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5345 S NC Highway 87

Graham, North Carolina 27253

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posted on October 25, 2013
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Bubba  on Paradise Club

posted on June 6, 2009
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Dang, they busted my mother and sister for drugs; now I can't get any.

travlenthru  on Paradise Club

posted on June 27, 2008
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Per one of the dancers I met working at another club, the club is closed due to electrical problems. Scheduled to reopen mid july 2008.

OMG  on Paradise Club

posted on March 27, 2007
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This club sux!! It's only good if you want crack whores. I mean, we got one with missing teeth, one with a big ASS wort on her mouth, and a crippled 52 year old. I'll take my wee wee elsewhere.

to da big un  on Paradise Club

posted on September 12, 2006
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how's the mileage in there? how private are the VIPS?

Da Big Un  on Paradise Club

posted on August 10, 2006
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I've been to Paradise Club a few times, altough not recently, but let me disspell a few urban legends about this place. It was widely rumored that there is a dancer working there with a wooden leg. This is not exactly true. The dancer in question does not have a wooden leg, she has a crippled leg, that she has to drag when she walks. She doesn't even work there on a regular basis. The management there is nice and lets her hang around and try to earn money if she can. I think that is sweet. None of the women dnacing there are beauty queen material, but most are do able. I love strip clubs that feature normal looking women. My only big complint is that some of those ladies need serious dental insurance.

C_B_C  on Paradise Club

posted on July 26, 2006
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My girlfriend is always raving about how there was a dancer with a wooden leg, and there was a burn victim as a dancer too. So I went there to check it out, and was about to receive a lapdance.. little did I know that it was going to be from a 200 pound 40 year old with a sideways pony-tail. Waste of time, and very nasssssssssssssssssty. I paid, left, and went home as fast as I could to get drunk.

ABC  on Paradise Club

posted on June 5, 2006
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I was under the impression that full nudity wasn't allowed if you sold alcohol.

TrumpetManinNC  on Paradise Club

posted on June 2, 2006
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i've had wide, varied experience at the paradise. as noted, some girls ought to find a new line of work. but along with the 54 y.o. drunken mom who i want to pay to keep it ON, there are real cuties. i also remember the black-haired beauty who smelled so good it made for at least a few wet dreams afterward, i smile just remembering how great her nipples looked an inch away from my mouth. great couch dances, price as mentioned below -- unless the girl is too drunk to hold herself up (which isn't all bad either). but ALL the women are really fine, regardless of the tone or slack of their skin. good people. all in all, i recommend it. don't be an asshole and you'll have a great time.

goodtipper  on Paradise Club

posted on March 5, 2004
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I like it because it is a short drive home, the staff is friendly to me, the beer is cold and very reasonably priced. In all honesty, it is not a very classy looking place; seriously in need of a re-model. Several of the girls really ought to find a new line of work; others are average and more than friendly once they get to know you. Here the girls are ultra-low pressure to the point of maybe missing out on opportunities with an unfamiliar face. Club offers $20 couch dances with decent contact or $30 nude dances with no contact. Girls doing their routine onstage may or may not remove their panties onstage.........depends on their mood and the tip flow.