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2000 W Roosevelt Blvd

Monroe, North Carolina 28110

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BEAR-AvHistory  on Leather & Lace

posted on July 20, 2014
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Yes it is closed but not forgotten. It was a slow day at 216 and was thinking back when I made the the trip from Raleigh. Well worth it. Not sure what inevitably closed this place, but it was great. I hear Gabby went to Texas and she was was special, Guys would come just to see her. Who can forget Angel and Ivy. Other dancers , Bella, Celeste, Kenya are more local to me so I catch them on my Costco runs and in between picking up the grand kids. But I want to thank Lenny for establishing a great club, and I glad Keith was picked up his good points. Kev...

Nudity is closer  on Leather & Lace

posted on June 8, 2004
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There is a nude club in Rock Hill -- Emerson's