, sc to work. if someone could please give me some information it would really help. THANKS

Rockahater  on Club RocAfella

posted on 3 August, 2004
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Damn someone is actully paying to keep me quiet and have my comments removed. How awsome is that. Anyway I am still wondering about the chicken basket. Has anybody tried it yet because from what I have read ythere aren't any girls there on Friday night and it is only open 2 nights a week. Gotta have something going for it. You can remove this one too big spender because we all know you aren't spending it in the club.

Dirty South  on Club RocAfella

posted on 1 August, 2004
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I have had that problem too on Friday night. Last Friday they had 7 or 8 decent girls and a good crowd. But I have been there on Fridays where they only had 2 girls and even though they were good looking, it just got boring. Now I was there Thurs.(7/29) and they had well over 15 girls! They were putting them up 2 at a time. The majority of them were dimes and some of them were doing some great shows with each other. They kept announcing a BBW party for Sat. 8/14. Not my thing I like slim good bodies. I think this place is awesome sometimes and sucks others but they are new so whatever. For now I am only going Thurs. when it is consistently good.

MickeyMirrors  on Club RocAfella

posted on 31 July, 2004
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The place is pretty easy to find, there is a flashing light in front with a sign reading " Hot Divas, Thurs and Friday". I got there about 11:30 pm, friday night. The doors were open with the music blasting, but no customers or girls. I asked the owner when he was opening, he said "in twenty minutes". I left and came back at 12:30 am, and saw the same thing. I only saw a few dudes talking in the back of the club. I also saw about 4 cars waiting for them to open. I left after waiting until 12:45. What kind of strip club is slow or empty on a Friday night?

wow  on Club RocAfella

posted on 18 May, 2004
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This place is only open on Thursdays???

carolinablue  on Club RocAfella

posted on 29 April, 2004
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yo, can anyone tell me more? i'm thinking about dropping by tonight. do they have security? do they sell beer and liquor, or just beer, or nothing at all? what is the crowd like? a bunch of pretty thugs? holla!

Dirty South  on Club RocAfella

posted on 6 April, 2004
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This club is off the meter! Fine ass black girls that are friendly as a MF! Big place nice stage built in the corner. VIP lap dances are all that! You have to check this joint out. They have not been around long but if they keep this up they should be around for a long time.

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