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High Point, North Carolina 27263

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CrimeStoppers  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on June 24, 2019
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thursty  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on December 10, 2015
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No shes not there anymore nor are any of the good staff place has went to hell.its ran by idiots who couldnt run a car much less a club, says it all when the socalled owner now thinks shes a dj....what a joke even baby dolls is better than tiki now, place will be sold or out of business in less than a year.

Ivy  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on October 12, 2015
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Is Ivy working here now?

BEAR-AvHistory  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on September 14, 2013
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So I was sitting on walnuts at home and had to get out. Just tired of being home so took a trip here. Wow, man it was good like old times. Gabby, Yvette, Kelly were awesome so old school hot. Place fresh with tight dancers. I think I will revisit to see Celeste again. Thanks guys great club. Highly recommended.

Zack  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on November 28, 2008
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Hey, You did lapdances for me when I was there on Dec 18, 2005 when I was 18. I'm now 21 years old and will get a membership application filled out because I really do like the place. I was at another Cabaret in Feb 2007 but didn't much care for it because I thought the Tiki Cabaret was nicer. I'm an eBay salesman now and each time I make a high priced successful sale, I will be coming there to hang out and have a few mixed drinks from the bar. Beats the hell out of being stuck around the house all the time!

Robbo  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on June 9, 2008
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I was there once and didn't find the girls particularly friendly - they seemed very occupied with guys who appeared to be regulars. (There was one Asian girl there who was amazingly good looking but she never came by the see me. Tied up with someone else.) What is the general atmosphere and quality now? Appearance of girls? Friendliness? Private dances/contact? Thanks.

*This is what it is  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 3, 2008
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Ever since Jim left the club, it has went dOwnnnn hill.. Lisa is a btch.. some of the girls r not club appropriate.. & TIP OUT is way too high! It basically has become into a BAR w/ naked girls working their asses off for literally ONE DOLLAR. Don't know how yall stay there..

Market  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on October 5, 2007
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I checked out Executive Suite the other night, and it was awesome! Fully nude, might be a little futher away, but is worth the drive!

ghaoergh  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on April 25, 2007
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Ace is an ass hole. Trust me I know. Anyway, chester's and southside are the places to be.

ace  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 20, 2007
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How is the game going? You know what they say No Business like Ho Business

Furniture Market Guy  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 19, 2007
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Looking forward to seeing all you NC gals next week. I hope all your rap music and dancers that grind to much issues are behind you by then. Can't we all just get along.

Dancer  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 16, 2007
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No, they didn't criticize the way I dance, they criticized my choice of music. Yes, I grinded too much. I learned to dance in another state, and when I started at Tiki, noone told me about the grinding until after everyone was mad. After that, I toned it down, so if anyone was upset about my dancing, it was the girls whose regulars were getting dances with me instead. And if anyone is upset, it should be me. The club allowed a girl to play pop and call it rap, then I had to go up to rock even though a customer had promised to tip me and didn't bc of it, the next girl played rap, he tipped her. And yes, a "real dj" cares about the girl enough to enable her to make money. Hope the other girl was happy about those 10s he was tipping.

re dancer  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 16, 2007
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been going to the tiki for 15 years now and never heard so much bullshit from one of the former entertainers there in my life!must be one of the girls who recently left the tiki because jim and wes both critisided the way they danced.oh wait but i forgot the way youll danced would cause a club to get busted cause all youll done was grind for 3 minutes.so glad youre gone we dont need entertainers like that in a good clean run club as the tiki.hope chesters will hire you, then maybe theyll be the ones with the problem!

Dancer  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 15, 2007
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This is the dancer that the comments were made 2. Playing 2 the crowd is 1 thing, but to quote Jim, "We don't cater 2 blacks here if u play a lot of that music that's what u have in your club" And the other night a customer asked 4 certain rock songs but not 4 me specifically to play them. Wes made me play them and said he had 2 play what the customer wanted. I asked "What if a black man was asking" To quote Wes, "As long as he is asking 4 rock" I have 2 mixed children and cannot and willnot support racism. U can remove this post if u want, but u have already been broadcasted on the radio and the NAACP knows about u too. U won't have to worry about 2 many more blacks. I am going 2 hug my beautiful black children now.

re  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 14, 2007
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the tiki as everyone knows doesnt and for the last 15 years the club has been open hasnt ever played alot of the hip hop r and b music.this club as with most all cabaret, christies included, stay more to the rock and roll base that started the enire adult entertainment industry!as far as you being affended sir then you should have asked the dj to play you a song not the girl because any good dj does not and willl cater to an entertainor, he caters to his crowd!as far as the tiki not wanting blacks.thats obserd.you see on any givin night we have blacks, whites, asians, and hispanics in the club.

Black Ex-Customer  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 13, 2007
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I was at the Tiki a few nights ago. The club was very nice and so were the girls, but the music was mainly rock and country with a little rap thrown in occasionally. I asked the girl going up next to play some R&B. She asked the DJ and when she got on stage to rock I was upset. When she came off I asked her why she hadn't played my request and told her I was going to tip her. She said the DJ told her no they had played enough rap for the evening. She said she told him it was a request and he told her the club doesn't cater to blacks, that if you play a lot of that music that's what kind of people you will have in your club. I will not be back.

jas  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on August 12, 2006
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I use to work at the tiki and it really is a great place to work. Jim is awesome I miss him the most. Im not sure what goes on after hours with the club (ive heard rumors and then they got raided by the cops) but i can honestly say that during the hours of 4-2 nothing against the law hapopens here. Jim, Randy, and Britt are all very strict towards the dancers and customers. ANY FUNNY STUFF AND YOUR OUT OF THERE FOR LIFE. This by far is the safest club i worked at. Tiki has been open for 15 years. the reason why is because they stick to the rules thats the way you got to be to have a good buisness. And it is so much fun to work there or as a customer. once some of the bitchs are gone ill be back.

Kelly  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on February 20, 2006
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Of course we enjoy females. Girl on girl action really gets the crowd going! But just to warn you this is a club where you cannot touch the girls, let them do the work!

curious female  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on February 6, 2006
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my husband and i are considering visiting the club (mainly for me, not him). i was just wondering if this is a female friendly club? also, do the girls working there enjoy girl on girl dances?

norm  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on February 4, 2006
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Kelly Poage?

RE STAFF  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on January 10, 2006
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Hey jr the whole staff if still there.britt is going to work a little longer shes getting ready to have a baby.randys still around, and of as always jims still the main man in the box.look forward to seeing u when u come back.

Jr  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on January 10, 2006
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Hello all, I am coming in town in about a month and I was wondering if some of the old staff is there, like Brittney, Jim, Randy working out of there? Take care, Jr

??  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on January 5, 2006
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alyssa used to work at SSJ in G'boro

Loves2001  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on April 6, 2005
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Hello, I'm going to be in H.P. next month and was curious what the rules were here. It is a friction club? How are the private dances? The girls? Thannks ahead of time for your help. -Loves2001

2curiousdancers  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on March 28, 2005
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Will be in town on and off for the next few months and live within an hour or so away. Do you happen to need us? If so, do you require us to work a weekday in order to work weekends?

BUTTA CUP  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on January 12, 2005
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I would like to know more about your club. what type of girls work here , is it a white club ( not being funny but i am black . do not mind working in interracial clubs ) , how much are your dances .... any information given will be very helpful . thanks

VIP  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on September 14, 2004
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No "traps" as you say but every once in awhile there is a roadblock. However, the DJ always announces where it is once he finds out. This place is filled with a good mix of regulars and stopper-bys and has the greatest party atmosphere of any club I've ever been to. The bartenders, dancers, and waitresses are all gorgeous and I've never felt ripped off. Even the drinks are pretty cheap!

visitor1  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on May 8, 2004
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Great club. The bartender DID dance and it was great. Very friendly, no pressure just lots of fun.

TIA  on Tiki Cabaret

posted on April 16, 2004
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Have family in area and would like to work on weekends every now and then--is that possible? are u hiring?