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1927 N William St

Goldsboro, North Carolina 27530

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tim  on The Playground

posted on July 13, 2007
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Is this club still open? Does Summer still dance here? Any info please.

curious  on The Playground

posted on July 25, 2006
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what types of girls do you have in this club. i like variety. is this primarily a black club? how much are your dances? do he girls in north carolina get nude? do you serve alcohol? is this a g-string and pasty bar? what r the rules and regs?

Blue  on The Playground

posted on April 10, 2006
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Okay. It is true- The Playground is back! And itis new, and improved. The lighting, on stage has been upgraded, and new paint, etc. But, the greatest improvement is in the sound system. This place ain't playin' no cheesy 80's stuff. Their playin' the same stuff you got on your I-Pod. And the sound is sooo much better. I sat down in front of one of the speakers, andthought I had sat on a pocket rocket! Now that all the clubs in Pitt County are closed, they just need to advert heavily and draw some Girls, Girls, Girls. Of course, whenin doubt, just ask for a Summertime Special!

The Playground Staff  on The Playground

posted on March 26, 2006
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THE PLAYGROUND is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will be reopening on March 28 2006, and Summer and all the girls will be there so come on in and party with THE GIRLS OF THE PLAYGROUND.. P.S. Summer says thanks and hope to see you soon.

Blue  on The Playground

posted on February 17, 2006
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I've been stopping in this place for years. Now, however, it looks like they finally went belly up. The place was locked tight. I sure am going to miss Summer. She was the greatest!

John  on The Playground

posted on August 22, 2005
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i was about to drive home to richmond VA and got a vip with Summer actually got two.... but let me say that was one of the greatest experiences ever.... i will definnently be back to see her.

JNASTY  on The Playground

posted on October 31, 2004
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My girlfriend and I went to this club on a Tuesday night and they had 5 girls working. The girls there were okay, one was pretty hot, but I'm sure more girls work on the weekends. The club looks great overall. It has a bar, 2 big screen TV's, about 5 pool tables, VERY nice chairs, and a hot stage, as well as a couch room. Like I said, it was a Tuesday so I'm guessing it gets a little busier in there during the weekend nights. I do have to say, that Mary Jane gave my girlfriend a HOT couch dance!