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400 Fontana Boulevard

Havelock, North Carolina 28532

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BEAR-AvHistory  on Olivia's

posted on April 26, 2014
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Got to say this one one of my new favorites. Barmaids are great, they know my drink and really are very easy on the old eyes. The dancers are Tier 1. No luck of the draw here. Every time I am doing my fly by it has been solid. Every time, I am finding a solid 10 plus. Camilla the other night looked beyond belief. Victoria and Lola never disappoint me. Karina, Stephanie, Ellie, Nina I can go on but it make retirement awesome. Glad winter is over.. Kev.. Thumbs up!

maxxy1  on  Olivia's

posted on November 29, 2013
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I give it four because I think this place shits on lollipops, the dancers are better, the interior looks much better, the drink servers with those little trays aren't all that, but all around better club than lollipops, hands down

tim  on Olivia's

posted on June 27, 2011
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Been going to this club for the past month and have had a blast every time. The staff is great especially the sexy piper serving up drinks behind the bar. the dancers are beautiful, sexy, and nice. I have had a great time with them, especially jessica and hanna. looking forward to my next visit.

one for the road  on Olivia's

posted on May 31, 2011
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this club is fucking awesome. load of hot women. Hanna has the hottest fucking body I have ever seen. just waiting for the next chance to get her on me.

passing through from baltimore  on Olivia's

posted on March 19, 2010
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Definite FAIL. NO variety of girls. All twigs. A wooden stage? Come on. Cramped "VIP" room. Club needs a new sound system bad. And thats just the beginning.

?????  on Olivia's

posted on October 24, 2009
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does mark still own the club?

costume lady  on Olivia's

posted on March 11, 2008
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if you ladys need a god costume lady please respond on this site i am fixing to start making my rounds starting this spring and have wonderful handmade outfits and will also make custom made outfits for dancers

former dancer also  on Olivia's

posted on July 19, 2007
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I do not dance anymore, but I used to work here shortly after i first started dancing and I loved it! It is tiny but it is a great place to learn the ropes and the guys always had such a blast! The owner, Mark, was so cool and hardworking and between Mark and Debbie and Steve and everybody else, it felt like a family! Even after I left, I always came back to visit. If you are in the area looking for a place to go hang out, drink beer, see hot chicks and TIP, then here's your place! And if anyone from the club reads this...tell Mark Dallas said hey!

North  on Olivia's

posted on March 30, 2007
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Miri-scum has little goat poops! And I just wanna eat'm!

erica  on Olivia's

posted on December 3, 2006
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my husband cheated on me with a stripper...esmerelda is her name. when i found out, she was totally honest with me. thanks to her for being truthfuly, even though it still hurts.

Old Dad  on Olivia's

posted on September 10, 2006
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I guess they are either closed or don't know how to use the internet.

VolFan  on Olivia's

posted on July 26, 2006
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Is this club still open? We are going to be in New Bern next month and would like to find a good club to go to during the Sunday through Wednesday while we are there.

Heather  on Olivia's

posted on March 27, 2006
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I have worked all over the world in extremely high class clubs to friendly neighborhood bars and have never worked with a better group of people than those at Olivia's. When I worked there we had gorgeous girls and Mark never hired nasty ones. For such a small club, we had lots of business and no one ever did any thing dirty or illegal because as one of the last two remaining strip clubs in Havelock, the ABC was always looking for an excuse to shut us down so they sent in undercovers all the time. By the way, when I was there we had just as many women customers as men having just as much fun.

John  on Olivia's

posted on May 23, 2005
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Anyways I agree with Cin. The girls at the club these days are very good looking. I think that the peopel that said the girls were ugly must have been drunk the night the visited. Cin and the other girls do there jobs very well, hell they have some of my money to prove it.

working  on Olivia's

posted on May 3, 2005
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Hi my stage name is Cin I have worked there for a few months. The place has changed the girls are better looking and nicer then what everyone has said on the comment list below. They have to suduce men btw we are just doing are job. If men didn't want to be suduced they wouldn't be there. We work hard for our money...which pays our bills. And all the girls that work there enjoy working there. Thats what counts. A sad and stripper is a bad stipper.

david  on Olivia's

posted on February 7, 2005
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there was only one dancer under the age of 30, gross and enough said

eroscillator  on Olivia's

posted on January 31, 2005
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is there a super bowl party sunday!???!!!! ...what is cover charge????............thx

mc  on Olivia's

posted on January 3, 2005
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the girls arent that good looking. if you want better and willing to drive, go to deja vue in greenville

Ayla  on Olivia's

posted on December 8, 2004
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Hi my name is Ayla and I searched this sight to see if a club my husband once mentioned was a stripclub. I found out that it was. Anonymous, you are right!!!! I admire you and I am with you all the way. It outrages me to think that stuff like that even happens. There is NOTHING wrong with you (as that former dancer said) but if you ARE talking about a man, then something is wrong with HIM. That former dancer is dead wrong. Anonymous, I made a friend and an enemy reading the comments and I want you to know that you can send her words straight to hell where they came from. Stay cool, cuz you so are!!! Luv, *~Ayla~*

mikala  on Olivia's

posted on May 11, 2004
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i helped opened that place (i'm in vegas now) and it is not bad for such a small town. mark can only do so much. i worked a couple of days there last summer and the club itself looks a lot better.

Two  on Olivia's

posted on April 7, 2004
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Shit hole...............................

former dancer  on Olivia's

posted on February 9, 2004
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When I worked here a few years back, I had a really pleasant experience. For a small (and I mean really small) club, this place had some really pretty girls. Debbie, Tawny, Mara, Skylar, Lisa, Misty, Kacey, Tina, Miriam, and Nikki. This place really rocked then. Debbie is a bar tender now and don't know what happened to all the other girls, but we had a freaking blast then. Red, Mark, Debbie, Steve and everyone I miss you all where ever you are.

former dancer  on Olivia's

posted on February 6, 2004
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Obvoiusly, Anonymous, your man feels something is lacking in your relationship if he needs to frequent a topless bar. There is a no contact rule in NC (especially Havelock) and the girls DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT touch the guys sexually!!!!! If a guy comes up and lays on the stage he will have his money taken from him as will any other customer. Occasionally the dancers will pretend like they are molesting the customer just to get a rise out of the crowd in order to make more money but that is it. Honey, you are just jealous that your guy is going to a strip club that is all this is about. take it up with him but don't take it out on the dancers.

anonymous  on Olivia's

posted on January 27, 2004
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All i have to say is ladies watch your men. The "girls" that work there have no problem stooping down and seducing unavailable men. Real classy right? If you want to go to a dirty place with dirty strippers go right ahead.