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2315 South Main Street

High Point, North Carolina 27263

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BEAR-AvHistory  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 13 November, 2014
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So got the word from Jimmy of the lineup so I got set up for the 3 hour trip from the Carmell Forest and check out this club again as it has been a while. Big lineup with Kelly, Stephanie, Julie S, Andrea and Francesca. I figure there will be some other favorite dancers also there as the the club is really pulling things together these days. Expecting a good time just got to keep it all in check. Overall, this is one club that just hits the sweet spot. At my age you got to spend or give it to Uncle Sam so this club rocks. Go Ravens.. Kev. Thumbs up...

UP AND RUNNING!  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2013
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board is up and working again !:) sorry for the inconvenience everyone

big wes  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 19 January, 2007
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guys hate say but the tiki in ws is no longer.jan 1 wake forest finally got there wish and purchashed the club.hate to see the club go but it was probably for the best.to all the customers ive met in the last 5 years in and around the ws area i greatly appreciate each and every one of you.you guys are the greatest.all of you are always welcome in the tiki in hp.hope to see some of you guys soon and again from my days at crazy horse to my days at tiki, the customers from this area will always be missed!thanks for all the good times!

harpers  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 27 November, 2006
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harpers harpers harpers

Peaches  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 23 August, 2006
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I worked at this club for night and it sucked. I went to Greensboro and checked out all the clubs, Im working at the Executive Suite now, and OMG, I never knew I could make so much money. Ive never made as much at any club as I do here. The clients that come in are high end cliets, not trashy ones. Id recommend to check this place out to those I met that werent happy.

WinstonSalemGuy  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 16 March, 2006
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Just wanted to post that the girls there are very friendly and outgoing and just lovely to talk to.....For those that want a great time make sure you visit the club and see Lacey, Sheila, Mercedez, and Jordan....those girls are off the hook hotties and boy can they move......mmmmmm.....keep up the good work girls of making all the guys dreams come true ....see you around the club scene.

on again re:  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 13 March, 2006
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devon can be found at Illusions. They have hot girls there.

On Again  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 9 March, 2006
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I really like this club. It has the most relaxed atmosphere of any club I have been to. The staff is friendly and most of the dancers are very pretty, friendly, and supportive of each other. I think part of the reason it is kinda slow is that a lot of people don't know it exists (at least the people I've talked to), but the people I have invited up love it! It is too bad that Devon and Angel left though, I wish you girls the best!

hey guys!!!  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 22 February, 2006
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Hey it's angel... sorry to bust someone's bubble but the "not suprised" comment wasn't mine... anyway, hope everyone is doing good. Say hey to Sheila for me, and everyone else. Devon seems to be happy about getting to work in HP some, she likes it there. Well gotta run. Miss everyone, hope to see you all soon, take care.

ugh  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 22 February, 2006
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i was wondering if beverly is still there, if so i wanna come back so i can get another blow job, she was great. let me know if she is still there.

ANGEL  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 22 February, 2006
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How r u dear.good to see you comminted on the tiki without using your name.hope everything is going well sheilas very happy at the tiki as is devon.by the way george had a great time at the tiki monday night too bad he wasnt at that other club.by the way the club aint been sold to wake another good rumer started around town by fantasies.too bad their getting ready to have a big suprise up there too.just remember the tiki is not as dead as you say as long as they have the staff that they have they will always have people come see them and they will always be around.

not suprised  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 21 February, 2006
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wow, as I figured out of the whole 4 comments on this page... nothing interesting to say about the club or the girls.... oh wait... you don't have any left. How did you guys manage to run off the few women you had???? Does anyone know what happened to Devon and Angel and Sheila... are they still there??? Someone told me Devon is bartending there... also is true you guys sold out to Wake Forrest??? I guess your staff will find out soon enough, I'm sure you haven't had balls enough to tell them

laughing  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 9 January, 2006
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Wow you really are full of yourself. So just because a woman turns your nasty ass down means she is gay? Get over yourself and stay at the crack club.

6969  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 5 January, 2006
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oh so shes gay now, ha ha, thought so.

re comment  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 27 December, 2005
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Must be a reject of bevs.sorry she doesnt like guys like you.the club has never been busted for drugs dont know where your info comes from but its wrong as always.also the dancers are the hottest in the triad sorry they wouldnt leave with you for money.they have a little more class than that.last thing the staff is not uptight the manager just happens to be the only person youll ever meet who likes everyone(with the exception of people like you).so to all of you who havent been there come by and check out the club youll have a great time.

6969  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on 20 December, 2005
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this is a real shitty club and talk about drugs didnt they getr busted for them. the dancers and awful and nasty and the bartender beverly is rude as hell and a dick tease. the staff there is uptight and need a good lay i guess bev has been doing her best to tease them.

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