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6428A Burnt Poplar Road

Greensboro, North Carolina 

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Jackson Esskay  on The Gold Club

posted on 12 July, 2013
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This location has reopened as Mirage Exotic Nightlife. The gold Club has reopened in the location formerly occupied by Harper's II.

Jackson Esskay  on The Gold Club

posted on 29 May, 2012
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Currently closed; Management stated taht they hope to reopen during the first week of June.

ryan  on The Gold Club

posted on 8 December, 2011
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the girls here are so hott i came in for the first time and had an amazing time!!!!! i danced with a girl named holly and another named fire the best vip dances ive had in a long time i will be back soon..well worth the drive from raleigh

Sputnik2001  on The Gold Club

posted on 13 August, 2011
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I was passing through, saw their billboard, and was hoping for something up close and personal. Hands-on grinding fun in the VIP at $30 per dance. This is a big, clean club It's $5 to get in (daytime non-member). There were only about four dancers working on a Friday afternoon. The VIP area is a semi circle of little couch rooms around the manager's desk. The rooms each have a sheer curtain. If you pay for at least two dances up front, you get to sit in one of the rooms that's a little more private. I picked the hottest dancer, had two great dances, then got back on the road. There is a good chance I will stop here again.

i did  on The Gold Club

posted on 7 June, 2011
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have sex with a hot chick for $300 in the vip last june here. the window room on the side. well worth the money. she was every bit a 9 on the hot scale. so they will do dirty shit here

Daytime  on The Gold Club

posted on 5 January, 2011
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Daytime at the Gold Club is much better than going at night. Its less crowded and there were plenty of girls working. Also the manager usually will personally greet you himself. The girls are pretty and of a higher quality than most clubs. And since its the daytime and the atmosphere is much more relaxed, girls have time to sit and talk opposed to the night time. The food is also really good but a little pricey.

to michael  on The Gold Club

posted on 15 June, 2010
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its a mike rose club so you cant expect anything else but really high prices with no justification cuz there are never really hot girls at his clubs. his clubs all lack good looking females and good clientelle. its cuz he's all about money and nothing about customer satisfaction or happiness.he needs to start caring just 20% about the people. the dancers get ripped off tremendously at his clubs and the customers get ripped off even more. thats why he never has as many girls as the next club nor does he have as many customers. he doesnt even offer benefits to his FULL time management. cheap cheap and cheaper

Shawn  on The Gold Club

posted on 17 April, 2010
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You must be talking about Shawn Doe. This is his last gig. He is inneligable for hire at any other club in the triad. Obnoxious is an understatement. His head is so inflated.

Michael  on The Gold Club

posted on 4 April, 2010
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Sucks in pretty much every way imaginable. Club is wayyy too big, TOO DAMN LOUD (don't even bother trying to have a conversation with the person beside you, can't hear them because of the loud music and the obnoxious loud DJ). The girls are not that great looking considering it's an expensive topless club, you should expect 8-9s here, and there's maybe 1 or 2 8 at best. Too much focus on selling $7 beers, yes $7 regular sized beers!, and club merchandise. Not enough focus on being a fun strip club to attend, it's basically just a really fancy loud bar with some girls dancing in the background. Waste of time, waste of money

Shawn  on The Gold Club

posted on 15 March, 2010
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Whenever I come up from Myrtle he tried getting my sister and me to stay at his house. His breath is rancid and he is always groping us. No one cares or does anything about it. I'm going to Christies

jealous much  on The Gold Club

posted on 10 February, 2010
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wow sounds like somebody is either friends with or owns part of the other clubs. really if your dancers left you with you b crew dont get mad its not that the the gc is that nice its that your club sucks that bad!!!!

rayne regular  on The Gold Club

posted on 25 December, 2009
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Well, I don't have time to come in very often, but there is a hot blonde working day shift, ive only seen her on thur and fri, but not sure what other days she might be there, Her name is Rayne, but i'm pretty sure its Diamond from the Executive Suite. Whoever she is, her dances are amazing!

U.T. Cab  on The Gold Club

posted on 2 December, 2009
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i came in from charlotte to check out the club. well it was a beautiful club but there was no one there. the dj i had worked with before at the mens club, shawn. demanded i pay him 10 percent. i had only made 300 that night and i had another hour and half to drive home. 3 hours total. after paying house fees and tipping everyone i was walking with 240 ish and this DJ was sweating me for 30 dollars. i will never go back, the girls didnt like him at the mens club because he was creepy and always tried to feel us up in the dj booth.

dancer  on The Gold Club

posted on 29 November, 2009
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anyone know what house fees are here? per dance fees? thanx

wow  on The Gold Club

posted on 26 October, 2009
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these girls must think they are God's Gift to men bc they have nice new building truth is, if it wasn't 4 the bar, it would b a total waste. Pretty girls who think they r better than every1 else are no fun. The whole place is full of cocky, rude ppl, even the male employees. The girls r lazy/snobby. They r more interested in drinking than dancing. They talk trash about all the other clubs instead of chatting with clients. I am going back to Chesters (best topless) and Executive Suite (best nude) ugh....grow up gold club girls, get some maturity to match your stillettos.

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